Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Ghost Story

It was the fall of 1989. I lived alone in a NYC basement apartment with only one window that brought in night lights from the Throgs Neck Bridge. Light sleeper, a shadow passing across the window woke me up in the middle of night. Wasn't sure if someone was creeping around outside or walking inside my apartment.

I layed in bed, perfectly still, listening intently for any sounds, wondering if the baseball bat was still under the bed. Keeping my eyes partially closed, wondered if I could reach the bat in time, defending myself from the attacker.

Heard footsteps approaching my bedside and completely froze up. All those college Self-Defense classes hadn’t prepared me for the real thing? I got angry for being afraid. Practiced light, quiet breathing so attacker would think I was still asleep. Element of surprise might help if he/she approached me. Then something amazing happened.

A warm, calm feeling overwhelmed my senses. It felt like someone poured warm water over my head. The warm liquid flowed down my neck, across my shoulders, down the arms, to the fingertips, down the spine, flowing through every part of my body. I thought I was dead. But it felt so good. How can dying feel so pleasant? Then something else happened.

The shadow figure began to speak. It was a man’s voice. The shadow stood about 6’6” tall, slender, standing at the foot of the bed. He was dressed in black. I couldn’t see his face and I couldn’t move. The warm calm liquid flowing inside my body made me limp and still but unafraid.

He spoke about my gifts and talents. He showed me my past, present and future. Then the shadow switched to a woman, who also talked about my life and lives of my loved ones. Then the shadow morphed into my brother, who was killed the previous year. It was his voice, his face. Mark’s spirit reminded me of my weaknesses and strengths. He encouraged me to keep living, moving forward. Then he left and the shadow morphed into another Spirit Guide – Ayn Rand. She talked about the future; what society would look like decades later.

All in all, 6 spirits came to me that night, in the form of that shadow that frightened me so much at the beginning. Then it suddenly vanished. Looked at the clock, it was 2:30am. I rolled over, hoping to finish my night’s sleep, wondering if it was real or a nice fantasy dream.

When I woke at 5:30am for another regular work day commute into Manhattan, I felt well-rested, calm and clean. Felt like I’d slept for 10 hours and already had three nice, long hot showers with eucalyptus and lavender. My body felt lighter. My spirit felt free. My mind was clear. No fear. Complete bliss.

I'll never forget that night. Went from total, paralyzing fear to complete calm and bliss. I wrote about it in my journal that morning before walking out the door to catch the 7 train into Manhattan. Floated above everything that day. The crowded train, abrasive smells of Manhattan, brushing shoulders with people on busy sidewalks - none of it affected me. I floated above it all. Took half the time to accomplish office tasks. Smiled all day long.

That night stays with me - whenever I feel discouraged or afraid. After that night, I no longer sweat the small stuff. Personal physical proof that Heaven and Spirits do exist. We have a lot of help we cannot see. When we stay open to the supernatural, it will appear in the strangest of ways. Sometimes it's scary at first. Forcing us to face our fears.

Robin Amanda Kelley

Sedona Spirit Psychic

Friday, October 30, 2015

Suicide - Nobody Wins

Suicide touched the Sedona community again on Sunday, October 25. It's the 26th suicide since January 1. The 44-yr-old woman was a Sedona local known by many; but very few, if any, knew her well.

Brings to light how important our relationships are: learning more about your friends, colleagues and family members; staying in touch; staying open and vulnerable during the good times and the bad. Everyone's life is busy and chaotic. Setting aside time to talk with friends or family is crucial and beneficial for life balance and happiness. These phrases are very powerful: "Can you help me?" or "How can I help you?" We all need help sometimes. We all want to help others whenever or however we can.

At least 8 Sedona locals committed suicide so far this year. Remaining 18 were tourists visiting Sedona specifically to jump off Midgley Bridge or a Red Rock. Same occurs in the Grand Canyon: people choosing that site to end their life. The local woman jumped off Midgely Bridge in broad daylight last Sunday morning. It is a popular site for locals and tourists. Treacherous terrain under the bridge and it's a long way down. If you jump, you know you'll die. No exceptions.

Thoughts of suicide will surface during a person's lifetime. It's a natural phenomenon. Most of us do not attempt it. Our souls interfere; reminding us that we are stronger than our circumstances. As individual souls, we can and will overcome whatever obstacles we face on Earth. Our soul is built to withstand any obstacle. We have the talent and inner power to turn around any difficult situation we face. But we choose whether to use those talents or inner power: Free Will.

Our intuition (soul voice) reminds us that Earth is the place of second, third and fourth chances. Once we suicide our soul, we have no more chances, no more soul growth, no more inner power, no more hope of happiness. No exceptions.

There's nothing "freeing" about suicide. As difficult as life can be, it beats the alternative. Suicide restricts & constricts your heart & soul after you die. More constricted than while living. Suicide brings eternal agony to your soul (unless assisted suicide w/family knowledge). Your soul lives in regret mode for a very long time - sometimes eternity. You feel the pain of people you left behind. It feels 100 times worse than if you were back in your body. Your soul feels it. Cuts your soul essence like a knife. 

The other negative effects of suicide:
You renege on all your soul promises - the good, sweet, sour & ugly.
(2) You walk away from soul commitments to others - negatively affecting their lives. In some cases, you prevent others from achieving their happiness or soul destiny. You'll feel that every moment after you die from suicide.
(3) You walk away from all the good things you created, progress you made & any good things happening to you in the future - ever again.
(4) You walk away from a better life than you'll have after your death.

According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the latest 2013 US statistics show 41,000 individuals died from a suicide attempt in the US. The national suicide rate increased 20% over the last 14 years. From 10.4 deaths per 100,000 (2000) to 12.6 deaths per 100,000 (2013). While our national suicide rate remains low, it is still a tragic and misunderstood phenomenon. Especially to family and friends left behind. Sedona's local suicide rate (8.0) is higher than the national average (1.26). We don't want our town nor the Red Rocks to become the next "Grand Canyon", souring the energies of the Red Rocks, residents and tourists. 
(AFSP website:

I work with surviving family members of suicide, channeling their lost loved ones for them or speaking with their loved one's Spirit Guides. Each case is different but some general spiritual components exist. Here they are.

  1. Most souls who commit suicide regret it demonstrably, exponentially and immediately. They see how their lives could have turned around, what they could have done differently, how simple solutions existed but they couldn't see them. They also see the people who loved them writhing in pain. 90% of the time, individuals who successfully commit suicide regret leaving Earth. They see "there's no turning back. No more second chances." They also learn their lives were more fulfilling, hopeful, complete than they imagined or thought.
  2. Most souls who leave by suicide are isolated once they reach the Spirit Realm/Heaven/Great Mystery. They're not allowed to see Loved Ones in the Spirit Realm. They're not allowed to communicate with loved ones on the Earthly plane. In most cases, their Spirit Guides attend the funeral, record it and show it to the person who suicided. Their Spirit Guides' energy mimicks their individual energy.
  3. You may still receive messages or feel that person's energy around. How? Their Spirit Guides do it for them. Your loved one watches your reactions, hears your thoughts, senses your energy. 
  4. The sadness, anger or depression you feel is exponentially felt by the suicide soul. It is a consequence of suiciding. No exceptions. Whatever you feel after you lose someone to suicide, feel it. Don't hold back your emotions. You did not make it happen. They chose that option, not you.
  5. When someone crosses by suicide, survivors often feel guilty. "I should have known." "I should have called them." "Why wasn't I paying attention?" The truth is, that person CHOSE to take his/her life. He/she did it with conscious intent, on purpose.
  6. Suicides feel powerless and/or helpless. Deciding how they die gives them a sense of power or control over their lives. It is a cry for help. But if they succeed, it means their heart, soul and mind wanted it. Their intent was strong. It takes very powerful intention energy to commit or even attempt suicide. You remove all your senses. If you focus that same strong intention energy on any area of your life, you would become immediately abundant or strengthened. That's how powerful the intention energy is.
  7. There is little you can do to help someone who no longer wants help, chooses to stay focused on suicidal thoughts or suicides. They make that choice. It's an individual choice; not a codependent one. Free Will.
  8. Those closest loved ones to a suicide-potential person are not always the best sources of help for that person. Professionals are best at helping people who feel suicidal or experiencing major depression. They're trained for it. (Licensed counselors, therapists, Crisis Hotline or Suicide Hotline advocates)

Remember - we're all moving through life as best we can. Challenges will come. Accomplishments will come. Law of physics on this planet - equilibrium. The more you move, the better things get. Adapting is part of that process. Baby steps. Isolating from others, being afraid of life - hurts no one but you.

In the end, you're the only person responsible for your life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. You're gifted with talents & inner power to overcome anything. You choose whether or not to use them - Free Will. That's your ultimate power. You choose. No one else does.

Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic