Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Balancing Spirituality with Humanity

Sometimes it's hard to tolerate or accept what we hear in the news, isn't it? We're all spiritual beings in human bodies. Equipped with a soul, mind, body and heart to help us effectively move through this physical experience we call "Life on Earth". With all the negative news lately, how do we stay balanced yet informed? What does the Spirit Realm think-feel about what's happening on Earth?

Over the next few months, you'll find more current events topics and "nuts & bolts" practices on this blog. To inform, not create fear or division. Hopefully this post will explain why.

Every morning, I awaken with visions or messages from the Spirit Realm. Over the last 16 months, the messages surround present day news - compared to years past when the messages involved future events, inspirations, changes in the Spirit Realm or personal messages for me or my loved ones. The playing field, the game and its players are changing.

This year, the Spirit Realm is closer to us than ever before. They see what's happening. They surround us daily, providing supportive energy as we move through the currents of constant change on our planet. They want us informed, not frozen by fear. They've given us tools to help us along - the technology age: internet, social media, alternative media, expert researchers' websites, social and personal networking groups. They want us to learn and know. They realize some information may take time for us to understand. They know I'm one of those people: slow to understand or accept.

Most mornings, I wake up with spirit-guided information and scour the internet looking for related newsworthy topics. I'm adapting, ever slowly. I'd prefer staying focused on only the spiritual elements of human existence. Blending spiritual with current events consumes more energy, requiring more practice to stay balanced and "clear." After 16 months, I'm still acclimating, occasionally losing balance. However, the balancing act gets easier each week the more we practice it.

Let's talk about a current event.

The Trayvon case. The message here is stay focused on the truth and the process, removing barriers or distractions to justice. Distractions include the media, protest groups, hearsay, unsubstantiated facts, gambling bets, etc. People who yell the loudest may not speak the truth. Those who stay silent may know the truth. As a survivor of double-homicide, I remember instructions from the police and District Attorney's office: "stay quiet as we investigate. It's the only way to gather critical evidence to build the case. Stay quiet in the courtroom during the case. It's the best way to allow the jury to convict the perpetrators." They were right. Being silent was very hard to do, but it helped justice stay blind, effective and expedient in our case. Justice was served. So - with Trayvon Martin case: Put aside emotion and allow the process to reveal the truth: investigation, due process and other common laws protecting citizens' rights. Emotions should not rule justice. Justice is blind & color-blind.

Balance: Whenever you hear negative news, allow your emotions to express whatever you're feeling - as soon as possible. Don't hold back. If other people are around & you're afraid how others will view you, walk to a private area & express alone. After your heart has expressed, take a breath. Then pray, asking God, the Spirit Realm, Great Mystery to help heal the situation. Ask for courage, guidance or whatever you emotionally need. The Spirit Realm is listening to you. And they're reacting faster, manifesting our desires, quicker than I've ever seen this lifetime. Keep the faith. You've got a lot of help around you. Some are Angelic-Spiritual heavy hitters - hitting home runs (miracles) instantly - the moment we ask for help. It's been almost 20 years since I've seen so many strong Angels of White Light surrounding this planet, hovering so close. We're very lucky.

--Robin Amanda
Sedona Spirit
(928) 451-5107

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