Saturday, August 29, 2015

SuperMoon Today

Supermoon today/tonight at 2:35p Eastern. It's also a Full Moon, in Pisces. Supermoons occur when the moon is closest to Earth, creating illusion of a bigger moon.

Supermoons can happen during a Full Moon or New Moon. Term "SuperMoon" was created by astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979.

I'm not an astrologer. Each participle of information I provide about astrological events is channeled directly from the Spirit Realm. Oftentimes, my psychic-channeled information matches famed Astrologers' information. Today's SuperMoon information is no exception.

Channeled information about today's Moon from Spirit Realm (aka Great Mystery, God, Angels, The Universe):

"Spiritually powerful. You'll see Big Picture more clearly in several areas of your life; especially recent events or experiences that trouble you. You'll feel or sense the answers to those puzzling events. You may also feel whimsical, carefree or sense "magic" around you. This Full Moon is full of water. Sensitives will feel like they're floating or swimming, effortlessly. Your thoughts and soul will race faster than your physical body can follow. Attempt to flow or roll with it. Tomorrow is another day. Feel the waves. Don't pack too much into your day today.

"Today is a good day to write down goals or create a Big Picture strategy for your life. Start big. List Big Picture to-do's. What your soul and heart want. Check your list later this week and fill in the details. This is a great manifesting tool. Another great way to manifest: Think Big Picture, fill in details later. Start your goals from the outcome you want. Then back-track."

Tarot.Com Astrological Information about Today's SuperMoon Full Moon.

Manifesting Advice from The Spirit Realm

If you've always to be a professional musician, actor, writer, reporter, CEO, business owner - or whatever career you desire that has not been achieved yet - write that down. Imagine you're already doing it. Then imagine how you got that job. Work backwards.

Maybe the step before your desired career position was meeting someone who helped move you into it. Write that down. Previous step to that: Getting experience or gaining good reputation for your skill-set and experience. Write that down. Previous step to that: Learning skill-sets needed to achieve experience. Write that down. Previous step to that: taking classes to learn. Write that down. Previous step to that: choosing right school to attend. Write that down. Previous step: Acquiring financial resources to attend school/classes. Write that down. Then brainstorm how you acquire finances to attend those classes/school if you don't have those resources yet.

Start with the Big Picture Goal, work backwards.

Today's SuperMoon

Whatever your soul and heart desires, those items will pop up during this SuperMoon Full Moon today at 2:35p Eastern. Don't get caught up in the exact time. Moon's effects usually begin 2 days prior to astronomiccal, astrological event and last through 2 days after the event. Don't sweat the small stuff.

Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic

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