Thursday, September 22, 2016

Those We Love & Lose

"Love is something eternal, the aspect may change, but not the essence." – Vincent Van Gogh

When we lose someone we love - through death, divorce or other separation - we will grieve.  The deeper we loved them, the deeper the sadness and pain. Sometimes we feel a large gaping hole in our heart. We want to fill that hole so the pain goes away. We try different ways to fill that hole, but the pain returns. There's no easy fix. But there is a solid fix.

I work with clients whom lost family members and close friends through death. Some clients lost lovers, husbands or wives through divorce or non-death ways. Loss is loss. There are solid ways to walk through your loss, no matter how it happened.

Walk through it with Love. Love them. Love yourself. Honor your Love Bond.

When we lose someone close to us, our first reaction usually is: "How will I live without him/her?" A very normal response. I felt that way too - when told my brother and sister were killed suddenly. At the time, they were my closest friends. The next question I asked: "How will my parents live without them?" Then I wondered about my sister's husband and my brother's wife and his two kids: "How will they live without them?"

So how do we live without them? How do we fill the hole our love created? We don't. When a Love Bond exists between two people, that bond never goes away. Our love for them, their love for us, never disappears. Not in death. Not in physical separation. Love is eternal. Love Bonds are eternal. Like a string you cannot cut. Love Bonds are beautiful, inspiring, honest. They are the foundation of Soul Mates.

Walk through your pain with love. Know your Love Bond with that person still exists. Even if you cannot talk with them or sense them, your memories keep them closer. Your heart has memory just like your brain. Heart memories are stronger than brain memories. Remember how much you loved them. How much they loved you. Know they are loving you now. Feel it. Nurture it. Allow their love to envelop you with inspiration and beauty. Even if you cannot feel, sense or talk with them.

The Number One questions clients ask, who lost a loved one to death: "Do they have a message for me? Can they tell me what I should be doing?" The answer 95% time is: "Be Happy. Know I love you. Love yourself. Live your life. Love your life. I will see you soon." That's the legacy our Loved Ones give us. That's the Legacy of the Love Bond.

There is one exception to the Love Bond: If the other person did not love you. If that is the case, the Love Bond did not exist. There is no cord or string to cut. No cord nor string existed. Be thankful they are out of your life. Why bother loving someone who does not love you? Sounds silly and simple, doesn't it? We often feel the more we love someone, the more they'll love us. Love doesn't work that way. You cannot demand love. You can only give it and hope the other person reciprocates. If they don't, no Love Bond exists. Walk away. Love yourself. Honor who you are. You'll attract more people in your life who will love you. When you love yourself first.

Love yourself. Love those who love you. Honor your Love Bonds. Live your Best Life. 
Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
Professional Psychic & Medium - Sedona Spirit


  1. Comforts my broken,lonely heart - beautiful

  2. Miss Robin, Very good teaching lesson. Even if it is a difficult one.

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