Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson Riots

Watched the protests & riots last night with a heavy heart. Disagreeing with an action, a group or a person does not give anyone the right to destroy property or harm others. 

Civil, non-violent disagreement represents enlightenment. Also helps others understand your view. Interjecting violence or name-calling helps no one. Harms both sides emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally.

I read parts of the Grand Jury report while watching people protest and riot. The evidence did not support an indictment of Officer Wilson. That's the purpose of a Grand Jury: deciding if enough evidence exists for criminal charges and a trial. 

How do I know this? My experience as a crime victim advocate/counselor and my personal experience as a survivor of double-homicide. When you're exposed to the criminal justice system first-hand, you learn how our system works. You learn how Grand Juries and trial juries view evidence meticulously, thoroughly and without prejudice. You learn what Blind Justice means - even if you don't agree with it. Our system is based on innocence until proven guilty. It doesn't matter if you're the defendant or victim. Our laws protect both parties; ultimately protecting our society from undue harm. 

If everyone in our society chose to react violently when we disagreed with something or someone, our country would be lawless and unsafe.

Encouraging mayhem and riots goes against written laws and Spiritual Laws. Any time we choose to encourage or act out less-enlightened actions, part of our soul rips. Violence, name-calling, hatred and intolerance tears part of our soul. Takes a while to repair that tear: weeks, months, years or decades. Encouraging or acting out mayhem is a choice; not fate nor destiny. Life on this Earthly plane can be challenging. Why add more work to do?

As a survivor of homicide, I feel great sorrow for the Brown family. Their son was killed. I've known other parents whose kids were killed and "justice not served" due to lack of evidence. But we cannot allow raw grieving emotion to influence Blind Justice.

Unfortunately, their son robbed a store, assaulted the manager, then assaulted a police officer - twice. That does not mean he deserved to die. Brown's actions and Officer Wilson's reactions don't justify more violence nor death threats to Wilson. Yet that's what has occurred.

Everything about Brown's death is tragic. There's no reason to add more tragic components.

Information is a powerful tool for creating peace and balance. Learning the facts, arming ourselves with quality information (e.g. Grand Jury report now an open record), wipes away confusion, raw emotion and helps us understand how tragedies happen and how we can prevent them. That's part of our soul destiny as a group: Learn what creates imbalances, fears, tragedies. Prevent or minimize them.


Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic
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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Any Given Sunday

Sundays are known as "Day of Rest" throughout the centuries. Some people claim it started with The Bible - "on the 7th day, God rested". But it began long before that.

Every one needs at least one day a week to relax, be still, feel human and connect to God. Sundays are the perfect time for that. Be you without distractions or demands. Remember who you are. Remember you're connected to God. He's connected to you. Take the Bible's "on the 7th day, God rested" to heart. Rest your mind, feel free, feel good.

Feeling discouraged or disillusioned is a natural part of human existence. Resting your mind helps you balance the negative with the positive. Refreshes your energies, strengthens your defenses, encourages you. Why? When your mind rests, your heart and soul come through. You feel connected to a power larger than yourself - God. Sundays are perfect days for that.

People often ask me "how do I connect with my Spirit Guides?" "How can I communicate with my Lost Loved Ones?" The first step is realizing those Spirits have an automatic connection with God. If you pray, believe in God, or trust in a Higher Power - you're halfway there. It takes faith and belief in something greater than yourself.

When we attend church, seek a psychic, practice meditation, pray or read books about the Spirit Realm: what we really seek & want most is to feel connected to a power higher than us. To feel loved, nurtured, embraced by a powerful force that can help us wash away our worries, clear a path for us, empower us, entrust us to be the best we can and help us along the way. We want to live in a world where we're rescued from our fears. As souls in the Spirit Realm, we have no fear. We want to feel no fear while on Earth. The catch: Conquering fears is part of every soul's journey on Earth. Believing in God or a Higher Power helps us conquer those fears. Believing that type of force exists, one that can make miracles out of darkness, helps us regain faith in ourselves. When we have faith in ourselves, we accomplish more, live more fully, have more fun, feel less fear.

The desire to feel part of something bigger is a natural human tendency. All of us are built that way. Why? Because your soul is part of something bigger. Your soul is connected to God and all that "is". Your soul is a social being so social interaction and team-building is important.

Sometimes when you feel discouraged it's your soul saying "Hey, I can do this! Why isn't it happening sooner? Why don't they understand me? Why are these obstacles standing in my way? How can I make my mark in the world?" This isn't ego. It's your soul voice. Your soul has no concept of time, so impatience happens. You, as a soul, entered the Earth plane to make a difference. It's part of your goal. And you want to accomplish it. "Why don't they understand me?": The people around you know you as a soul - you know each other on a soul level. When the trappings of human life create a divide or misunderstanding between you and another, it creates frustration: "this person knows me, why doesn't he/she understand me right now?"

Your soul wants to succeed, reach higher, perform great deeds. Faith in God or a Higher Power helps us unleash our potential - helping us "make things happen", fulfilling our destiny, removing our fears.

Connecting with people is the same as connecting with God. Communing with Nature is the same as connecting with God. Being still, meditation, is the same as connecting with God. Praying is also connecting with God. Attending church, hosting a family dinner, or meeting with friends or family you enjoy being with - excellent ways to connect with God.

When you connect with God, you're also connecting with your soul, tapping into your intuition, opening the door to your Lost Loved Ones, freeing your mind, balancing the negative with positives and enjoying your life. Strengthening your spirituality happens on any given Sunday.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda - Sedona Spirit Psychic
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Reiki Master-Healer III
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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some questions that clients are asking lately:

What type of people use Psychics? 

My client list includes CFOs, CEOs, attorneys, doctors, business owners, politicians, community leaders, nurses, coaches, naturopaths, healers, therapists, fellow psychics, entertainers, writers, philosophers, mid-level and high-level managers at Fortune 500 companies, sales professionals, government employees, college graduates, college students, retirees, moms, dads, wives, husbands. Clients' ages span from 25-60.

What happens when someone commits suicide?

Most people who commit suicide, whom I "channeled", didn't believe they'd really die. A slight distinction exists between terminally ill suicides and emotionally troubled suicides. For terminally ill or elderly suicides, they made their peace with most people they left behind. The Spirit Realm has prepared a place for them. Their family grieves their loss but understands.

The following description covers emotional suicides:

At first, they feel tormented, regretful and angry. They see their limp body and suddenly realize their troubles were smaller than their power to change them.  They realize they cannot jump back into their body and "start over."  They watch their loved ones cry and grieve. They feel the pain, sadness, grief of each person who misses them - exponentially on a heart, body and soul level. Similar to Dante's Inferno. They grieve and miss their lost loved ones. They want to communicate with them but cannot at first.

The Spirit Realm views emotional suicide as the ultimate betrayal - the person betrays others' trust who could help him/her. He/she betrays trust in his/her own soul power to overcome obstacles. It is a very sad event for everyone - the person who committed suicide, the people they left behind and the Spirit Realm.

Normally, they're immediately placed in "incubation" where their sadness, anger, resentment, regret cannot touch those left on Earth. Incubation is a safe place in Heaven (Spirit Realm) where they isolate from other Spiritual Beings. Angels, their Spirit Guides, and Lost Loved Ones visit them occasionally until they cannot harm themselves or people in the Earth Realm.

If you are a survivor of suicide, it's important that you feel all the mixed feelings that flood you. Do not hold back how you feel, concerned for the person who committed suicide. They will be fine.

Why hasn't my Loved One visited me?

When a Loved One, family member, friend or colleague crosses over, they may not immediately contact you. It doesn't mean you've done something wrong. Many reasons for their "absence":
  • Their death was a shock. They weren't prepared to die and Angels, their Lost Loved Ones and Spirit Guides are busy talking with them, explaining things.
  • Their energy is low and they can only contact one person at a time.
  • Their spiritual contract with you is complete and they've moved on.
  • They hover around you but "cloak" their soul energy - not wanting to interfere with your grief or life.
  • They are young souls and don't know how to communicate with you yet. Give them time.
  • Their soul energy is different than their "human" energy and you do not recognize them.

Do you use cards, tools or instruments for your Psychic Sessions?

No. I connect directly with the Spirit Realm and other Invisible realms without any tools. My state of consciousness changes during a Psychic Reading. I turn on the "channel" and the information flows. Some people call this being a Medium. I do not use other entities to access the Spirit Realm. I'm a direct messenger. You ask questions, they use my voice to answer. My head doesn't spin and I don't talk in tongues either! But during some sessions, clients' Spirit Guides talk a different language and I either speak that language direct or ask the "Spirit Realm" for a translator before giving client the information.

Are you a Christian, Wiccan, Atheist, Buddhist, etc?

I was raised Catholic and sometimes still attend Mass. When I was a kid, attended many different churches- Baptist, Mormon, Lutheran, Episcopalian, Methodist, Unitarian, Anglican. Attended Unity Church for a few years in 1990s.

Asked a priest few years ago "Is this sacrilegious - providing Psychic-Spirit Realm information to clients?" His answer: "No. Psychics, intuitives, oracles have been used throughout the centuries back to Ancient Times. As long as you protect your gift, your belief system does not interfere with client's, you do not "channel" dark energies nor create information through your imagination - your work is good and not sacrilegious."

I assist clients with very diverse belief systems and religious backgrounds spanning the globe: Christian, Judaism, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Atheists, Russian Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox, Mormon, non-religious, Far East religions (China, Japan, Hong Kong, VietNam). From all across the world. The Spirit Realm (God-Heaven) does not discriminate. Neither do I.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda - Sedona Spirit Psychic
Sedona Psychic-Medium (since 2009)
Reiki Master-Healer III
Former Sedona Vortex Guide (2009-2016)
Website: http://www.sedonaspirit.us
Website: https://www.robinamandapsychic.com
Email: robin@robinamandapsychic.com
Twitter: @sedonarobin
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/SedonaSpiritRobinAmanda
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