Thursday, January 30, 2014

Karmic Cycles - Last Few Years

Relationships Cycle - 1999 through March 2015
What belief systems help me? Which ones don't?  
What relationships work for me? Which ones don't?
What careers are best for me? Which are not?  
How can I move closer to what works? 
How can I manifest more of it?
How can I gently move away from what hurts me?
Many of us are learning or learned the answers to these questions. Completing or finishing this Cosmic Karmic Cycle. The answers are different for every person, like a thumbprint. 
Most people will complete this cycle by December 2014; March 2015 at the latest.
Once we complete any cycle, we're free to fully enjoy that part of life. We're also free to enhance, improve or focus on other facets of our lives - physical & metaphysical.
Rule #4 of Spirit Realm: It doesn't matter WHEN we finish lessons or cycles. It only matters that we complete them thoroughly, honestly, gently and to our satisfaction. Loving others, embracing the journey/experiences and loving, honoring ourselves along the way and afterward.

Finance-Money Cycle (2000 through mid-2015)
We continue moving through this cycle, through mid-2015. If we over-valued or under-valued money or our individual relationship with it, this cycle forces us to reassess our beliefs and actions, moving us closer to a balanced approach.

Ultimately, money is a physical manifestation of our accomplishments, talents, what we give to the world and how we internally view ourselves. Money is energy flow - an exchange of energy. How we view that flow - negative or positive - is an individual choice.
Do we respect abundance or austerity? Which is more important? Independence, interdependence or co-dependence? Do we respect money or dislike it?

Money covers a lot of emotional & spiritual territory! It is more complex than we sometimes realize. It's directly connected to how we see ourselves.

Once we understand and evaluate our beliefs around money, we can recalibrate our beliefs, act with a better balanced approach, empower our lives and remove financial fears.

Removing our fears does not remove the entity we fear. It simply removes fear's power over us - allowing each of us to live our best life! Empowered, enriched, balanced, happy. 

CYCLES, like circles, have a beginning, middle and end - no matter where we start it. Like a Circle, sometimes we finish a Cycle and repeat it, not realizing we're done. 

If you repeat a Cycle, don't be hard on yourself. You might repeat it to verify you're done! If you discover you're repeating a cycle, jump to another Cycle immediately. 

Let's say you Aced a Final Exam and completed the class. The next day you accidentally walked into the same classroom. Would you stay in that class the next 3 months or walk out? You'd walk out, right?

Rule #5 of Spirit Realm: 
If you're repeating a pattern or cycle that you don't like, politely walk out. Find a new road, cycle, circle or class. Life's too short to stay in a class you already completed. Start a new one. 
Life is a Banquet! Savor all its flavors.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Connection, LLC

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