Monday, June 29, 2015

Why are Spirits closer now?

To help us learn from their past mistakes so we don't repeat them. To help us remember there is a bigger picture than the world and time we live in. To remind us we're not alone. To give us courage to speak up and be our authentic selves. To remind us life is short. To remind us one person can change the world. To remind us that miracles happen. To remind us we are loved.

When we feel loved, or part of a group, our confidence builds. When we feel others are paying attention to us, we feel more important, more courageous, more balanced, more peaceful and solid. These feelings help us move forward and bring us hope and motivation.

Everything happening in our world today is a repeat of humanity's past flaws and history. Governments taking more control of our individual lives for the "better good". Elite groups furthering their agenda and forcing their principles, philosophies on others. Widespread chaos and crime confusing our senses. Miracles and heroes surfacing, satisfying our thirst for what is good and right.

The only difference between what is happening now and what happened in the past is our knowledge and awareness of those things. The Information Age brings events, philosophies, knowledge, awareness to us quicker and with more detail - the good and the bad. The Information Age (Social Media, Press, Radio and TV programs) also brings natural and supernatural events to the surface that were hidden in the past. From global weather patterns, international news, global movements to ghost stories, spiritual guidance, and stories of individual empowerment - the Information Age floods our senses with data.

Sometimes the Information Age creates the illusion that uncommon, extraordinary events are common or mainstream. This is a new phenomenon for humanity. And it happens on a global scale, which can confuse us.

This new age of information flow beckons us to choose what we pay attention to. We cannot pay attention to everything happening while focusing on our individual lives. It's important to discern what is true and what is not; what resonates with us and what does not. It's also important to respect others' differences: remember that other people are following their individual guidance system (intuition, soul voice, destiny) and belief systems.

Remember and respect your beliefs. Reconnect with your internal guidance system (intuition, soul voice and destiny). These steps will make it easier for you to extract truths from fiction, respect those who disagree with you, and keep you Walking Your Sacred Path.

Others have been here before you. Their knowledge, grace, love, past history and attention surround us more today to help us move through the Information Age with more clarity and courage.

What is happening now has happened before. We can change the outcome. Each of us can make a positive difference in the world. Seeing the Big Picture, finding the courage to act on your individual principles, respecting others' differences instead of judging or changing them - these are the lessons from our past that will help us create a better future. These are some messages The Spirit Realm sends to us now.

Practicing your Free Will and following your beliefs and intuition are important. Not everyone will agree with you. And that is good. Personally, I don't expect everyone to agree with my posts, opinions or beliefs. If everyone held the same beliefs or had the same talents, our Earth life would become a very dull place. Variety is the spice of life.

Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic
Psychic Medium since 1989. Practicing in Sedona since 2009.
Certified Reiki-Master Teacher since 2009.
Former Sedona Vortex Guide.

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