Sunday, March 29, 2015

Germanwings Co-Pilot Tragedy

Flight 9525. Most of us feel deep sorrow for the passengers and their families. What a shocking and horrible tragedy. How do we process it?

First the facts. Evidence supports these findings. The co-pilot was mentally and emotionally unstable. He worked hard at hiding it. One of his doctors issued note "unfit to fly" that day. He tore up the note. He took control of the aircraft, deliberately locked out the pilot, and set the plane on its collision course in the French Alps. 149 innocent people were killed. Moments before the crash, most passengers knew what was happening.

It's a complicated story. People closest to him saw the signs of his illnesses and overlooked them. They did not want to offend him nor make waves. Some did not want to acknowledge he was unstable. Blame it on political-correctness, avoidance or lack of information. Ultimately, the co-pilot performed this selfish act. No one else. Could it have been prevented? Probably.

This crash may create a renewed fear of flying. Statistics don't support that fear. Facts are important. Over 100,000 commercial flights fly the friendly skies every day. That's 36,500,000 (36.5 Million) flights per year. Fatal & non-fatal crashes occur very seldom. Especially in the United States. Odds of being killed on an airplane? 1 in 29.4 Million. (Statistical link here).

2014:  6 fatal & non-fatal crashes across the globe. 6 out of 36.5 Million flights. None in the US.
2013:  7 fatal & non-fatal crashes across the globe. None in the US.
2012-2002:  0 fatal & non-fatal crashes across the globe. None in the US.
2001: 9/11 happened. No other crashes reported.
2000: 21 fatal & non-fatal crashes across the globe.
1999-1991: 0 fatal & non-fatal crashes across the globe.

Fatal & non-fatal airplane crashes happen rarely. The 2-person cockpit rule established for US aircraft after 9/11 may contribute to US aircraft safety but that theory isn't established yet. Could the 2-person cockpit rule prevent Germanwings flight crash? Maybe. If that 2nd person was paying attention, strong enough to counter, subdue the co-pilot.

What trends are increasing?

(1) Fear. How can you overcome fear? Know the facts. Strengthen your "alert" system (intuition, self-defense), feel empowered, not powerless.

(2) Medications. Over-medicating illnesses. Self-medicating to dull emotional pain. Underestimating power of prescription or illicit drugs. Over-prescribing by physicians.

(3) Mental Health community's lack of understanding, diagnosing or treating mental or emotional disorders. These could be result of Fed-State regulations limiting how the psychological, mental health community can treat patients. Regulations created from lawsuits - whether those cases were legitimate or not. Mental Health practitioners' limits on providing better care could also be result of Political Correctness.

If a family member, doctor, or friend is more concerned about offending someone than speaking the truth and treating them properly, the strength and quality of care for that unstable person suffers. If an unstable person is not treated with quality care and supervision, what happens then? Our society becomes a very dangerous place. Emotionally and mentally unstable people exist. If our society avoids, mishandles or misdiagnoses them - for whatever reason - we create future disasters on a much larger scale, exponentially.

Prescription for Healthy, Non-Fear Living:
Pay attention to the people you love. If they seem unhappy or solemn, talk to them. Don't avoid them. Sadness and pain exist in this world. Some people are not equipped to deal with certain losses, pain, or sadness. Reach out to them. Helping others makes us happy. You never know if your one act of kindness will prevent another Flight 9525. Be an everyday hero. Not from ego. From your heart. Make the world a better place.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley - Sedona Spirit Psychic
Psychic-Medium-Channel since 1989. Sedona Psychic since 2009. Reiki-Elemental Energy Healer since 2009.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sedona Energy Vortexes (Vortices)

Sedona Views from Broken Arrow
The phrase "Some things are true whether you're aware of them or not" can best describe what an Energy Vortex is.

It's invisible, defining, healing energy that exists regardless if you're consciously aware of it. Scientists, seismologists, and even NASA monitor the energies floating within Sedona. Its energies are well-documented.

Vortex energy can help you in various areas of your life. Its power comes from the core of the Earth. Many vortex areas exist on Earth. New York City has its own vortex energy - electric, vibrant, robust, hectic. When you visit New York, you feel alive. Part of its energy source comes from the eclectic, diverse people who walk, work, live and visit there. Same can be said for Sedona.

Over 6 million people visit Sedona every year from various parts of the world. They leave their
Ancient Petroglyphs in Sedona
energetic footprint here. Before Sedona became a town in 1902, ancient civilizations walked, worked, lived, and visited here. Over 6800 years ago. They left their energetic footprint here. The "ancients" like the Yavapai, Apache, Navajo, Hohokam (Sinaguan), and Hopi brought their wisdom, ceremonies, traditions to Sedona. Whatever they did in Sedona, however they felt while in Sedona - those energetic footprints still remain here. Their energies seeped into the Red Rocks. Their energies, ceremonies, traditions blended with Earth's natural vortex energy to create specific healing sites that we enjoy today.

Sedona has 5-8 distinct vortex areas that provide you specific healing medicine. Some vortex sites are magnetic, nurturing, peaceful. Some are electric, manifesting and action-oriented. Some provide soul clarity, some provide mental clarity. Some bring you physical healing. Some bring you emotional healing. Some sites help you release grief, loss or old patterns. Some bring you inner peace or balance. Some sites bring many facets. Some sites bring a few. You can get a Vortex Map at any Sedona Visitor Center, showing you where to go for what you desire.

Red Rock Crossing
Red Rock Crossing Vortex is a perfect example of how ancient natives used their energies to create a magnetic, nurturing, physical and emotional healing vortex site. Native women brought their children here, washed clothes, bathed, visited with fellow women, helped tribe members physically heal, helped tribes women through grief and loss, helped some women through childbirth. Children played here. Nurturing others, celebrating life - this was native's site for that. Earth's core energy rising to the surface provided the foundation, the creek provided the necessary life-force element, the native women added another ingredient: tradition, practices, ceremony, emotional and physical release. Their energetic footprint.  What are the facets of this vortex site? It's a female or magnetic vortex site. Good for physical healing, emotional release & healing, nurturing, peaceful, calm. If you live in a big city and visit Sedona, this site will bring you the peace and calm you're looking for.

Bell Rock
Bell Rock Vortex is a masculine, physical healing, inspirational, recharging vortex site. When I walk or climb this rock with my Border Collie Zoe, my energies feel refreshed, buoyant, more youthful. Zoe also feels young again. Bell Rock's energy feels like an 8-yr-old boy. Physically refreshing, soul-recharging, and just plain fun. It's a fairly easy climb up and down. Don't be surprised if you get a headache at this site. Sometimes Bell's energy is strong, especially at sunrise. If you have any physical imbalances, try this vortex. To get full effect, plan to stay here at least 45 minutes. Find a quiet place to sit either at its base, mid-section or near the peak, whichever is comfortable for you. Bell is strong. Sitting near its edge is sufficient to tap into its energy. Close your eyes. Be still. Breathe. Let the world drift away.

View of Boynton Canyon from Boynton Knoll
Boynton Canyon Vortex balances masculine and feminine, ying-yang. It's electro-magnetic. Helps you balance all sides of yourself, aids in relationship dilemmas. Allows you to see all sides of a situation. The Enchantment Resort sits inside its canyon walls.

Ancient natives held gatherings here. During certain seasons, the Hohokam (Sinaguan) hosted up to 6 other tribes at this site. Even if they battled with each other, they laid down their arms, called a truce and shared best practices. I call their ancient gatherings the "G-7 Summit." They shared best practices for agriculture, politics, astronomy, physical shamanic healing, spiritual connection, weaponry and more.
Kachina Woman - Boynton

Want to feel balanced? Visit Boynton. Boynton is home to Kachina Woman, a vortex within a vortex. Read about the Hopi Legend of Kachina Woman here

Cathedral Rock Vortex brings you peace, clarity, and nurturing female energy. I call her "Mama Rock". She stands tallest, brightest among Sedona's Red Rocks. Her maternal energy protects Sedona and she is the 2nd most photographed rock in the world, behind Ayers Rock in Australia. If you hike up Cathedral, even halfway, you'll see the brilliance of Sedona in panoramic 270 degrees. It's an easy hike to her base and mid-point. Climbing to her spires is more difficult. Only traverse to top if you're an expert hiker-climber.

Airport Mesa Vortex brings spiritual reconnection, mental clarity, manifesting, and activating energy. Its energy is electric, masculine, driven, determined and the strongest vortex energy site in Sedona. It's also the largest vortex area, spanning about 2 square miles.

Ancient shaman performed ceremonies atop Airport Mesa. They monitored the planets, spoke with their ancients and Great Mystery, traveled telepathically, forecast weather patterns, asked for divine assistance for their tribe or individuals and experienced shamanic visions here. The ancient Shamans' energetic footprint is alive and well on Airport Mesa. The Hohokam (Sinaguan) shaman often protect this sacred site. They offer assistance to anyone sitting atop Airport Mesa. They help reconnect individuals with their souls and Great Mystery (God, Spirit Realm).

The Sinaguan shaman appear as the wind or ravens when you sit atop this rock. If you're visited by the wind or raven, you're receiving extra help from the Sinaguan Shaman. Thank them for their presence before you leave here. That's all they ask - to be acknowledged and appreciated. A simple whisper "thank you" is all it takes.

These are the Top 5 vortex sites in Sedona. Three others exist but more difficult to travel to without a 4x4. Hopefully this list gives you enough guidance to choose your Vortex sites based on the type of healing you want from Sedona. I've been a full-time Sedona Vortex guide for 5 years (2009-2014). Always enjoyed taking people out on the land, performing ceremonies, guiding them to high energy centers, walking them through meditation to quiet their mind as they absorbed Earth's natural energy and the Ancients' wisdom and help.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda - Sedona Spirit Psychic (Sedona office since 2009)
Psychic-Medium, Clairvoyant, Reiki Master-Teacher Level III, Sedona Vortex Expert

Friday, March 20, 2015

Messages from The Spirit Realm

Many clients often ask: "How do my Lost Loved Ones or Spirit Guides or Angels communicate with me? Are they sending me messages & I'm not paying attention?" Here's a short list of common ways they deliver messages. If you already know how they communicate with you, consider this a reminder.

List compiled from hundreds of Psychic Readings over last 10 years and my own personal experience after my siblings crossed-over in 1988.
  • Songs on the radio
  • TV commercials
  • Birds, animals, insects. Birds are the Spirit Realm's easiest "totem" to use. They vibrate at similar frequency as those in Spirit Realm. Flying insects (bees, flies, butterflies, dragonflies, bumblebees), cats, dogs, and wildlife animals also allow souls to use their bodies. Cats, dogs, rabbits "see" spirits.
  • Computer mishaps
  • Light bulbs burning out 1-2 months after installed. This happens in my house constantly.
  • Electricity or lights flickering when there's no storm outside and neighbors' power is on.
  • Smells: Their perfume, cologne, flowers or a scent that conflicts with environment. When my
    sister crossed over after murder, 4 hours later we smelled horse tack and horse manure on our front patio. She was an equestrian. When she returned home from the barn, she drop all her clothes and boots in laundry room. Laundry room wreaked of the barn. That's how our front patio smelled. No horses, hay, manure or tack leather present on our patio.
  • Pennies, dimes, quarters popping up in strange places - and often.
  • Pictures of them. When Lost Loved Ones really want to get your attention, their pictures will
    fall, drop, move. This usually happens when you're wrestling with a major decision, feeling down or alone.
  • Your car won't start. If you checked all the wiring, battery, etc. and your car mysteriously won't start: That's a sign from your Spirit Guides/Angels: "Don't go yet". They're protecting you from harm.
  • Noises. Hearing someone call your name when no one else is around. It's either a Lost Loved One or one of your Spirit Guides. Sometimes it's hard to tell which one is calling you. That's OK. Both of them have your best interest at heart.
  • Other noises. If something falls in a closet when you're not near it, it's a sign from above. If you hear music, bells, an alarm, a buzzing sound, or out-of-place noise: message from the Spirit Realm.
This is a short list. The Spirit Realm communicates with each of us constantly and through various ways. Electricity, songs, smells, birds, "pennies from Heaven" are their favorite ways.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley - Psychic Channel & Clairvoyant since 1989
Sedona Spirit Psychic
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Thursday, March 19, 2015

You Can Survive Life's Challenges

Interesting what you learn when you reflect on your life. Since I turned 50 in August, reflections occur often. It's a good thing. Reminds you what you're made of: your grit, determination. And why you believe the things you do. I'm a professional psychic. Helping others is my "calling." Believing in Angels, God, The Spirit Realm and a person's soul destiny are not just words or ideas. I've survived countless tragedies by believing in these concepts for almost 30 years. Faith in God, Angels, The Spirit Realm carried me through my darkest days.

Here are some examples of my life experiences. Maybe my true story of triumph over tragedies will bring you renewed confidence and strength to conquer whatever challenges you face right now.

In 1997, BBC & HBO aired a documentary about me and my family viewing the execution of my siblings' murderer in February 1996. My brother & sister were victims of a burglary at our family business in Houston, Texas. The burglars wanted "no witnesses." My mother spent years lobbying the state legislature to give victim families the right to view an execution. We were the first Texas family to view one. We were setting a standard for future victim families. No room for error. 

Hadn't watched the documentary in over 10 years until last month. Fascinating to watch a part of your life from almost 20 years ago. I was 31 years old when the execution occurred. You definitely change over the years. That person from 20 years ago doesn't resemble you now, except your soul remains intact. Watching the film brought up old memories.

In the documentary, they filmed me redirecting traffic at a busy Houston intersection (I-45 & 1960). We were late to the execution & construction held us up even more. As the first victim family to view an execution, we couldn't be late. I got out of car on that busy road, talked to construction crew & they moved cones/traffic to let us through on our way to Huntsville State Prison. We didn't have a police escort. The prison wasn't going to delay execution just because we were late. 

What's interesting about that? Three other cars, including the film crew, followed us. All of us were stuck in traffic. The clock was ticking toward execution time. Meanwhile, our cars were stuck, literally, for several minutes. No one else in our caravan jumped out to clear a path, so I did. Other back-story: It was the 2nd month of a tragic 6-month journey in my life. Two months before, my husband filed divorce papers in Rhode Island. Where we lived. That was a shock & true heartbreak. One week before the execution, I found out I was pregnant. Another shock. I didn't tell anyone. Tensions were already high preparing for the execution. 

That night, we saw the execution. My father felt better. My mother felt better. I had mixed feelings. Glad he was gone. Wished my brother and sister were still with us. The execution was right and just. I still believe that today. Wished it had been another family, not us, who walked through this journey from tragedy to court trials to the execution chamber. But I also didn't want anyone else to feel the pain & loss we had. Mixed feelings. Then the press swarmed around us. Most reporters and TV hosts created an image of our family and the state of Texas as hard, cruel, unforgiving. My mother did most interviews. I joined her sometimes. The media felt sorry for the executed killer. Not us. Our 8-year journey through grief did not matter. Our innocent lives did not matter. The man who disrupted our lives, broke our family apart, shot and killed my older brother and younger sister in a rage - his life mattered. The press' take on our tragedy made my head spin, and my heart heavy.  

A month later, I lost the baby. Another heartbreak. Nobody in my family knew. It was a tubal pregnancy. Required surgery. Two of my close friends came to the hospital while I recuperated. Nobody in my family knew about it. It happened a month after viewing the execution. My parents and rest of the family were still processing what they saw and how they felt. Telling them about the pregnancy and surgery would add insult to injury. A year later, doctors told me I couldn't get pregnant naturally again. The surgery damaged the tube connected to the only ovary that produced eggs. My desire to have children was lost unless I spent thousands of dollars on IVF. I tried IVF once but it didn't take. Couldn't afford to do it again. Forced to say "goodbye" to one of my dreams. Being a mom. Kept adoption option open for while, waiting for better timing. Never happened.

A month after I lost the baby, I was fired from my job. I was a sales manager. Wasn't producing the numbers. Couldn't focus. For the next 3 months, I couldn't find a job. Dead broke. Ate oatmeal for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Sometimes spiced up diet w/hot dogs. My parents called me a loser whenever I talked to them. Nov 1995-April 1996 was rough! 1997 was a major improvement. 

In 1998, I had a near-fatal car accident. Collided with another car. I don't remember the accident, even today. The other driver and car were fine. It totaled my car. 

The other driver said I spun around about 5 times before landing in a ditch. I don't remember that. My car was smashed in everywhere like an accordion - except where I sat. The only memory I have, even today, is my near-death experience during the accident. I don't remember the other car. I don't remember being tossed around inside the car, hitting my head on the windshield and steering wheel, nor remember spinning five times. I remember talking to my Spirit Guides. I remember seeing five or six of my Angels standing beside me, holding my hand, as they asked: "OK. You're here. What do you want to do? Stay with us or go back and tackle life again?" My reply: "I don't want to leave you, but I want to conquer those challenges. I think I can do it."  They replied back: "It's not going to be easy. Are you sure?" I defiantly answered: Yep.

Then I remember waking up inside my car with a bloody head, a severe headache, achy arms and legs, wondering where I was. I opened the car door, slid down the muddy ditch, got back up and walked to the ambulance waiting for me. Went to the hospital, got stitches, and they released me a few hours later. 

For the next two months, the severe head injury caused me to stutter. When I returned to work a few weeks later, the company fired me due to a merger-acquisition. I was unemployed again but my company provided a good severance package. The area where the doctors stitched up my head, my hair never grew back. Even today. Whenever life gets me down, I look at that bald patch and say: "I chose to return to Earth life. I can do this!"

A year after the car accident, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I beat it. It was at an early stage. I survived it with a good diet and holistic remedies. It was not Stage 4 so I was extremely thankful. No chemo, no radiation. Was it scary? You bet! Scarier than other stuff that happened to me? No. It was a major distraction and I was mad for a few weeks. Then I got over it, fixed it. A steady diet of believing in myself, The Spirit Realm and God pulled me through it. Plus good nutrition: food, positive thinking and gratitude. If it had moved toward Stage 4, I would have combined holistic with chemo or radiation. You cannot fight some Stage 2 and definitely not Stage 4 without chemo or radiation. 

After all these "mishaps", I found a great job, bought a house and life calmed down. A few years later, I moved to Sedona.

These experiences taught me the value and strength of God, The Spirit Realm and the power of Faith. They're not just words or concepts. They are real. All you have to do is trust them. And trust yourself. The biggest Spirit in the Universe is your Spirit. Right now. You can do it.

You're stronger than you realize. You survive. You move on. No matter what happens in this mixed-up world, you can overcome it. If I did it, so can you. True grit, determination and....sometimes on a wing and a prayer!

Namaste -
Robin Amanda, Sedona Spirit Psychic

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sedona Spring

Sedona Springtime is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year.

Our Vortex areas, like Courthouse Butte and Bell rock, feel refreshed and clean after a long winter of heavy snow, rain and limited numbers of people walking her pathways over the last 2 months.

Sedona usually experiences at least one more snowfall before Easter. But this weekend? Warm days, cool nights, clear skies.

If you live in Arizona, stop on over to Sedona. Feel her clean, clear energy envelop you, awaken your senses and heal your heart.

Take a stroll on a red rock trail. Find a quiet place to sit for a while. Breathe in the beauty. Be still. Feel the energy envelop you. Clear your senses. Free your mind.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda - Psychic Medium (since 1989)
Sedona Spirit Psychi

Friday, March 13, 2015

Faith, God & The Spirit Realm

The crazier our world gets, the more powerful God and The Spirit Realm becomes. The more you ask God or your Angels and Spirit Guides for help, the more they help. They enjoy helping you. They want to help you. They want to help our planet. They want peace and goodwill. They want you to succeed and be happy. The only limit to their help is our expectation level and courage to take action. Receiving help from The Spirit Realm is a 3-step process: Ask-Faith-Act. Ask for help (Ask). Expect they are listening and bringing you assistance as soon as possible (Faith). Take action when opportunities appear (Act).

God and The Spirit Realm multitask better than we do. Their positive energies and protection are unlimited and vast. Often beyond our human comprehension. The Spirit Realm and God work for us using infinite energy. There is no limit to their ability to help us in a time of need. The only limit to their help is our current state of consciousness - our Faith and Courage.

The first step is easy: Ask. Sometimes we get hung up on the 2nd step: Faith. Faith plays a major role in receiving Divine Intervention or Spiritual assistance. When you pray or ask God or your Spirit Guides for help, know they are listening. The answers to your prayers may happen instantly or in 6-12 months. Allow time for your Spirit Guides &/or God to bring you what you want. Practice patience. Sometimes it takes a while for The Spirit Realm to gather up necessary items to meet your request before bringing them to you. Sometimes it happens quickly. Whether it happens fast or slow is not a reflection of your Spiritual Essence or Spiritual Evolution. Sometimes we move faster than The Spirit Realm predicted! Free Will.

As spiritual souls living in human bodies, we can become impatient. In The Spirit Realm, things happen quicker than on this Earthly plane. If you've spent more time in the Spirit Realm than on the Earthly plane, patience may be difficult. Practice patience. Practice often. As the saying goes: "How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice." 

Faith: The answers to your prayers may appear in a very bizarre way requiring you to take a U-turn or a major risk. Having faith that God and/or Spirit Guides are assisting you, holding your hand, or opening doors for you is the best way to receive Divine Intervention.

Take Action. The third step is taking action when doors open for you. As Woody Allen once said: "80% of success is showing up."

There is a direct correlation between how much we need inspiration, Divine Intervention, miracles, peace and how close God and The Spirit Realm appear in our lives to answer our prayers. The more chaos in the world, the closer God and The Spirit Realm are on our Earthly plane. The more chaos, the more miracles we will witness. The more we believe and have faith, the more miracles we will witness. The more often we ask them for help, the more help we receive. The more often we take action on opportunities, the more often new opportunities will appear.

These are Spiritual laws. They correlate perfectly with the Laws of the Physics. Ask-Faith-Act. Every
time I've used this method for the last 30 years, it works. I'm no closer to God or The Spirit Realm than you. The Spirit Realm is an Equal Opportunity Entity.

Receiving help is a simple 3-step process anyone can use effectively. Ask for help. Have Faith help is on its way. When help arrives, use it. Ask, have Faith, Act. Try it out! The more you use it, the more powerful your connection to God and The Spirit Realm becomes. As you strengthen your connection with the "Realm of all possibilities", the easier your life becomes. The faster the answers arrive.

Ask, Have Faith, Act.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic
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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Know someone with cancer? Have you been diagnosed with cancer? Here are some tips based on my personal experience and channeled Spirit Realm information. I'm not an oncologist. Since 1997, I've worked with several oncologists personally and know cancer patients first-hand. These tips provided by doctors and patients. And they work.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 1997. Early Stage I moving to Stage II. Oncologists stated then: "Most people have the "cancer" gene living in their bodies. The trick: Keep the cancer gene contained to prevent growth and spreading". The most important thing you can do to prevent or minimize cancer effects: Keep your immune system strong. Have faith in God.

Luckily my cancer was at an early stage. I fought it without chemo or radiation. Good nutrition, lots of green tea, water, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, exercise, acupuncture, Reiki Energy Healing, lymphatic drainage, chelation, positive thoughts, asking God for help and staying away from sugar: my treatment. Cancer-free 3 months later. Last checkup: no cancer.

Four years ago, my mother was diagnosed with Stage IV B-cell Lymphoma at age 70. She was treated at MD Anderson in Houston. The best cancer center in the world. Due to her age and heart condition, they stretched her chemo over 5 months, treating once every 4-5 weeks to reduce side effects. After her final chemo treatment in 2012, she remains cancer-free. No cancer. Her last check-up was November, 2014.

Preventing cancer is easier than fighting it. The biggest risk factors based on years of research: sugar, stress, weak immune system, malnutrition, heavy metals and smoking. In that order.

Avoid or reduce your sugar intake. Cancer loves sugar. Potatoes, pasta and rice metabolize in your body as sugar. Carbonated drinks have tons of sugar (high fructose corn syrup, carbonation, even diet soda has sugar). 95% breakfast cereals and breakfast bars have sugar. Liquor and wine have sugar. Fructose, sugar from fresh fruit, is a good source of cancer-fighting sugar. Regular sugar or even a candy bar are better sources of sugar for you than previously mentioned sugars. Want to prevent outbreak of cancer? Reduce or eliminate sugar in your diet. You'll also reduce chance of diabetes. A one-two punch. Don't want to give up your daily glass of wine? Change from white wine to any red. Cabernet is your best cancer-fighting choice - full of antioxidants.

Any type of antioxidant will help you fight or reduce your chance of cancer. Green tea, celery, cucumbers, lemons, berries, citrus fruit, dark chocolate, spinach, kale, pomegranates, dark cherries, lots of water, coconut oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin D3. All good ways to fight cancer. If it boosts your immune system or fights the signs of aging, it's a cancer-fighter.

Chelation is another good defense against cancer cells. It is a holistic concoction that eliminates heavy metals in your system. If you haven't been diagnosed with cancer, or diagnosed with early stage of cancer, chelation can help you. Chelation treatment centers exist across America. You choose from intravenous chelation or pill-form chelation (chelation vitamin). When patients from MD Anderson can no longer be treated with chemo or radiation because their bodies are too weak, MD Anderson often refers them to a Chelation Center. Back in the early 1980s, one of my father's good friends was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Doctors at MD Anderson gave him 6 months to live. He started chelation treatments and lived another 10 years. True story. When I was diagnosed with early stage cancer, chelation helped me beat it.

Remove stress from your life or the life of your loved one with cancer. Stress creates a major physical imbalance - lowering your immune system. You need a strong immune system to prevent or minimize cancer. Find ways to eliminate stress. Laugh, smile, feel good. Staying away from toxic people is an excellent stress-reducer.

Stage IV cancer: If you or your loved one is diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, here are tips to beat your cancer.

(1) Allow the doctors to treat you. Please don't use holistic treatments only. You will lose. Stage IV means the cancer is stronger than holistic, organic treatments. Holistic remedies take 30-90 days for effectiveness. Use both medical and holistic treatments combined. MD Anderson Cancer Center strongly suggests their patients use both, as long as holistic does not interfere with medical treatment. Most of the time, there's no interference.

(2) Choose expert doctors with proven track records. Even if you must travel out of state for treatment. If you can be admitted to Houston's MD Anderson, I strongly suggest it. Mayo Clinic is good, but MD Anderson is much better. I've heard more success stories from MD Anderson patients over last 20 years than Mayo Clinic - for all types of cancer. In fact, some clients with cancer, treated by Mayo or Cancer Centers of America, have lower rates of success (remission) and higher rates of sickness, side effects from chemo or radiation and higher rates of surgery that don't work.

(3) If you really want to beat cancer, contact MD Anderson. Make your life easier. They're the best cancer experts across the globe. They know how to help you holistically: body-mind-soul-heart. They work with most insurance plans or help you with paperwork if your insurance plan does not cover their services. My mother's insurance would not cover MD Anderson. MDA treated her anyway and helped her navigate through "insurance-land" so her plan paid the maximum benefit.

(4) Don't stress out. Stress can cause rapid growth of cancer cells. Most metastasized cancers are direct result of stress.

(5) Eat well. Eat healthy and tasty meals, reduce sugars as much as possible. Make sure your food tastes good. If you have chemo or radiation, your tastebuds will change. Add whatever spices (non-sugar) taste good to you.

(6) Ask for help. Pretend you're a King or Queen. Don't do any heavy-lifting or chores. Exercise is important but ask for help with other duties (cleaning house, running errands, etc.). Only take care of tasks when you feel like it. Don't push yourself.

(7) Talk to friends, family, neighbors, colleagues. Staying social will help you. Being around people you love, respect recharges your energy. You may want to be alone during treatment weeks. That is OK. Go with how you feel. When you're feeling better, stay social.

(8) Positive thoughts, creative visualization, pray. Visualize yourself cancer-free. Make a list of things you want to do after you're cancer-free. Remember the 80/20 rule. 80% of life: Show up with a positive attitude and you can conquer anything. 20% of life: Bad timing.

Attitude is everything. Your positive attitude can transform those cancer cells into healthy cells. Power of the mind is unlimited. Remember Emoto's Water experiment. No accident. Power of the mind can transform anything, and any cell, even cancer.

Pray. Ask God for help as much as possible. You're not bothering Him. He wants you to beat it. He loves success stories - even more than cancer centers love success stories. Talk to Him often. Be another success story. You can do it. You can beat it.

Hope this helps you or a loved one!

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic

Life's Short. Slay Fear.

Since February, my father's health has taken a fast decline. Reminds me how short life really is. You blink and a decade melts away. He turned 75 years old then a week later he unexpectedly fell. His healthy body and active mind no longer communicate. Each day, his condition worsens.You never know the moment when your life or the lives of your loved ones will drastically change. Even if you're a professional psychic. You can predict it within a week, month or a year. But knowing it's about to happen does not completely prepare you when it does. Surviving family members of cancer victims know this lesson well.

Life's short. Slay your fears. Swat your doubts. Step into the life you want. When your "time" comes, you regret what you didn't do. Leave life without regrets.

This month, I learned about the death of another Sedona psychic. Sedona lost her to cancer at the end of February. This month, one of my dearest friends was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. I've known him since 1978. He lives a full life and recently began a healthier lifestyle. He went to the doctor for a cold. Two days later, they diagnosed him with Stage IV lung and liver cancer. His oldest son graduates from college in May. His daughter graduates high school soon. You never know when life will take an unexpected turn. Live it to the fullest. Conquer your fears. Minimize your regrets.

When I lost my brother and sister to murder in 1988, I was 24 years old. Young enough to conquer the fears of death and loss. Allowing time to dull the pain. Time does heal. Therapy is also good. Back then, clouded by the grey area of "life offers no guarantee", I moved through the devastating effects of grief while building a career and creating a new life as an adult. It's easier when you're younger. You still feel optimistic, energetic, active. Every moment brings new experiences. You're awake, alive, and naturally inspired.

Almost 30 years later, the idea of mortality surfaces again. Grief surfaces again. Impending loss surfaces again. Older and wiser now, the methods I used in 1988 to conquer grief and life's unexpected downturns help with the events happening now. Sharing these tips with you.

Stay present. Don't live on autopilot. Make each day count. Slay your fears. Swat your doubts. Do something you enjoy at least once a week, preferably once a day. Take advantage of opportunities that open up for you. Remind your loved ones you love them - in a way they accept. Don't blink!

For the last 6 years, I've spent every day helping clients deal with grief, communicate with their Lost Loved Ones and share supportive information from their Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and Soul Blueprint (Akashic records). Every morning for the last 30 years, the Spirit Realm wakes me up, speaks with me, reveals truths, projections and pending obstacles. 

Obstacles are opportunities to slay your fears. Fear is the biggest obstacle we face on the Earth plane. Work at identifying your fears. Sometimes fear or doubt is your soul saying "Don't go there." Sometimes your doubt or fear is a soul issue to conquer.

Overcoming doubts or fears works best when your soul directs your path. Your soul is always connected to God, The Universe, Great Mystery. Your soul knows no fear. When you walk through adversity using your soul as your "light", God, your Spirit Guides, and Guardian Angels help guide you, nurture you, support you. "Let go. Let God."

Fear is an earth-bound concept. Fear does not exist in the Spirit Realm. It does not exist inside your soul. Fear only exists in our mind.

Regret is a by-product of fear. Regret happens when we allow fear to control our life. When we cross over, regret can darken the positive experience of reuniting with family, friends, the Spirit Realm and living in our full soul energy. Regret also clouds the lives of those we leave behind. Leave this life without regret. 

No matter what stage in life you're at right now, approach your life as a gift. Whatever obstacles you face, you can overcome them, beat them, swat them. Approach each day as a warrior slaying the enemy of fear.

Live life to the fullest. You never know the moment when your time is up. Bust the fear bubbles that trap you. Accomplish all you can. Leave no stone unturned. Remind your loved ones that you love them. Remind them in a way they understand and accept.

Life's short. Slay your fear. Swat your doubts. Live life on your terms. Leave this world without regret.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic - Psychic Channel since 1989

Spirits Among Us

We live in strange days. Even the Spirit Realm believes this. Unrest, chaos, anger, violence, good vs. evil elements play out in our physical Earth dimension and in the Spirit Realm. The phrase "As above, so below" describes the push and pull friction existing in the Spirit Realm and in our Earth Realm.

Good news exists. Forces for good, angels, pure light energies pierce our physical parameter to assist us on Earth every second of the day. It's not unusual right now to physically sense ethereal spirits around you. It's not unusual right now to hear stories of angels protecting people or children from harm. It's also not unusual to hear stories of negative ethereal energies hijacking a person's house, someone's personality or hear unsettling "ghost" stories that are 100% true.

"As above, so below". The Spirit Realm (at all levels of hierarchy) is fully engaged in a battle of Good vs. Evil since early 2012, perhaps since November 2011. The struggle between positive and negative forces has always existed in the Spirit Realm. Battle is stronger, more potent now. I've communicated with The Spirit Realm since 1970, when I was 5 years old. This new battle shift is powerful.

What does this mean? Negative, disruptive spirits want more power and they use our physical Earth Realm to recharge their energy. Lately, people want to experience spirits in their lives, so they invite spirits. This can be very dangerous. Bad, disruptive spirits are very tricky lately. They appear good and harmless at first, then show their ugly side and it's hard to shake them off. Disruptive spirits can hang onto our physical realm, through a person or place, and fight to stay attached to our realm like a dog with a bone. Please be careful.

If you don't have at least 10 years experience working with Ethereal realms, please do not summon spirits on your own right now. Find an expert in your area.

When someone summons spirits, without knowing if they are good or bad, it doesn't just affect the person who summoned them. It can affect anyone living around them (neighbors), friends and family. Neighbors might have plumbing problems, electricity issues, cracks in foundation, restless sleep. Friends or family members might experience severe bad luck.

Over the last 14 months, I've helped countless clients separate from disruptive spirits. Every week, I hear more stories about inexperienced people summoning spirits and how it affects their apartment complex, neighborhoods, family, colleagues and friends. Please do not summon spirits without an expert. Make sure the expert has at least 10 years experience and a strong referral list.

We live in strange days. Stay protected. Live in the Light. Ask your Spirit Guides to help and protect you. They love helping you! It's their job. You chose them. Your Spirit Guides live in the Light. They are your guardian angels. They want you to be safe and happy. All you have to do is ask them for help &/or protection. You only have to ask them once and they will do it. Takes about 10 seconds and you're done! Disruptive spirits are more stubborn. Sometimes it takes up to 30 days before they separate from you. Even if you've told them every day: "Please leave. You don't belong here." That's one key difference between your Spirit Guides and disruptive spirits. Your Spirit Guides listen to you!

Sidenote: As I wrote this, had a bizarre phone call. Picked up line and it was dead. It was 5:50a. Checked caller-ID: no phone number listed. Call not listed on call log either. Spirits.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda
Sedona Spirit Psychic