Thursday, April 23, 2015

Earth Rumblings

Courthouse Butte, Sedona
A client recently asked: "Which came first? Humanity in chaos or Mother Earth in chaos?" Excellent question. Based on Psychic-Spirit Realm-God's answer 30 years ago through today, the short answer: Mother Earth's "chaos" came first. Mankind today is simply reacting to her rumblings underfoot. Instead of adapting or adjusting like we have in the past, some groups of humanity are reacting out of fear.

Remembering truths (history about Earth and human evolution) will ground and inspire us. We've been through these Earth cycles before and survived them. We will survive these current Earth movements.

Earth cycles, recycles, moves, burps constantly to stay in balance. For millions of years. Sometimes her movements are so abrupt and violent that they scare us. The "uncontrollable" unknown stimulates our brain's fear factor causing human unrest inside us (individual) and eventually outside us (society). Even if we're not consciously aware of her "rumblings". Political unrest, savagery (ISIS/DAESH, domestic terrorism), rise in crime, economic unrest, blame-games, suicides, apocalyptic theories, religious infighting, quest for spiritual answers: these are results of our fear of the unknown. Even the most balanced individuals & individual souls can be swept up in the chaos.

What's our biggest unknown? Mother Earth's cycles. Since the dawn of man on this planet, Mother Earth's movements and weather changes have frightened us. We either seek to control her cycles or control how we deal with them. No matter what we do, Mother Earth will continuing changing as she's done for millions of years.

The human race experiences these changes for over 15,000 years. Her tectonic plates shift and move. Her poles shift and move. Her stratus layers evolve. She emits gasses - toxic and non-toxic. She's affected by the sun's activity and other planets' gravitational pulls. For millions of years. How we react, adjust and adapt to her constant movements is key to a balanced life and balanced humanity.

We intuitively or physically feel her changes because we're connected to her. She provides all the elements necessary to keep us alive. When she changes or cycles, we feel our lives are shifting or changing. Or we feel a deeper sense of mortality. It's unsettling. Our fear of the unknown and human mortality begins touching every part of our lives. We feel unsettled, stressed - reacting to Earth movements. Time speeds up: reflecting Earth's rotation and gravitational pulls from other planets. News reports create more fear. We lose our balance and disconnect from our souls' knowledge. We thirst for solitude, peace, control of our daily lives. We want a deeper relationship with our soul, the Universe, God and Mother Earth. We know those connections will helps us; providing historical emotional, mental, spiritual knowledge so we can adjust, adapt, react in a milder way. "We've done this before & we survived, adapted, thrived." That's the real test of mankind today: seeking accurate information to dissolve fear. Remembering we're stronger, more resilient than we think. Blending our hearts, souls, minds into one - as individual souls.

Our brain wants security, abundance, safety. It helps us overcome obstacles and thrive rationally, thoughtfully. Our brain is our fixer, problem-solver. We overcame fear of Earth's cycles in the past by using our brain's natural "fixer" process (science, medicine, architecture, agriculture). Our hearts want to feel secure, safe, loved, connected. Our soul knows we're safe, secure, loved, connected at all times.

When obstacles or uncertainty arise, our minds go into over-drive, wanting to fix or control unknowns. When we don't know what to fix or feel powerless, fear is born. When fear takes hold, our ego takes control. When our ego takes control, we start believing we have 100% control of our physical environment. We don't.

What we're experiencing now is not new to us. Past human fears of Mother Earth's unknowns and our quest to control or adapt to her changes, created science, astrology, astronomy, Mayan Calendar, agriculture processes, medicine, math, and the industrial age. Positive results from our human fears. The Mayan Calendar speaks of the time we're living in now: "Earth movements reminding mankind of its connection to Mother Earth, learning to respect her cycles, adapt, adjust and move humanity back to its center (soul)".

We forget that Mother Earth was here long before we were. She'll be here long after we're gone. She naturally balances herself through 10-year, 20-year, 100-year, 5000-year, and 10,000-year cycles. Our ignorance, lack of true geological, geophysical and chemical knowledge, creates that "fear of unknown". The knowledge and facts are out there. During this Information Age, it's harder to sift through fiction to get to the facts. That's all.

When our ego controls us, we begin to believe more fearful things, even if they're not true. Climate Change, Global Warming myths are perfect examples. Human footprint is small compared to Mother Earth's power and quest for balance. Our ego says our 200-year industrial footprint is stronger than Earth's cycles over last few millions of years. It isn't. Earth history proves this. Earth's been around long before we were here. She'll be around long after we're gone. She knows what she is doing. Current Earth movements are result of her cycles more than human footprint. For instance, every chemical we create, even the toxic ones, come from Mother Earth. She absorbs what she wants and kicks out the rest. Some elements might be toxic or dangerous to us humans, plants, animals, sea-life. But they're not toxic to Mother Earth. There are over 200 species of plants, at least 5 gasses and several animal species naturally created by Earth that are toxic, dangerous, threatening to animals, sea-life and humans. She created them. Not us. Ancient and current indigenous tribes reacted and adapted to these dangers. Through experience, tribes learned how to use these toxic materials to benefit mankind. We use some of these toxic elements today to create positive living environments.

We don't have 100% control of Earth's movements, rumblings. She knows what she's doing. We're living in one of her balancing cycles. We do have 100% control of how we adapt, react, adjust as individuals to Earth movements and other challenges. Reacting out of fear or ignorance (eg Climate Change, Global Warming myths) does not help us. It separates us. It separates those with accurate knowledge from those with false knowledge. Fear often separates mankind. Modern world examples: Climate Change, Leprosy, Hitler's holocaust, Roman's crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Fear separating mankind. Hitler's fear of the Jews. Romans' fear of religious leaders. Peoples' fear of Leprosy, AIDS, disease. Climate Change proponents' fear of humans destroying earth. We're not destroying Earth. She's not deliberately destroying us either.

We do have some control of our environment - whether it's our natural environment (Mother Earth), inner environment (self) or outside human forces (society). Adapting & Reacting. Properly adapting & reacting to Mother Earth's natural cycles is important. Choosing how we adapt, adjust, react on an individual level affects the whole (humanity). Effects can be large or small. When our ego takes hold, we want to create a larger effect. Sometimes that's not possible. Sometimes it is possible. Climate Change fits this theory too. Our ego wants to create a larger effect even if it's founded on false information.

How we adapt, react under pressure or uncertainty comes from our soul energy. It reinforces who we are. How we adapt and react affects us internally and society externally. Sometimes our mind and our soul are out of sync. When this happens on a mass consciousness level (regional, national, global), human unrest is the result. The unrest you see across the globe is mankind's inability to adapt properly to the rumblings underfoot.

Client's next question: "Does human emotion & chaos affect Mother Earth cycles?" Short answer: Yes. I'll speak about this in the next blog post.

Robin Amanda Kelley
Professional Psychic-Medium, Sedona AZ
Sedona Spirit Psychic

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Stick to Your Principles

What basic principles do you believe in? Have you tested them? Are they solid or fleeting? Do they come from your soul? Do they inspire you to take risks? Do they inspire you to live your best life? When faced with opposition and life's challenges, do your principles and values strengthen or weaken you? Are you willing to die for them?

Last night I watched "Gladiator" (2000). Hadn't seen it for almost 10 years. Forgot how good it is. Besides the gore and blood, its messages inspire and uplift:

  • Courage under fire. 
  • Life challenges test your resolve, inner strength, principles and values. 
  • Staying true to your heart and soul strengthens your courage; keeps you balanced and focused. 
  • Hard work and inner strength help you achieve your Soul Purpose. 
  • If your principles and values encourage, empower, and inspire you and others around you - they are good and pure.
  • One individual soul can change the world in a positive way.
  • You never know if your one act of courage will empower others unless you use it.
  • Take risks. It's what life is all about. It's why you're here. Risking is living.

Your principles and values come from your soul. You were born with them. Experiences strengthen them. Your principles and values are the fuel in your engine. The simpler the principle, the stronger it is. The stronger your courage. Strong principles help you navigate life's challenges without fear. Strong principles and values enable you to understand others' points of view without judging or feeling judged.

Clearly identify your principles and values. Keep them simple. Use your heart and soul to identify them, not your mind. If they're pure and good principles, they boldly withstand outside interference; help you rise above the chaos and confusion - inner and external confusion.

The Spiritual Movement comprised of authors, speakers, sages, preachers and priests often contradicts itself. Not every leader's message is true for you. Look inside in your soul. Listen to your heart. Define your unique principles and values. Keep them simple. Keep them pure. Keep them strong. They are your armor and weapon as you walk through life's Fire Swamps.

Some of my principles and values are:
  • Do no harm.
  • Respect others' beliefs.
  • Everyone is unique. Respect their experiences, soul energy, purpose and uniqueness.
  • Stay true to myself. Stay true to others.
  • Be kind, patient and understanding.
  • Walk my Talk. If I don't walk my beliefs, I cannot profess them.
  • Encourage others.
  • Don't sweat the small stuff. 80% of life is small stuff.

What are yours?
Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic