Thursday, May 31, 2012

What's a Spirit Guide?

I hear this a lot. It's a great question. Based on almost 23 years of communicating with the Spirit Realm, here's my answer. Your individual Spirit Guides could include one or more these.

1.   Angels with Wings. These entities or Beings are high level, potent, omniscient, and usually made of pure loving light. Their power, knowledge and depth of understanding emits directly from God/The Universe/Great Mystery. They seldom, if ever, incarnate into an earth body (human or animal). Although they can shape-shift into anything on Earth if they choose: animal, plant, cloud, human, water, wind, etc. The Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, and Archangel Michael are often grouped into this category. However, other Winged Angels exist with even higher power and knowledge than those three. Metronome is a winged Angel, for example. Some of these winged Angels have no human name. To help humans relate to their energy, sometimes they shift into the image of a Catholic Saint, Indian God/Goddess, Buddha, Egyptian God/Goddess, or Greek God (e.g. Zeus).

2.  Lost Loved Ones - We've known these souls either in this lifetime or a past life. We're connected with them through the love we feel for them and they feel for us. Love never dies. Even if they've completely transitioned into the Spirit Realm, they can still communicate with us if they choose. If we lost a loved one through a tragic unexpected death (e.g. suicide, accident, homicide), their Free Will (heart & soul) decides if the transition fast or slow, not our emotional attachment to them. If they have not yet transitioned fully, their Spirit Guides will speak on their behalf. Many clients ask if they interfere with their Loved One's transition. In my readings, especially over the last 8 years, that is not the case. We each have Free Will even after we transition. What often keeps a Soul "in limbo" is his/her individual emotional attachment to this plane (dimension)- not us. Maybe they're not ready to give up their favorite chair, drinking whiskey, the house they loved & built, watching their kids play ball. Some souls can visit our dimension any time after they fully transition. When they discover this, they often transition faster. Some feel immense pain, guilt & regret and transition slower. Souls who commit suicide fall in this category. Their pain slows their transition. Leaving the Earth Plane "before their time", seeing the possibilities if they'd stayed longer & reached out, watching pain of their loved ones. These souls are often "incubated" while they transition, surrounded by love & nurturing of highly enlightened Angel Beings. Lost Loved Ones hear everything we say to them - no matter if they've fully transitioned or not.

3.  Soul Mates - these are Beings we know from this lifetime or a past lifetime. We journeyed through a lifetime with them. We know them, though we may not know their name. They are part of our soul family. They, like other Spirit Guides, want what's best for us. They could have been a brother, sister, mother, father, wife, husband, cousin, or best friend. Like all the Spirit Guides, they know everything about us - what gifts we have to share with the world, our weaknesses, our strengths. Their soul intertwines with ours. These Spirit Guides are usually very funny, reminding us to lighten up - life is to be enjoyed.

4.  Issue-Related Guides - these Beings are experts in certain emotional, physical, mental or spiritual disciplines. If you wrestle with co-dependence, expert Guides in co-dependence and interdependence surround you. If you wrestle with lack of abundance, expert Guides with the Midas Touch surround you. If you wrestle with lack of confidence, expert confident Guides surround you. Majority of these Beings have lived through your pain and overcame it, at least 80% of them. The other 20% (roughly) are high level Angels with Wings who "supervise" these Issue guides. Issue guides do not stay long. They help you walk through the issue you're working on until it's completed. Then they leave. They work with your other Spirit Guides.

5.  Environment Guides - Wherever you travel, you will cross paths with these Spirit Guides. They aren't designated as your Unique Set of Spirit Guides, but they can help you. Most of the time, we don't pay attention to them. I live in Sedona, AZ - known for its highly charged Vortex energy, Energy Portals into other dimensions, Ancient Native wisdom & Spirits from Native Indian cultures spanning over 7000 years. Like the Native Indian-American cultures, I take clients on the land for physical, emotional or spiritual healing. Oftentimes, clients sense other entities or energies moving around or through them when I'm performing Energy work on the Red Rocks. It is the Native American Spirits or other Spiritual Beings hovering around to assist them. Shaman Spirits or Women Spirits - depending which area we're located at the time.

6.  Animal Totem Spirit Guides - Some people relate better to animals than people. Some people, based on past lifetimes, want their Animal Totems with them at all times. Since current society  frowns upon a leashed tiger walking through the grocery store alongside its owner, Animal Spirit Guides are the next-best thing. Many people have Animal Totems. Normally these animals are part of your Core Group.

7. Core Guides - Saving the best for last. We are each born with a Unique Set of Core Guides. They stay with us from the moment we're born until the moment we cross over  (transition) to the Spirit Realm. Their job is to help us accomplish everything on our "wish list" or "soul blueprint". They'll call in reinforcements when we need them, without our knowledge. Reinforcements like Winged Angels, Lost Loved Ones or Issue Guides. Our Core group monitors our progress, keeps us safe from harm, moves us to the Right when we mistakenly turn Left. They put up obstacles when we're moving in a direction not aligned with who we are or what our soul wants. They smooth the road that is best for us. They work for us. They love to work for us. It's their job and they take it very seriously. They normally stay with us 24/7, except when we need utmost privacy and respect. They put good ideas in our head. They encourage us, love us unconditionally and never leave, unless we ask them to. Unsung heroes I call them. They can be historic figures, movie stars, famous people, family members we never met this lifetime, family members from previous lifetimes, soul mates from previous lives, etc. They are our Ultimate Support System. If we're lying in a hospital bed, thirsty but unable to speak, we can ask them to bring in a nurse and the nurse will appear. That's their job. They work with us and our environment.

8.  Apprentice Guides - these Beings are learning from you or your Spirit Guides. They're either learning how to be a Spirit Guide, learning what to put on their Soul Blueprint for their next incarnation - by watching you, or learning how to communicate better with our Realm.

The number of your Spirit Guides means nothing. It doesn't mean you're less enlightened or more enlightened, less smart or more smart. It just is. Sometimes new Spirit Guides appear for a brief time - to help with an issue (Issue Guides) or learn from you. During those times, you'll have more. If you feel your set of Spirit Guides aren't helping you, you can fire them. Communicating & listening to them is a lot like training our pets. The training is for us, not them. Our Spirit guides hear, feel & know us perfectly. We just have to learn how to listen & communicate more effectively.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Connection LLC- Psychic, Certified Reiki Energy Healer, Sedona Vortex Guide
50 Stutz Bearcat, Suite 2
Sedona, AZ 86336
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  2. There are days throughout my life when I essentially wish I can drop all things and flee to conceal some place where nobody can discover me. Now and again, when the going gets truly extreme and more than I can deal with, I simply wish I can flush every one of my issues away into the can or sprinkle them away into the channel with a bucket of water. Winged god of love