Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Life's Short. Slay Fear.

Since February, my father's health has taken a fast decline. Reminds me how short life really is. You blink and a decade melts away. He turned 75 years old then a week later he unexpectedly fell. His healthy body and active mind no longer communicate. Each day, his condition worsens.You never know the moment when your life or the lives of your loved ones will drastically change. Even if you're a professional psychic. You can predict it within a week, month or a year. But knowing it's about to happen does not completely prepare you when it does. Surviving family members of cancer victims know this lesson well.

Life's short. Slay your fears. Swat your doubts. Step into the life you want. When your "time" comes, you regret what you didn't do. Leave life without regrets.

This month, I learned about the death of another Sedona psychic. Sedona lost her to cancer at the end of February. This month, one of my dearest friends was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. I've known him since 1978. He lives a full life and recently began a healthier lifestyle. He went to the doctor for a cold. Two days later, they diagnosed him with Stage IV lung and liver cancer. His oldest son graduates from college in May. His daughter graduates high school soon. You never know when life will take an unexpected turn. Live it to the fullest. Conquer your fears. Minimize your regrets.

When I lost my brother and sister to murder in 1988, I was 24 years old. Young enough to conquer the fears of death and loss. Allowing time to dull the pain. Time does heal. Therapy is also good. Back then, clouded by the grey area of "life offers no guarantee", I moved through the devastating effects of grief while building a career and creating a new life as an adult. It's easier when you're younger. You still feel optimistic, energetic, active. Every moment brings new experiences. You're awake, alive, and naturally inspired.

Almost 30 years later, the idea of mortality surfaces again. Grief surfaces again. Impending loss surfaces again. Older and wiser now, the methods I used in 1988 to conquer grief and life's unexpected downturns help with the events happening now. Sharing these tips with you.

Stay present. Don't live on autopilot. Make each day count. Slay your fears. Swat your doubts. Do something you enjoy at least once a week, preferably once a day. Take advantage of opportunities that open up for you. Remind your loved ones you love them - in a way they accept. Don't blink!

For the last 6 years, I've spent every day helping clients deal with grief, communicate with their Lost Loved Ones and share supportive information from their Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and Soul Blueprint (Akashic records). Every morning for the last 30 years, the Spirit Realm wakes me up, speaks with me, reveals truths, projections and pending obstacles. 

Obstacles are opportunities to slay your fears. Fear is the biggest obstacle we face on the Earth plane. Work at identifying your fears. Sometimes fear or doubt is your soul saying "Don't go there." Sometimes your doubt or fear is a soul issue to conquer.

Overcoming doubts or fears works best when your soul directs your path. Your soul is always connected to God, The Universe, Great Mystery. Your soul knows no fear. When you walk through adversity using your soul as your "light", God, your Spirit Guides, and Guardian Angels help guide you, nurture you, support you. "Let go. Let God."

Fear is an earth-bound concept. Fear does not exist in the Spirit Realm. It does not exist inside your soul. Fear only exists in our mind.

Regret is a by-product of fear. Regret happens when we allow fear to control our life. When we cross over, regret can darken the positive experience of reuniting with family, friends, the Spirit Realm and living in our full soul energy. Regret also clouds the lives of those we leave behind. Leave this life without regret. 

No matter what stage in life you're at right now, approach your life as a gift. Whatever obstacles you face, you can overcome them, beat them, swat them. Approach each day as a warrior slaying the enemy of fear.

Live life to the fullest. You never know the moment when your time is up. Bust the fear bubbles that trap you. Accomplish all you can. Leave no stone unturned. Remind your loved ones that you love them. Remind them in a way they understand and accept.

Life's short. Slay your fear. Swat your doubts. Live life on your terms. Leave this world without regret.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic - Psychic Channel since 1989

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