Wednesday, October 29, 2014


This phenomenon began for most people in 2008 and will last through end of 2015. It's simply a process where you're blending your soul with your human side - blending your heart, mind, body and soul - creating a good balance between them.

You may think more, feel more, intuitively sense more, or your body may feel out of alignment more often. These are natural responses.
In 2012, "Transcendence" shifted into over-drive: creating fear, civil disobedience, anger, need for control and dividing relationships. The emotional side of Transcendence amplified, creating uncertainty. Topics like the Mayan Calendar and an Apocalypse fueled those emotional fears and divides. That cycle is slowly ending now. Fears like Ebola and terrorism are the last part of the cycle. Terrorism and Ebola are important issues to stay informed about. Arm yourself with information to stay protected - not fearful. Use hand sanitizer often. Learn key tips for self-defense. Keep your personal information private (eg. bank info, credit card info, IDs). Knowledge is power. Stay empowered and you'll be protected.

As you walk through your individual Transcendence, you will feel differently about certain people in your life. It's also likely that they will react differently to you. You will question others' motives. They might question yours. You will question your inner motives, your life path, your goals, etc. You may also question others' goals and life paths. It's all part of the plan.
It is natural to feel off-balance during this time. You may feel overly emotional one day, under-emotional the next. You may want solitude one day and large crowds the next. Have patience with yourself. It's natural to go from one extreme to the other. Transcendence is very similar to our teenage years - understanding the world, who we are, with heightened hormones. You're creating a new inner balance point. The pendulum swings back and forth, ultimately moving back to center. Be patient. Realize it's all a natural process.

During this time, you may sense time speeding up. It may take you longer to finish tasks or complete your daily routine. Or you have trouble sleeping at night because your body clock is "off". This relates to Einstein's theory of relativity. You're living on 4 different frequencies at the same time now: consciously, unconsciously, subconsciously and super-consciously. Those relate to your 4 main elements: heart, mind, body and soul. Your life is no longer linear. It's multi-dimensional. This affects our perception of time.
How can you stay balanced? Practice discipline. Stick to the tried & true rules of healthy living because your body is one of your grounding mechanisms during Transcendence: Get plenty of sleep, good nutrition, exercise. Focus on action, facts and completing tasks. Try not to multitask. Multi-tasking speeds up time - causing you to waste more time than you save. Staying focused is not always easy during Transcendence.
Some people have already completed their transcendence. We each have individual timelines. It's not a race. It's a journey. Blending our spiritual self with our human self, creating a new balance using all our tools (mind, body, heart, soul) is the ultimate goal. This is one of the few Transcendence periods on this earth. They've happened before. Some of us experienced it before. So some are faster at completing it.

Be patient with yourself. Plan fun things to do every week. Laugh often. Treat your body good. Don't neglect your mental side (facts, stats) - it grounds you as well.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda - Sedona Spirit Psychic
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