Sunday, March 29, 2015

Germanwings Co-Pilot Tragedy

Flight 9525. Most of us feel deep sorrow for the passengers and their families. What a shocking and horrible tragedy. How do we process it?

First the facts. Evidence supports these findings. The co-pilot was mentally and emotionally unstable. He worked hard at hiding it. One of his doctors issued note "unfit to fly" that day. He tore up the note. He took control of the aircraft, deliberately locked out the pilot, and set the plane on its collision course in the French Alps. 149 innocent people were killed. Moments before the crash, most passengers knew what was happening.

It's a complicated story. People closest to him saw the signs of his illnesses and overlooked them. They did not want to offend him nor make waves. Some did not want to acknowledge he was unstable. Blame it on political-correctness, avoidance or lack of information. Ultimately, the co-pilot performed this selfish act. No one else. Could it have been prevented? Probably.

This crash may create a renewed fear of flying. Statistics don't support that fear. Facts are important. Over 100,000 commercial flights fly the friendly skies every day. That's 36,500,000 (36.5 Million) flights per year. Fatal & non-fatal crashes occur very seldom. Especially in the United States. Odds of being killed on an airplane? 1 in 29.4 Million. (Statistical link here).

2014:  6 fatal & non-fatal crashes across the globe. 6 out of 36.5 Million flights. None in the US.
2013:  7 fatal & non-fatal crashes across the globe. None in the US.
2012-2002:  0 fatal & non-fatal crashes across the globe. None in the US.
2001: 9/11 happened. No other crashes reported.
2000: 21 fatal & non-fatal crashes across the globe.
1999-1991: 0 fatal & non-fatal crashes across the globe.

Fatal & non-fatal airplane crashes happen rarely. The 2-person cockpit rule established for US aircraft after 9/11 may contribute to US aircraft safety but that theory isn't established yet. Could the 2-person cockpit rule prevent Germanwings flight crash? Maybe. If that 2nd person was paying attention, strong enough to counter, subdue the co-pilot.

What trends are increasing?

(1) Fear. How can you overcome fear? Know the facts. Strengthen your "alert" system (intuition, self-defense), feel empowered, not powerless.

(2) Medications. Over-medicating illnesses. Self-medicating to dull emotional pain. Underestimating power of prescription or illicit drugs. Over-prescribing by physicians.

(3) Mental Health community's lack of understanding, diagnosing or treating mental or emotional disorders. These could be result of Fed-State regulations limiting how the psychological, mental health community can treat patients. Regulations created from lawsuits - whether those cases were legitimate or not. Mental Health practitioners' limits on providing better care could also be result of Political Correctness.

If a family member, doctor, or friend is more concerned about offending someone than speaking the truth and treating them properly, the strength and quality of care for that unstable person suffers. If an unstable person is not treated with quality care and supervision, what happens then? Our society becomes a very dangerous place. Emotionally and mentally unstable people exist. If our society avoids, mishandles or misdiagnoses them - for whatever reason - we create future disasters on a much larger scale, exponentially.

Prescription for Healthy, Non-Fear Living:
Pay attention to the people you love. If they seem unhappy or solemn, talk to them. Don't avoid them. Sadness and pain exist in this world. Some people are not equipped to deal with certain losses, pain, or sadness. Reach out to them. Helping others makes us happy. You never know if your one act of kindness will prevent another Flight 9525. Be an everyday hero. Not from ego. From your heart. Make the world a better place.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley - Sedona Spirit Psychic
Psychic-Medium-Channel since 1989. Sedona Psychic since 2009. Reiki-Elemental Energy Healer since 2009.

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