Friday, September 23, 2016

Circular Journey

This is an Excerpt from 2012 "Galactic Center" by Christine Page, M.D.


Inherent in all human beings is a signature frequency specific to a particular star system often carried within their skin color, language, songs, physical shape, or unique connection to the land. 

In the same way, the nature kingdoms resonate with the stars through their shapes, colors, and, in the case of birds, their songs. 

Unfortunately, over time, humanity has disconnected not only from the natural world but also from the built-in signal calling upon them to remember their galactic origins. Yet on a clear, starlit night, it is not uncommon to find yourself looking out at the stars and wondering why certain constellations seem to attract your attention.

The great shift in consciousness that is occurring on planet Earth at this time is not exclusive to the human race. Such transformation affects us all, including me, the Great Mother. It requires us to recall and integrate all parts of our creative self and build the light body that will transport us to the next level. My heart is the heart of the stars, while the stars are calling on their children, humanity, to remember. 

But I offer a note of clarification: It is not enough to believe or even know you come from the stars, for it is the creative gems of your life experiences that will feed and nurture the consciousness of your celestial Mother. 

It is essential that all individuals connect first with their body, then their beliefs, and finally, their soul, clearing away the superfluous matter until there is only pure light. 
Hopefully this message, as channeled through Dr. Christine Page, provides you wisdom as we live during these interesting times.


Robin Amanda Kelley
Professional Psychic-Medium

Sedona Spirit Psychic

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