Saturday, November 19, 2016

Overcoming Fear

Fear can blind us. It can restrict our natural growth process. Fear pops up when unknowns surface in our life. Unknowns will always happen in life. How we react to fears and unknowns reveals how we're doing on our Spiritual-Sacred Path toward Enlightenment.

As a professional Psychic-Medium, I've worked with thousands of clients over the years. Whether clients want information from their Lost Loved Ones or their Spirit Guides & Angels, one common theme exists. The Spirit Realm delivers one solid message: "Let us help you overcome your fears. So you can live a free, peaceful, empowering and happy life." Yes, it's that simple. That's all our Loved Ones want. That's all our Angels, Spirit Guides and other positive metaphysical entities want. They exist to remind us we can overcome fear. We can overcome limitation. We can have the life we want.

Over the years, I've used Social Media to send messages I receive every morning from the Spirit Realm (Heaven-God-Angels-Great Mystery-The Universe). Posting or tweeting inspiration messages to help others feel more balanced, empowered, safe, relaxed or free. I will continue doing that.

Life isn't always easy. Sometimes we compound the discomfort by staying in a fear state emotionally.

Believe it or not, when we're Souls in the Spirit Realm, we want to be on Earth - experiencing its joys, sorrows and unknowns. Duality is a nice change from the multi-dimensional world where we exist as souls. Overcoming unknowns and walking through the fire-swamps of Earth's challenges force us to use our soul energy on Earth.

Overcoming fears and unknowns is when our greatest accomplishments happen. Like an athlete competing in his/her first marathon - you compete to see if you trained well; to see if your physical body can handle the feat and competition. You compete to test your abilities. Same with fears and unknowns. They happen to test your abilities, your level of Enlightenment, your courage and your commitment to your soul progress.

Next time you're faced with an unknown or something you're afraid of - remember it's a natural Earth process. Your soul wants to overcome it. You have the talent & ability to overcome it. It's a test of your strength. It's one reason you chose Earth life: to test your soul strength. And you have a huge group in Spirit Realm assisting you through it: your Lost Loved Ones, Spirit Guides and Angels.

Fear, unknowns, challenges: they make life so much sweeter and easier after you walk through them.

Hope this post brings you peace as you walk Your Sacred Path.
Love & Light -

Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic (since 2009)
Professional Psychic-Medium since 1989
Email: robin at sedonaspirit dot "us"

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  1. This is by far the most inspirational thing I have read all day. It is really interesting to know so many things about the Spirit Realm, and I wish to know more about it.