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People are frightened about this disease. No need to be. Keep your immune system strong. Take cold & flu fighters like Emergen-C or Airborne Tablets every day - especially before boarding a plane. Other alternatives: 2000mg Vitamin C, Zinc and Electrolytes. Keep your system strong and hydrated. Wash your hands often. Use pocket sanitizers.

Spirit Realm information: "Ebola will not become an epidemic in the United States. Current and future cases of the disease created due to lax response by US Federal Government. Flights to/from Ebola-stricken countries (Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone) need to STOP as soon as possible. Stay alert. Take care of your body, health. Don't rely on the US government to protect you. They will always react slowly. Only you can protect yourself and your family members."

The main problem with Ebola is not the disease itself; it's bad information. The US healthcare workers infected with Ebola contracted the disease because the CDC, responsible for broadcasting proper information to medical facilities about infectious diseases and how to handle them, did not do its job. The US federal government did not do its job: protecting US citizens and US healthcare workers.

Based on several accurate investigative reports, Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas followed CDC protocol.  The problem: CDC gave them mixed, incomplete information. While CDC Director Frieden claimed all US hospitals and medical providers were equipped to deal with Ebola, armed with detailed protocols from the CDC and Department of Health and Human Services, the reality: he lied. Healthcare systems were not prepared.

CDC did not circulate detailed decontamination and protective gear procedures to America's hospitals, healthcare workers, clinics, doctors and other public agencies. They sat on their hands until 2 healthcare workers contracted the disease. The US Department of Health and Human Services has not done their job either.

We entrust these organizations to adequately inform our healthcare systems. They did not. That is the scariest part about Ebola. That is the real threat and what most Americans fear. "If these agencies did not provide adequate, proper information to medical community in a prompt manner, what else are they not doing?" Most Americans asking this question now. It is an excellent question. The answer: A lot.

The US Federal Government, created and bound to protect US citizens, is not doing its job. Soon this government will have 100% control over each person's healthcare through ACA (Obamacare). If they fail to respond effectively to Ebola, a disease which existed for decades, how can they effectively manage 320 Million Americans' healthcare? Answer: They cannot. ACA is dangerous to every US citizen. Ebola is showing us the tip of that ACA iceberg. US Federal Government cannot manage a disease they've known about for 20+ years. They cannot manage one infected person. How will they manage 320 Million people? They cannot.

Based on information from the Spirit Realm last 5 years, the best way for Americans to stay healthy is take care of yourself, your health, using holistic and proactive measures. When ACA is fully implemented, it will dilute and restrict proper healthcare services to majority of Americans. The health of over 65% Americans will be adversely affected by ACA laws and regulations. It is the worst atrocity to beset the US population since the Great Depression. That is channeled information. How can you protect yourself and your family? Stay healthy.

Some people have mentioned "Death Panels" when describing ACA. What they mean: Federal Government will decide if you need treatment or not. Who will decide if you get treatment? Not doctors or nurses. The IPAB board - an unelected set of accountants, lawyers, due diligence experts who will decide if your treatment is cost-effective. If you reach a certain age (eg 65 and older), and you need cancer treatment, a stint, a transplant or other expensive services, 80% likelihood your treatment will be denied.

This is not about politics. These are well-documented facts about ACA policy. The Spirit Realm concurs: ACA is dangerous. Government's inefficient and ineffective Ebola protocol shows us how dangerous ACA will be.

Keep your immune system strong. Take supplements. Stay healthy. Wash your hands often. Ebola is a droplet-carrier RNA disease. A person infected with Ebola will leave residue from body fluids wherever they go, whatever they touch. If they sweat and open a door, that door knob needs to be sanitized. If you don't have any open wounds, you will not contract the disease. If your immune system is strong, you will not contract the disease. It spreads like AIDS but it's effects and mortality rate are much worse (50-70% mortality rate).

Spirit Realm Information: Have no fear. Ebola will not become an epidemic in the US. Simply pay attention. Only you can protect yourself. Do not count on the Federal Government to protect you.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda - Sedona Spirit Psychic
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