Sunday, November 20, 2016


Each of us has a set of beliefs that colors our life experiences and how we react to outside forces. Sometimes those beliefs are based on facts. Sometimes based on experience. Sometimes based on our intuition. Sometimes a belief is based on information from society or other people. Sometimes beliefs begin based on false information.

A belief is something we hold onto. It defines us. It defines our life experiences. It can strengthen our soul connection - or weaken it. It can strengthen our understanding of other people - or restrict it. It can make our life easy or hard. A belief creates courage, understanding, expansion, fear, doubt or limits.

What we believe and how that belief makes us feel - determines who we are and how easily we navigate through life. In today's US society, there are wide divisions. Wide divisions created by diverse belief systems.

If we believe "all opinions (beliefs) are welcomed," that means we honor opinions different than our own. We accept that our opinion or belief may not be shared by everyone. We accept and welcome opposing views and opposition will not bother us. We respect differences and diversity. We acknowledge that differences of opinion help us see the world in a more expansive way. Seeing the world through another person's perspective may not change our belief or view, but it does expand our level of understanding, which expands our soul consciousness.

If we believe "my opinion (belief) is superior to anyone else's opinions (beliefs)", any opposing opinion or belief will feel like a personal attack. Any opposing view will feel wrong, rubbing against our belief "I'm always right."

Living in a world where opposing views are judged, silenced or persecuted does not expand our level of understanding. It does not expand our soul consciousness or soul growth. If we do not accept diverse beliefs or opinions, we reduce our life experiences into a small limiting box. Living in a small box creates fear.

One of the wonders of our world is its diversity. Trees, plants, animals, insects, reptiles, humans, dirt, sand, mud, rock, water, sky, sun, wind - all coexist in our world. Every diverse component blends together on Earth to create a beautiful multi-layered tapestry. That is nature's way of saying: every diverse belief can coexist.

We choose which beliefs work best for us. Beliefs don't choose us. Every day, we test our beliefs against environment, society, facts, fiction and experiences. That's part of the human experience: testing our beliefs. If they're sound and stand the test of time, we keep them. If a belief makes us feel out of balance, afraid or weak - we can release it. That's the beauty of our Earth experience: we choose. We choose happiness or sadness. We choose fact or fiction. We choose to bend or break. We choose what to believe. We choose whether to turn right or left. We always have choices. Even if we don't believe we do.

Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Overcoming Fear

Fear can blind us. It can restrict our natural growth process. Fear pops up when unknowns surface in our life. Unknowns will always happen in life. How we react to fears and unknowns reveals how we're doing on our Spiritual-Sacred Path toward Enlightenment.

As a professional Psychic-Medium, I've worked with thousands of clients over the years. Whether clients want information from their Lost Loved Ones or their Spirit Guides & Angels, one common theme exists. The Spirit Realm delivers one solid message: "Let us help you overcome your fears. So you can live a free, peaceful, empowering and happy life." Yes, it's that simple. That's all our Loved Ones want. That's all our Angels, Spirit Guides and other positive metaphysical entities want. They exist to remind us we can overcome fear. We can overcome limitation. We can have the life we want.

Over the years, I've used Social Media to send messages I receive every morning from the Spirit Realm (Heaven-God-Angels-Great Mystery-The Universe). Posting or tweeting inspiration messages to help others feel more balanced, empowered, safe, relaxed or free. I will continue doing that.

Life isn't always easy. Sometimes we compound the discomfort by staying in a fear state emotionally.

Believe it or not, when we're Souls in the Spirit Realm, we want to be on Earth - experiencing its joys, sorrows and unknowns. Duality is a nice change from the multi-dimensional world where we exist as souls. Overcoming unknowns and walking through the fire-swamps of Earth's challenges force us to use our soul energy on Earth.

Overcoming fears and unknowns is when our greatest accomplishments happen. Like an athlete competing in his/her first marathon - you compete to see if you trained well; to see if your physical body can handle the feat and competition. You compete to test your abilities. Same with fears and unknowns. They happen to test your abilities, your level of Enlightenment, your courage and your commitment to your soul progress.

Next time you're faced with an unknown or something you're afraid of - remember it's a natural Earth process. Your soul wants to overcome it. You have the talent & ability to overcome it. It's a test of your strength. It's one reason you chose Earth life: to test your soul strength. And you have a huge group in Spirit Realm assisting you through it: your Lost Loved Ones, Spirit Guides and Angels.

Fear, unknowns, challenges: they make life so much sweeter and easier after you walk through them.

Hope this post brings you peace as you walk Your Sacred Path.
Love & Light -

Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic (since 2009)
Professional Psychic-Medium since 1989
Email: robin at sedonaspirit dot "us"

Friday, November 18, 2016

2016 Election & Enlightenment

True Enlightenment requires acceptance. True Enlightenment means accepting others' opposing views and accepting life's events & experiences. Acceptance does not mean complete surrender necessarily. It simply means accepting reality as it exists today.

True Enlightenment also requires tolerance, respect and mutual respect. Without those qualities, a person is not fully enlightened.

2016 US election results shocked most of us. Especially if you followed the daily news headlines and polls. Historically, US voters do not keep the same political party after 8 years (FDR exception). So 2016 results should not shock us. Changing of the guard happens either every 2, 4 or 8 years in US politics.

The media got it wrong. Pollsters got it wrong. A new dawn emerged, smashing paradigms.

True Enlightenment also requires faith. Faith in the process. Faith in people. Faith in The Universe-God-Spirit Realm. What may seem divisive or contradictory to our beliefs may result in renewed unity or strengthened beliefs. With elections, we rarely know consequences until they happen.

Let go. Let God. Know there is a divine force working its magic. Remember that spiritual forces have a divine plan, sometimes complex, that we may not see until later.

2016 is a Number 9 year in Numerology. Number 9 = completion, upsetting the apple cart if apples were spoiled, and clearing negative or imbalanced energies & patterns. Number 9 years prepare us for Number 1 year when new energies, leadership and perspectives surface.

While Astrology can be misinterpreted, Numerology is rarely wrong.

As we absorb the changes reflected in 2016 election process, may we all remember the traits of True Enlightenment: Acceptance, Tolerance, Respect, Mutual Respect and Faith.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic