Thursday, December 10, 2015

Politically Correct Produces Soul Crisis

If you cannot define a problem, you cannot fix it. Using politically correct terms whitewashes the truth and confuses the natural human senses - emotional, spiritual, mental. Confusion creates mental and emotional instability which produce soul crises. Whitewashing the truth or reality is an excellent way to avoid reality and avoid problems. When you avoid problems, they don't get fixed. Problems, by definition, cannot fix themselves.

In today's world, I see hundreds of people with no internal compass - experiencing soul crisis. When words lack their true meaning,  nobody wins. When differences of opinion are not respected, nobody wins. That's what is happening today: people throwing away their internal compass (intuition) or individual identity to fit a political correct narrative. Twisting themselves into a pretzel for fear of offending someone or feeling an outcast because their beliefs differ than others'. That's not what your soul wants.

The more you twist your soul essence to appease others' sensitivities, the more you lose. You lose yourself. You forget who you are and what you want to do. And you negatively affect society - allowing a small minority to control the lifestyles of the majority. You allow others to control your life experiences. Don't do it.

Politically correct words like "Gender-Neutral" diffuses the differences between man and woman; creating a gray area where none existed before. When you diffuse the difference, you erase proper human boundaries. When you start a habit of erasing boundaries, the habit builds, affecting every area of your life and life becomes ambiguous and confusing.

Striving to be gentle with others, working hard to not offend others, limits your life path and restricts your self-empowerment. When your focus is on "not offending others", you're thinking and living by their standards, not yours. You are an individual soul. You have goals, desires, opinions, different talents or abilities than other people. When you focus on not being offensive, you deliberately allow others to set your path, override your internal belief systems. You erase your soul intentions and quite possibly: your soul destiny. You erase your personal boundaries.

Earth life is full of boundaries. That will not change no matter how much some people desire it to change. Boundaries intentionally set on Earth to help us define good, bad, what we want, what we don't want. Boundaries help us define who we are, what we're capable of doing, how we're progressing through life; helps us decide if we need to fix anything in our external environment or internally.

You can jump over a boundary; change the boundary; walk away from a boundary; set a boundary around you to filter your experiences; set a boundary to keep your self-definition clear. Boundaries help us see and sense how we're doing in our Earth Life. Boundaries prevent us from living by others' standards; codependency is not healthy. Boundaries are good not bad.

Political correctness wants you to live without boundaries, without clear definitions. Political correctness only helps those who cannot handle the truth. It only helps those with poor coping skills. Don't buy into it.

Some people believe diffusing differences, creating gray areas, redefining terms, societal norms, creating illusion of "limitless" or "perpetual happiness" is part of the new Spiritual Consciousness on this planet. That is false. Those who believe that lack coping skills and are not living in Earth reality. It is a passive-aggressive way to control YOUR behavior; your destiny. If that were true (diffusing differences part of new Spiritual Consciousness), humans born today would not have sex organs. Everyone born today would look same. That is not happening. If their "ideology" were true, Sedona's red rocks would blend into the Earth and Sky - no boundaries.

Political Correctness is a way to diffuse boundaries and control the populace. Its ultimate intention is to disempower you, weaken you, divide people, bully you into submissiveness, take your focus away from your own soul destiny, soul difference and voice. It is designed to silence you. Don't let it.

You are as unique as your thumbprint. You have unique talents, gifts, opinions, experiences. Do not hide your unique qualities. Do not hide who you are. You worked hard to live in the Earth Realm. Don't let anyone spoil your individual experience. It is yours. Not theirs. When you respect who you are (your weakness and your strengths), you more easily respect others' differences (strengths and weaknesses). When you honor you, practice self-respect and self-sufficiency, you have energy to help others. When you live your life according to others' opinions, that is not honoring you. You are stripping away your identity, self-respect, self-sufficiency and self-empowerment.

Our individual talents and weaknesses exist due to boundaries. Human and earth boundaries. If someone gets easily offended by your actions or words, know this: they don't respect themselves. Unless that individual is your child, it is not your responsibility to help them learn how to respect themselves. That is their job. Not yours. Keep your boundaries strong. When we allow others to control our lives, we begin to feel victimized or self-centered. We forget to recharge our internal batteries and we lose ourselves.

You have power. You are strong. Your soul is strong. Your life path will be 180 degrees different than someone else's. Honor those differences. Appreciate the differences. Respect the differences. Don't diffuse the differences. When you diffuse or erase what makes you different, you erase YOU and your soul footprint, soul destiny. You worked too hard to be here. Don't waste time appeasing others because they cannot handle truths, reality or your different opinion. That is not your problem. It is theirs.

Set clear boundaries. Speak your truth. Don't twist your psyche into a confusing pretzel. Live your life as you choose. That is your ultimate soul purpose. When you neglect or avoid your soul, your uniqueness and your voice, depression and sadness will happen. Don't allow that.

Sedona Spirit Psychic
Robin Amanda Kelley

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