Friday, May 15, 2015

Death Penalty for Boston Terrorist

Today a federal jury sentenced Boston Bomber Tsarnaev to the Death Penalty by Lethal Injection. What do you think about this decision? The Death Penalty is very controversial. Hot button debated for decades.

Many people in my profession won't discuss it. When some discuss the Death Penalty and how it relates to spirituality, most oppose it. I respectfully disagree with them. Disagreeing with them doesn't make them wrong. Listening to differing viewpoints is healthy for humanity. If we all agreed on every issue, then the chance of learning new things, expanding our consciousness, knowledge would be slim to none.

Over the years, I've often asked the Spirit Realm (God): "How do you feel about the Death Penalty?" Answer, even today, remains the same: "It is not a deterrent. It protects law-abiding citizens from further harm. It is blind justice. Prevents killer from committing more crime. Separates murderer from the rest of society. Once a person kills another person, they cannot be trusted nor rehabilitated".

When the man who murdered my brother and sister was sentenced to the Death Penalty in 1990, I had no reaction. My parents did. I didn't feel that justice was served. In my heart and mind, it didn't matter what happened to the killer. Nothing would change what happened to our family. He killed half our family. Who cared what happened to him.

There is a vast difference between losing a child and losing a sibling. Some people labeled my parents as "vengeful" for their pro-Death Penalty stance. None of it mattered to me. I supported my parents and their view even if I didn't care about the topic. Death Penalty seemed such a complex topic, numerous pros & cons on both sides, that it confused me. I wondered about Karma. I wondered about the "eye for an eye" mentality. I wondered if murderers could be rehabilitated. Too many questions and complexity, so I let it go.

Over last 20 years of talking with the Spirit Realm about this topic, I learned my ambivalence was a self-centered approach. My Spirit Guides and Angels often stated: "Focus on overall justice. Remember the needs of many outweigh the needs of the few".

Of course the Death Penalty doesn't bring murdered loved ones back from the dead. That's not its purpose. Of course it won't deter the hardened criminal or psychopath hell-bent on harming others for their own satisfaction.

The real purpose of the Death Penalty: permanently separate murderers from society; future innocent victims.

The Spirit Realm (God) wants society on this Earth to feel free, safe, secure, happy. When someone is executed for murder, their response: "Good. Let us take care of them up here. One less person for society to fear." Took many years, but I finally understand what they mean. Maybe the good people of Massachusetts, Boston and the United States understand it a little better today too.

When I saw the murderer of my siblings executed by Lethal Injection in 1996, the Spirit Realm (God) spent 4 months preparing me before I watched it. I saw the killer's soul leaving his body. His soul said:

"I'm very sorry. Couldn't help myself. Can't say I would have done things any differently. Glad I'm finally gone. Cannot harm anyone else. This didn't hurt at all. Can't feel a thing. Wish I'd received  punishment 5 years earlier. Your brother visited me a lot. Gave me nightmares." 

And so it is. Death Penalty is not hard on the murderer. It is hard on the victim families. Federal Jury did the right thing today.

Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin

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