Friday, March 13, 2015

Faith, God & The Spirit Realm

The crazier our world gets, the more powerful God and The Spirit Realm becomes. The more you ask God or your Angels and Spirit Guides for help, the more they help. They enjoy helping you. They want to help you. They want to help our planet. They want peace and goodwill. They want you to succeed and be happy. The only limit to their help is our expectation level and courage to take action. Receiving help from The Spirit Realm is a 3-step process: Ask-Faith-Act. Ask for help (Ask). Expect they are listening and bringing you assistance as soon as possible (Faith). Take action when opportunities appear (Act).

God and The Spirit Realm multitask better than we do. Their positive energies and protection are unlimited and vast. Often beyond our human comprehension. The Spirit Realm and God work for us using infinite energy. There is no limit to their ability to help us in a time of need. The only limit to their help is our current state of consciousness - our Faith and Courage.

The first step is easy: Ask. Sometimes we get hung up on the 2nd step: Faith. Faith plays a major role in receiving Divine Intervention or Spiritual assistance. When you pray or ask God or your Spirit Guides for help, know they are listening. The answers to your prayers may happen instantly or in 6-12 months. Allow time for your Spirit Guides &/or God to bring you what you want. Practice patience. Sometimes it takes a while for The Spirit Realm to gather up necessary items to meet your request before bringing them to you. Sometimes it happens quickly. Whether it happens fast or slow is not a reflection of your Spiritual Essence or Spiritual Evolution. Sometimes we move faster than The Spirit Realm predicted! Free Will.

As spiritual souls living in human bodies, we can become impatient. In The Spirit Realm, things happen quicker than on this Earthly plane. If you've spent more time in the Spirit Realm than on the Earthly plane, patience may be difficult. Practice patience. Practice often. As the saying goes: "How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice." 

Faith: The answers to your prayers may appear in a very bizarre way requiring you to take a U-turn or a major risk. Having faith that God and/or Spirit Guides are assisting you, holding your hand, or opening doors for you is the best way to receive Divine Intervention.

Take Action. The third step is taking action when doors open for you. As Woody Allen once said: "80% of success is showing up."

There is a direct correlation between how much we need inspiration, Divine Intervention, miracles, peace and how close God and The Spirit Realm appear in our lives to answer our prayers. The more chaos in the world, the closer God and The Spirit Realm are on our Earthly plane. The more chaos, the more miracles we will witness. The more we believe and have faith, the more miracles we will witness. The more often we ask them for help, the more help we receive. The more often we take action on opportunities, the more often new opportunities will appear.

These are Spiritual laws. They correlate perfectly with the Laws of the Physics. Ask-Faith-Act. Every
time I've used this method for the last 30 years, it works. I'm no closer to God or The Spirit Realm than you. The Spirit Realm is an Equal Opportunity Entity.

Receiving help is a simple 3-step process anyone can use effectively. Ask for help. Have Faith help is on its way. When help arrives, use it. Ask, have Faith, Act. Try it out! The more you use it, the more powerful your connection to God and The Spirit Realm becomes. As you strengthen your connection with the "Realm of all possibilities", the easier your life becomes. The faster the answers arrive.

Ask, Have Faith, Act.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic
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