Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Me & My Psychic Practice

One thing I enjoy about my Psychic practice: I remove myself totally from Psychic Sessions. Before every client session, my Spirit Guides and I place my personal values, experiences & opinions on an imaginary shelf. My work with clients is never about me. I'm far removed from their session. The psychic reading is all about the client.

I'm a Spirit Realm messenger not a Life Coach. Clients hire me to speak messages from their Lost Loved Ones, Angels or Spirit Guides. The messages are unfiltered, untainted. It is my voice but their direct messages.

Decades ago, the Spirit Realm made a promise to me. As long as I transfer direct information to clients, friends, colleagues - my psychic-intuitive channel, what some people call mediumship, will stay clear and strong. There are a few times when a client's information does not come through clearly.  Many reasons for that except one: My personal values do not mix into clients' information.

With that said, many people in my profession have views, opinions, experiences that differ greatly from mine. I'm often type-casted or stereotyped based on majority of psychics or healers. Especially in Sedona, where liberalism is the norm. I respect their views, opinions although I don't believe in them. Most Sedona Psychics & Healers felt I shared their liberal views for years. I don't. I'm a conservative politically and a social liberal.

Most of my clients are unaware of my political beliefs. They don't need to know. Their psychic sessions are about them, not me. I'm a professional psychic who will not allow my views to taint their sessions. If that ever happens, I will close my practice.

Why am I a Conservative? I've believed the following things since 1990, two years after starting this profession part-time. My Spirit Guides, who are mainly high level Spiritual beings, believe these things too. I didn't know these views were called "conservative" until 2007. Here they are:
  • Limited government control of individuals creates individual self-empowerment.
  • I believe in the Death Penalty. It is not a deterrent. It is justice for victims and survivors of Capital Murder. I am a double-homicide survivor. I viewed the execution of the man who killed my brother and sister in 1988. It was not a heinous or negative experience. On the day I viewed the execution in 1996, I asked the Spirit Realm if the Death Penalty, Lethal Injection and wanting to view the execution would adversely affect my soul. Answer: "No. What severely and negatively affected your soul was the act of this individual that took your brother & sister from your life."
  • Global Warming & Climate Change are myths. I know this from my geology background, my connection with Mother Nature through Sedona's Red Rocks and speaking with Native American leaders in AZ. Mother Earth cycles & recycles for last 100 Million years. Everything happening on Earth right now has happened before humanity dug for oil, started fracking, or emitted NOX or CO2. In fact, CO2 emissions occur most often from Earth's natural process of breathing in and breathing out- not from refineries or chemical plants. Our human footprint is tiny compared to Mother Earth's forces. Many people don't know the facts about how Earth works. When you don't know the facts, it's easy to be manipulated into believing lies.
  • Obamacare (ACA) will destroy our healthcare services and our individual healthcare choices. I read the bill before it was passed. I've since read the regulations connected to it. It is bad for America. I will swear to it. Spirit Realm 100% agrees with me.
  • Securing our Northern & Southern borders is important for the safety and security of every American. Gang members, terrorists, criminals cross our border every day - putting the lives of  law-abiding Americans in danger. 
  • I do not believe in Illegal Amnesty. There is a way to become an American citizen. A process that has existed for 200 years. Amnesty belittles and devalues the efforts taken by millions of American immigrants who obey our laws and used our current naturalization process to enter USA legally.
  • I believe in the right to bear arms. My brother and sister were shot and killed in 1988. At first I was 100% against guns. It took me 5 years to understand: the gun didn't kill them, two drug addicts carrying guns killed them. If my 26-yr-old brother's handgun was near him, I know 100% he would have protected himself and our 20-yr-old sister. He was an Army veteran. And he was a very protective brother. But his pistol was not near him at that time. I carry my pistol to the office, when I drive to Phoenix and it sits near my bed at night. The chance I'll have to use it is very slim. But it's there. My mantra: "If I know how to protect myself, that allows my Spirit Guides to help someone else who cannot physically protect themselves." I'd rather the Spirit Realm help the handicapped, children and elderly than me. I learned to shoot and practice often. 
  • One of the reasons our US society is in such chaos: breakdown of family values. I'm pro-choice but also believe a woman's right to have children is the true "reproductive right". I am against Reproductive Rights advocates. They advocate for abortion, birth control and not having children. Those are not rights. Those are choices. If their movement was called "Reproductive Choice", I would accept it better. I advocate for an individual's right to choose every day. Whether their choice is to have children or not, what type of job they want, whether they want to wait to have kids, what type of partner they choose, where they live, their income, career, etc. Reproductive Rights advocates bully those who don't believe like them. That is against Spiritual Law. 
  • Our economy can quickly rebound, recharge if federal energy policies and energy regulations are removed. I believe current federal government is intentionally restricting our economy, jobs, incomes by over-regulating and over-taxing small businesses, medium businesses, large businesses - whether it's the energy sector or other sectors of our economy. Some regulations in all industries is important. But I believe the government is deliberately restricting individuals' livelihoods by over-regulating businesses into non-existence, restricting businesses' right to to create jobs, expand services, expand the economy, help people become more self-sufficient. This is wrong and against Spiritual Law.
Those are a few of my beliefs. My high-level Spirit Guides have not contradicted them, nor provided contrary messages about them, for last 20 years.  I vote in every election since 1984. I was a Democrat in 2008 and became a Democrat delegate to Harris County Convention in 2008 (pro-Hillary). In 2010, I attended many Republican, Democrat and TEA party events. The most honest, awakened and respectful group I found was TEA. Republican party members come in 2nd. They're not waging a war on women. Far from it. Democrats no longer represent regular Americans. They don't want everyday Americans to succeed. Their policies restrict freedom, independence, success. Sad but true based on my attendance at their meetings, researching their platforms, checking their Congressional votes last 10 years.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda - Sedona Spirit Psychic
Sedona Psychic-Medium (since 2009)
Reiki Master-Healer III
Former Sedona Vortex Guide (2009-2016)
Twitter: @sedonarobin
P.O. Box 20797, Sedona AZ 86341

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