Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spirits Among Us

We live in strange days. Even the Spirit Realm believes this. Unrest, chaos, anger, violence, good vs. evil elements play out in our physical Earth dimension and in the Spirit Realm. The phrase "As above, so below" describes the push and pull friction existing in the Spirit Realm and in our Earth Realm.

Good news exists. Forces for good, angels, pure light energies pierce our physical parameter to assist us on Earth every second of the day. It's not unusual right now to physically sense ethereal spirits around you. It's not unusual right now to hear stories of angels protecting people or children from harm. It's also not unusual to hear stories of negative ethereal energies hijacking a person's house, someone's personality or hear unsettling "ghost" stories that are 100% true.

"As above, so below". The Spirit Realm (at all levels of hierarchy) is fully engaged in a battle of Good vs. Evil since early 2012, perhaps since November 2011. The struggle between positive and negative forces has always existed in the Spirit Realm. Battle is stronger, more potent now. I've communicated with The Spirit Realm since 1970, when I was 5 years old. This new battle shift is powerful.

What does this mean? Negative, disruptive spirits want more power and they use our physical Earth Realm to recharge their energy. Lately, people want to experience spirits in their lives, so they invite spirits. This can be very dangerous. Bad, disruptive spirits are very tricky lately. They appear good and harmless at first, then show their ugly side and it's hard to shake them off. Disruptive spirits can hang onto our physical realm, through a person or place, and fight to stay attached to our realm like a dog with a bone. Please be careful.

If you don't have at least 10 years experience working with Ethereal realms, please do not summon spirits on your own right now. Find an expert in your area.

When someone summons spirits, without knowing if they are good or bad, it doesn't just affect the person who summoned them. It can affect anyone living around them (neighbors), friends and family. Neighbors might have plumbing problems, electricity issues, cracks in foundation, restless sleep. Friends or family members might experience severe bad luck.

Over the last 14 months, I've helped countless clients separate from disruptive spirits. Every week, I hear more stories about inexperienced people summoning spirits and how it affects their apartment complex, neighborhoods, family, colleagues and friends. Please do not summon spirits without an expert. Make sure the expert has at least 10 years experience and a strong referral list.

We live in strange days. Stay protected. Live in the Light. Ask your Spirit Guides to help and protect you. They love helping you! It's their job. You chose them. Your Spirit Guides live in the Light. They are your guardian angels. They want you to be safe and happy. All you have to do is ask them for help &/or protection. You only have to ask them once and they will do it. Takes about 10 seconds and you're done! Disruptive spirits are more stubborn. Sometimes it takes up to 30 days before they separate from you. Even if you've told them every day: "Please leave. You don't belong here." That's one key difference between your Spirit Guides and disruptive spirits. Your Spirit Guides listen to you!

Sidenote: As I wrote this, had a bizarre phone call. Picked up line and it was dead. It was 5:50a. Checked caller-ID: no phone number listed. Call not listed on call log either. Spirits.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda
Sedona Spirit Psychic

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