Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Channeled Information about Today's World

Caution: This may offend some people.

  • The Spirit Realm-God-Angels-Lost Loved Ones live closer to our physical realm now more than any Modern time, except during the Holocaust. Their positive energy helps stabilize, balance our world in crisis.
  • Majority of Holocaust victims were re-born in the United States or Israel during the 1960s and 1970s. Some of these victims were killed in the Holocaust. Some saw their Jewish brethren persecuted, maimed, or killed while they survived and died of natural causes from 1950s-1970s. Some died during World War II by other means but compassionate about plight of Jewish population or fought to defend freedom during WW2. 
  • New Holy War has begun on Earth now. It doesn't matter if you believe Biblical Scriptures, if you don't believe in religion, if you don't believe conspiracy theories. Some things are true whether people are aware of them or not.
  • What does Holy War mean? Time to revisit your belief systems. Keep beliefs that work. Remove beliefs that don't work. Trust in God-The Universe. Be the best you can be. Be kind, compassionate, understanding of others while holding strong boundaries. Move toward your Soul Family. On a Soul Level, majority of people on this planet are either already living near their Soul Family or in process of doing so. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Appreciate others. Respect others' beliefs systems. Stay close to those who share your beliefs. These are the days when battle-lines are strengthened. The days of converting or influencing others' views are almost over.
  • Soul Family: These are individuals who share your same belief systems. They share parts of your soul, spirit. They are either people who have been with you in previous lives or people who have been your Spirit Guide in previous lives. You know when you meet a soul-mate, a member of your Soul family, when you feel you've met them before but haven't met them this lifetime. People you naturally feel comfortable with when you first meet. Easy to communicate with them, be with them, feel connected with them. Your Soul Family can be family, friends, colleagues, lovers, partners, spouses.
  • Evil exists in this world. Evil has always existed in the physical world. Evil will continue existing in the Physical World. The trick is minimizing evil, maximizing good. Islamists, Jihadists are evil and don't play by same rules as everyday citizens. They are a major threat to stability across globe and Moderate Muslims. Jihadists are the #1 threat facing the world right now.
  • It is against spiritual law to covet, assist or accept murderers, rapists, child molesters and others who deliberately physically harm individuals - back into society. Defense attorneys are excluded. When a person commits murder or any type of heinous, violent crime against their fellow man, that person stepped over the line of human morality and goodness. Majority of the time, that person will offend again.  Very small percentage can be rehabilitated. About 5%. It takes an immense amount of spiritual strength and courage to rehabilitate after you've committed murder, rape, child abuse, domestic violence or any other physically violent crime. Most offenders were weak before committing crime and weaker still after their crime. Committing violent crime cracks your Aura in half - destroying Love Light inside you. Compassion toward violent criminals is a good spiritual practice. Physically helping them is a fool's errand.
  • Create Good in your world. Start from within and your Light will shine throughout. Your Light rays beam outward to all you meet and pass. Let the Light begin with you. Know that you are good. Know that you are part of the Light. Know that you have a purpose, even if you don't know what that is yet. You were born with Light inside of you. The Light of an Innocent, glowing Soul with a very strong spiritual thread or laser-light beam to "all that is" (God-The Universe-Spirit Realm). You are cherished. You are loved. 
  • Evil and Good exists across the globe. Spread the Good and your Light will outshine, outwit, outlast the Evil. You can make a difference.

Channeled Information from mid-1990s through today.

Robin Amanda
Sedona Spirit Psychic