Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016: Number 9 Year

Numerology reveals characteristics of every year, every person and even themes of the day. I've personally used Numerology since 1993; using old Numerology books to add numbers & create reports. I don't use websites nor computer programs.

Every year, "the numbers" predict and enhance qualities of that given year. For instance, 2012 was a Number 5 year: politics, diplomacy and financial difficulties ruled that year.

2016 is a Number 9 year. Completion, tying up loose ends, clearing the decks in your life to start 2017 (Number 1 year) with a bang, free of encumbrances.

Main theme of 2016: Finish projects you've been working on. Projects can be emotional, financial, relationship-centered, mental, spiritual or physical (health). If you started a project in 2008-2015 and it hasn't moved forward yet, 2016 will be your year. This year (2016) pushes those projects forward, helping you complete what your soul wants.

If your personal or professional relationships have wavered or live in "start-stop" mode, 2016 brings you energy to push them in the right direction. If forgiveness has been difficult, 2016 will help you move through it and past it.

If you're in a dead-end romantic relationship, this year's energy will force you to "fish or cut bait". It's a year of finality, completion, ending old patterns that no longer work for you. This year helps you see more clearly than in the past.

If you're in a loving romantic relationship that feels stuck, this year naturally, effortlessly provides more chances to work together and return to being a team again.

If you've wanted a new career for the last 3-5 years, 2016 could bring that to you toward the end of this year. You will begin to see more opportunities in a career you'd like. You will be finishing old "karmic" business in your current career: completion.

2016 is also a selfless year. You see the Big Picture more clearly. It's community-centric: e.g. volunteering for a cause, devoting time to community or local issues, becoming a mentor or positive role model for others. If you find a cause you're passionate about, go for it.

You're able to forgive and forget this year. Including forgiving yourself for any regrets or other things you did or didn't do over the last few years.

Your relationship with yourself, your soul, your money and other people move in positive directions. Positive directions for you as a soul and positive directions for the world at large. Sometimes positive directions start with fear, regret or doubt. You can push past those icky feelings, cross that threshold and move past it this year.

To fully engage and use this year's energy, determination, focus and motivation are required. When doubt pops up, and it will, take a step back, take time to fully (completely) appraise the situation, then move in the direction of your soul or heart.

You might "revisit" old patterns, reminisce about the past, or look at your life patterns this year. That is good. Don't spend too much time on the past. Look at patterns you no longer want then change them. 2016 is a completion year. Most, but not all, are completing an 8-year Karmic Cycle.

Go with your gut. Use your instincts. Practice focus. Be determined to break-through any obstacles or stumbling blocks.

The biggest challenges this year:
  • Remaining Motivated
  • Keeping Clear Boundaries
  • Avoiding Distractions
  • Living in the Past
  • Doubting yourself 
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Wishing you the best of all things in 2016!

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic

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