Saturday, September 24, 2016

Messages from Loved Ones

When we lose a loved one through death, we want messages or signals from them. But we don't always get them. Or we don't get their signals when we want or expect it.

I've blogged about this before. It deserves renewed attention. Our Loved Ones, now living in the non-physical world, send us messages in a variety of ways. Through their voice, the radio, TV, new Social Media, electricity, our cars, birds, feathers, pennies from Heaven, their scent (perfume), or a soft touch on our shoulder when no one is around. They can also move things around where you live or work: picture frames, pencils, other objects.

Sometimes these messages are from our Spirit Guides. Our Spirit Guides, who know everything
about us, use our connection with Loved Ones to send messages. Especially if we don't listen to our Spirit Guides much. They'll use energy from our Loved Ones to communicate with us. This is a wonderful benefit of losing someone you love through death: strengthening your connection with your Spirit Guides, your soul, your intuition and your Loved One living in non-physical world.

When my brother and sister were killed, my brother showed up 10 minutes after I heard the news. He couldn't stop talking: telling me who to call for a ride to the hospital; riding in the backseat when a friend drove me to the hospital to see his lifeless body; telling me who was at hospital already; telling me to drive faster; telling me how events next few years would play out.

My brother Mark's soul immediately popped out of his body after the third bullet wound. He tried communicating with everyone from the second his soul popped out. But I was the only person who could hear him.

My sister showed up later that night - through her perfume, smell of her barn clothes (she rode horses her entire life) and sending a stray cat that walked through the house like he owned it and kept staring at my sister Kara's pictures on the wall, on tables. The cat wasn't interested in any photos but Kara's.

After that night of their deaths, my brother & sister talked to me every day for 15 straight years.

However, sometimes we don't receive messages from our Loved Ones.

When my father died earlier this year, I couldn't find him. I couldn't hear him. Couldn't sense him. There was a black cloak separating his soul essence from me. First time that happened. When friends died, I could sense them. When other family members died over the years, I could feel or hear them. As a professional Channel, when clients want access to their Loved Ones, I can easily see, sense or feel them. When my father died, I could not.

Why don't we receive messages from them - after their death? Many possible answers.
  1. They could be "in transition" where they're still attached to their body and life on Earth, not understanding the process of fully integrating into Soul Energy form.
  2. They could be "in training": busy learning about their new Soul Energy form and how to communicate with you.
  3. They could be busy helping someone on Earth, as part of their unfinished Spiritual Contract.
  4. They may have quickly integrated into Soul form & working on coming back to Earth, as a new human entity.
  5. If they departed through suicide, they could be "incubated", where Soul Healing occurs.
  6. They could be working with your Spirit Guides & Angels to bring you new possibilities. Bringing you new gifts of abundance or peace. They're working hard to manifest material things for you, so their energy is focused on that; not focused on messaging you. 
  7. They could be messaging you, but not on your schedule or how you want them to communicate.
The ultimate answer: If you don't receive messages from them after their death, it is not your fault. Your Loved One is not punishing you. You did nothing wrong.

When people don't receive messages from their Loved Ones, they hire a professional Psychic-Channel-Medium like me. How does that help? We can find them and tell you where they are, what they're doing, if they're sending you messages and what those signals are, or why they're not messaging you.

Also, a professional Psychic-Channel-Medium can access information from your Loved One's Spirit Guides. Although your Loved One might be unavailable, their Spirit Guides are available. You can learn about your Loved One through an accurate Psychic-Channel-Medium. That's why we exist.

Namaste ----
Robin Amanda Kelley
Professional Psychic-Channel-Medium (Sedona Psychic since 2009)

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