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Sedona Energy Vortexes (Vortices)

Sedona Views from Broken Arrow
The phrase "Some things are true whether you're aware of them or not" can best describe what an Energy Vortex is.

It's invisible, defining, healing energy that exists regardless if you're consciously aware of it. Scientists, seismologists, and even NASA monitor the energies floating within Sedona. Its energies are well-documented.

Vortex energy can help you in various areas of your life. Its power comes from the core of the Earth. Many vortex areas exist on Earth. New York City has its own vortex energy - electric, vibrant, robust, hectic. When you visit New York, you feel alive. Part of its energy source comes from the eclectic, diverse people who walk, work, live and visit there. Same can be said for Sedona.

Over 6 million people visit Sedona every year from various parts of the world. They leave their
Ancient Petroglyphs in Sedona
energetic footprint here. Before Sedona became a town in 1902, ancient civilizations walked, worked, lived, and visited here. Over 6800 years ago. They left their energetic footprint here. The "ancients" like the Yavapai, Apache, Navajo, Hohokam (Sinaguan), and Hopi brought their wisdom, ceremonies, traditions to Sedona. Whatever they did in Sedona, however they felt while in Sedona - those energetic footprints still remain here. Their energies seeped into the Red Rocks. Their energies, ceremonies, traditions blended with Earth's natural vortex energy to create specific healing sites that we enjoy today.

Sedona has 5-8 distinct vortex areas that provide you specific healing medicine. Some vortex sites are magnetic, nurturing, peaceful. Some are electric, manifesting and action-oriented. Some provide soul clarity, some provide mental clarity. Some bring you physical healing. Some bring you emotional healing. Some sites help you release grief, loss or old patterns. Some bring you inner peace or balance. Some sites bring many facets. Some sites bring a few. You can get a Vortex Map at any Sedona Visitor Center, showing you where to go for what you desire.

Red Rock Crossing
Red Rock Crossing Vortex is a perfect example of how ancient natives used their energies to create a magnetic, nurturing, physical and emotional healing vortex site. Native women brought their children here, washed clothes, bathed, visited with fellow women, helped tribe members physically heal, helped tribes women through grief and loss, helped some women through childbirth. Children played here. Nurturing others, celebrating life - this was native's site for that. Earth's core energy rising to the surface provided the foundation, the creek provided the necessary life-force element, the native women added another ingredient: tradition, practices, ceremony, emotional and physical release. Their energetic footprint.  What are the facets of this vortex site? It's a female or magnetic vortex site. Good for physical healing, emotional release & healing, nurturing, peaceful, calm. If you live in a big city and visit Sedona, this site will bring you the peace and calm you're looking for.

Bell Rock
Bell Rock Vortex is a masculine, physical healing, inspirational, recharging vortex site. When I walk or climb this rock with my Border Collie Zoe, my energies feel refreshed, buoyant, more youthful. Zoe also feels young again. Bell Rock's energy feels like an 8-yr-old boy. Physically refreshing, soul-recharging, and just plain fun. It's a fairly easy climb up and down. Don't be surprised if you get a headache at this site. Sometimes Bell's energy is strong, especially at sunrise. If you have any physical imbalances, try this vortex. To get full effect, plan to stay here at least 45 minutes. Find a quiet place to sit either at its base, mid-section or near the peak, whichever is comfortable for you. Bell is strong. Sitting near its edge is sufficient to tap into its energy. Close your eyes. Be still. Breathe. Let the world drift away.

View of Boynton Canyon from Boynton Knoll
Boynton Canyon Vortex balances masculine and feminine, ying-yang. It's electro-magnetic. Helps you balance all sides of yourself, aids in relationship dilemmas. Allows you to see all sides of a situation. The Enchantment Resort sits inside its canyon walls.

Ancient natives held gatherings here. During certain seasons, the Hohokam (Sinaguan) hosted up to 6 other tribes at this site. Even if they battled with each other, they laid down their arms, called a truce and shared best practices. I call their ancient gatherings the "G-7 Summit." They shared best practices for agriculture, politics, astronomy, physical shamanic healing, spiritual connection, weaponry and more.
Kachina Woman - Boynton

Want to feel balanced? Visit Boynton. Boynton is home to Kachina Woman, a vortex within a vortex. Read about the Hopi Legend of Kachina Woman here

Cathedral Rock Vortex brings you peace, clarity, and nurturing female energy. I call her "Mama Rock". She stands tallest, brightest among Sedona's Red Rocks. Her maternal energy protects Sedona and she is the 2nd most photographed rock in the world, behind Ayers Rock in Australia. If you hike up Cathedral, even halfway, you'll see the brilliance of Sedona in panoramic 270 degrees. It's an easy hike to her base and mid-point. Climbing to her spires is more difficult. Only traverse to top if you're an expert hiker-climber.

Airport Mesa Vortex brings spiritual reconnection, mental clarity, manifesting, and activating energy. Its energy is electric, masculine, driven, determined and the strongest vortex energy site in Sedona. It's also the largest vortex area, spanning about 2 square miles.

Ancient shaman performed ceremonies atop Airport Mesa. They monitored the planets, spoke with their ancients and Great Mystery, traveled telepathically, forecast weather patterns, asked for divine assistance for their tribe or individuals and experienced shamanic visions here. The ancient Shamans' energetic footprint is alive and well on Airport Mesa. The Hohokam (Sinaguan) shaman often protect this sacred site. They offer assistance to anyone sitting atop Airport Mesa. They help reconnect individuals with their souls and Great Mystery (God, Spirit Realm).

The Sinaguan shaman appear as the wind or ravens when you sit atop this rock. If you're visited by the wind or raven, you're receiving extra help from the Sinaguan Shaman. Thank them for their presence before you leave here. That's all they ask - to be acknowledged and appreciated. A simple whisper "thank you" is all it takes.

These are the Top 5 vortex sites in Sedona. Three others exist but more difficult to travel to without a 4x4. Hopefully this list gives you enough guidance to choose your Vortex sites based on the type of healing you want from Sedona. I've been a full-time Sedona Vortex guide for 5 years (2009-2014). Always enjoyed taking people out on the land, performing ceremonies, guiding them to high energy centers, walking them through meditation to quiet their mind as they absorbed Earth's natural energy and the Ancients' wisdom and help.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda - Sedona Spirit Psychic (Sedona office since 2009)
Psychic-Medium, Clairvoyant, Reiki Master-Teacher Level III, Sedona Vortex Expert

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