Friday, March 20, 2015

Messages from The Spirit Realm

Many clients often ask: "How do my Lost Loved Ones or Spirit Guides or Angels communicate with me? Are they sending me messages & I'm not paying attention?" Here's a short list of common ways they deliver messages. If you already know how they communicate with you, consider this a reminder.

List compiled from hundreds of Psychic Readings over last 10 years and my own personal experience after my siblings crossed-over in 1988.
  • Songs on the radio
  • TV commercials
  • Birds, animals, insects. Birds are the Spirit Realm's easiest "totem" to use. They vibrate at similar frequency as those in Spirit Realm. Flying insects (bees, flies, butterflies, dragonflies, bumblebees), cats, dogs, and wildlife animals also allow souls to use their bodies. Cats, dogs, rabbits "see" spirits.
  • Computer mishaps
  • Light bulbs burning out 1-2 months after installed. This happens in my house constantly.
  • Electricity or lights flickering when there's no storm outside and neighbors' power is on.
  • Smells: Their perfume, cologne, flowers or a scent that conflicts with environment. When my
    sister crossed over after murder, 4 hours later we smelled horse tack and horse manure on our front patio. She was an equestrian. When she returned home from the barn, she drop all her clothes and boots in laundry room. Laundry room wreaked of the barn. That's how our front patio smelled. No horses, hay, manure or tack leather present on our patio.
  • Pennies, dimes, quarters popping up in strange places - and often.
  • Pictures of them. When Lost Loved Ones really want to get your attention, their pictures will
    fall, drop, move. This usually happens when you're wrestling with a major decision, feeling down or alone.
  • Your car won't start. If you checked all the wiring, battery, etc. and your car mysteriously won't start: That's a sign from your Spirit Guides/Angels: "Don't go yet". They're protecting you from harm.
  • Noises. Hearing someone call your name when no one else is around. It's either a Lost Loved One or one of your Spirit Guides. Sometimes it's hard to tell which one is calling you. That's OK. Both of them have your best interest at heart.
  • Other noises. If something falls in a closet when you're not near it, it's a sign from above. If you hear music, bells, an alarm, a buzzing sound, or out-of-place noise: message from the Spirit Realm.
This is a short list. The Spirit Realm communicates with each of us constantly and through various ways. Electricity, songs, smells, birds, "pennies from Heaven" are their favorite ways.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley - Psychic Channel & Clairvoyant since 1989
Sedona Spirit Psychic
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