Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dealing With Murder - Survivor's Guilt

Processing any tragedy which directly or indirectly affects you: Listen to your heart. Feel your way through it. Honor both negative & positive emotions inside you. If negative feelings overwhelm you, get some physical exercise: take a walk, jog, lift weights or find an inanimate object to hit. When your emotions override your senses, use your physical body to release them. Remember your Angels huddle around you, nurturing you with love, understanding, compassion. They want to help you. That's their mission. Ask them, God-The Universe-Spirit Realm to help you. Remember that they're listening and they will help you.

Angels also surround every trauma survivor. I know. On the day my brother & sister were murdered, I saw an Army of Angels surrounding my brother at the hospital before he died. I also saw an Army of Angels surrounding my parents, brother-in-law, sister-in-law and me. I felt Angels hugging me, heard them speaking to me. At the time, another set of Angels including my relatives on the "other side", were assisting my sister cross-over into the Spirit Realm (Heaven). Some things are true whether we see, believe, feel them or not.  

Worst side effect of grief: Survivor's Guilt. "Why did this happen to me? Why did this happen to him/her? What did I do to deserve this? They did not deserve this. Why am I still living? Why did they have to die? Why did God do this?" Friday's tragedy touched us all with Survivor's Guilt. Flooding the surviving family members worst of all.  

There is no easy answer. Evil exists. Sometimes evil pierces through God's (or Spirit Realm's) protective barrier. The victims and survivors did not attract it or welcome it. They are not responsible. God-The Universe-Spirit Realm is not punishing them.  

As a Psychic Channel, double-homicide survivor, former Crime Victim counselor, and co-author of 1991 "Homicide Survivor Handbook" used by funeral homes, law enforcement and other agencies in Houston: Here's a very small glimpse into the psyche of a survivor. This will not fit all survivors - every individual processes differently, reacts differently. Hopefully it will provide you with more information. Helping you process tragedy. Helping you help others through it as well. 

Best method to help anyone grieving: Be there. Just listen. Hold their hand. 

Survivor's Guilt is the largest by-product of grief, no matter how someone loses a loved one. When tragedy happens and is broadcast on the news, Survivor's Guilt touches each one of us. Whether we're aware of it or not. If you're not directly affected by tragedy, appreciate the life you have. Do not feel guilty about being happy or living your life. Feeling guilty weakens you and helps no one. Feeling guilty will not bring loved ones back. It will not reverse a person's grief process. It does not alleviate a survivor's pain. It causes you more pain & confusion. It's useless negative energy. Count your blessings, feel grateful instead. That positive energy will help you & everyone else around you.

Helping others: Listen, don’t talk. Don’t mention your beliefs. Allow the survivor to feel, move through their own belief systems. If they need extra help , they’ll ask for it. If they ask: Why did this happen to me? Be honest. Say “I don’t know. But it had nothing to do with whether you’re a good or bad person. Evil exists. You did not deserve this. This is not your fault.” Repeat as necessary. Stay with them. Hug them, touch them, nurture them. Listen without judgment. Allow them room to process it. Allow them to vent, cry, shout, talk or just be. Sometimes silence is the best medicine. Reach out with your soul, heart - not your mind. Be self-less. 

Most often, but not always, survivors or victims will feel they “deserved” this somehow – in deep crevasses of their psyche, heart, soul. "God hates me. God has never paid attention to me. He's punishing me." Murder creates a hole in your aura, making you vulnerable to both negative and positive forces - real and imagined. Some things survivors say may not make sense to you. Allow them to say it anyway. Helping them release emotions, thoughts will help them heal. Just listen. The worst thing you can say is: "that makes no sense. What are you talking about? Have you lost your senses?" Because in a way, they have. They're very vulnerable. Put your judgments on a shelf.

For Survivors:
When tragedy happens, your aura (protective energetic layer around each of us) cracks - creating a hole.  It is an actual hole that can be seen through certain photographic methods. You will naturally replace or mend it. It's not necessary to force it closed or push too hard to mend it. That hole is called "grief". There is no timeline, deadline, quick fix or shortcut method to mend it. Grief is an individual journey. There are roadblocks and road signs that others can warn you about or help you through. Ultimately it is your unique journey. You define it.

When others force you to behave a certain way, feel a certain way, that hole expands, spreads over a larger part of your body. You’re already on unequal footing – mired in quicksand of uncertainties. Allow yourself to feel, react naturally. Move with the waves as they hit you. It's best to flow with the waves instead of battling against them. Listen to your heart, your instincts. If you're too tired to do something, don't do it. Try not to push yourself too hard. Allow people to help you - with tasks, work, details. This is not the time to be Superman or Superwoman. If you feel you can do something, do it. If you feel you cannot, don't. Everyone around you will understand. Ask for help. Many people want to help you. 

When someone else tells you how to feel, what to do or numbs your pain with drugs or alcohol, it takes longer to heal - in some cases you don’t fully heal. If you trust them or ask them for guidance, that is fine. 

Being mad is not sacrilegious or unhealthy. Feeling sad is not unhealthy either. Feeling a big bowling ball of negativity, despair is inconvenient to some people. Don’t allow others to control your feelings, emotions, psyche. You’re already connected to God-Spirit Realm. No one else knows you like your Guardian Angels, God, etc. You’re always connected, they're always listening to you, even with the hole in your aura/psyche. You have a lot of help from Angels & God when catastrophe happens. That’s all you have to remember. 

Not everyone knows how to help you. Not everyone knows how to react. Not everyone knows how to react to your anger, sadness, shock, feelings of despair, loneliness, defeat, guilt. Your Spirit Guides, Angels, God, Lost Loved Ones on the "other side" - they do. Ask them for help. Pray. It's OK to feel vulnerable. It's natural. It's OK to ask for help. It's OK to feel strong. It's OK if you don't want to forgive the assailant. It's OK if you cannot talk. It's OK if you cannot clean your house, pay your bills, go to work or don't want to get up in the morning. This is your process. However you feel is OK. Honor yourself. That's the only requirement.

(Excerpted from "Tragedy and Beyond" non-fiction (copyright 1996 by Robin Amanda Kelley). Publish date coming soon.)

May you feel the warmth of Your Angels surrounding you.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Connecticut Tragedy

We pray. We cry. We wonder why. We cherish our loved ones. Shock, sadness, anger & uncertainty flood our senses as we hear the latest news about the CT shootings.  We remember life is fragile, short & precious. We remember those lost. We’re reminded that some people snap & focus on hurting people. We wonder why. We wonder how it could happen. We remember life is fragile.

As the sole surviving sister of double-homicide by two gunmen, my heart & soul float to the survivors and surviving family members. They will never be the same. Their journey will be long, grueling, unimaginable and unfathomable. It could take an entire lifetime to heal their individual pain. Very few people can understand or imagine what it’s like to lose a loved one to murder. How long it takes, how it feels, how they’ll react. If it does not happen to you, feel compassion for the surviving families, then feel grateful for your family and loved ones.

Feeling guilty that your loved ones are alive - that's a futile exercise that does more harm than good. Feel grateful they’re still in your life. Survivor’s guilt affects everyone. God/The Universe/Spirit Realm gave you a wonderful gift. Treasure it. Appreciate your life. Appreciate your Sacred Path, your Spirit Guides. Cherish the moments you have now.

Why do bad things happen to good people? Duality. Dark and light. Evil and good. Sanity and insanity. To move closer to the “Light”, sometimes we’re reminded of the darkness. These experiences test our faith, beliefs, methods of living, causing each of us to re-evaluate. Yesterday reminded us that duality still exists on our planet. Even if we don’t see it every day. If we don’t see it, we are blessed. Be grateful. Appreciate your life and those you love. Life is short.

Yesterday’s tragedy also raises the Gun Control topic again. Gun Control is not the answer. Re-evaluating how we recognize and treat mental and emotional illness is. Tucson Tragedy, Colorado Theater shooting, yesterday’s massacre and Columbine – signs were there, signs were the same. Young kids with severe emotional, mental instability. Many drugs on the market, given by doctors, therapists and psychiatrists, are proving ineffective and/or volatile. Re-evaluating mental & emotional treatments is the best first step.

Appreciate your life. Appreciate your loved ones. Life is precious and fragile.

Namaste –
Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Connection LLC– Psychic (20+ years), Reiki Master III, Sedona Vortex Guide
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Thursday, May 31, 2012

What's a Spirit Guide?

I hear this a lot. It's a great question. Based on almost 23 years of communicating with the Spirit Realm, here's my answer. Your individual Spirit Guides could include one or more these.

1.   Angels with Wings. These entities or Beings are high level, potent, omniscient, and usually made of pure loving light. Their power, knowledge and depth of understanding emits directly from God/The Universe/Great Mystery. They seldom, if ever, incarnate into an earth body (human or animal). Although they can shape-shift into anything on Earth if they choose: animal, plant, cloud, human, water, wind, etc. The Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, and Archangel Michael are often grouped into this category. However, other Winged Angels exist with even higher power and knowledge than those three. Metronome is a winged Angel, for example. Some of these winged Angels have no human name. To help humans relate to their energy, sometimes they shift into the image of a Catholic Saint, Indian God/Goddess, Buddha, Egyptian God/Goddess, or Greek God (e.g. Zeus).

2.  Lost Loved Ones - We've known these souls either in this lifetime or a past life. We're connected with them through the love we feel for them and they feel for us. Love never dies. Even if they've completely transitioned into the Spirit Realm, they can still communicate with us if they choose. If we lost a loved one through a tragic unexpected death (e.g. suicide, accident, homicide), their Free Will (heart & soul) decides if the transition fast or slow, not our emotional attachment to them. If they have not yet transitioned fully, their Spirit Guides will speak on their behalf. Many clients ask if they interfere with their Loved One's transition. In my readings, especially over the last 8 years, that is not the case. We each have Free Will even after we transition. What often keeps a Soul "in limbo" is his/her individual emotional attachment to this plane (dimension)- not us. Maybe they're not ready to give up their favorite chair, drinking whiskey, the house they loved & built, watching their kids play ball. Some souls can visit our dimension any time after they fully transition. When they discover this, they often transition faster. Some feel immense pain, guilt & regret and transition slower. Souls who commit suicide fall in this category. Their pain slows their transition. Leaving the Earth Plane "before their time", seeing the possibilities if they'd stayed longer & reached out, watching pain of their loved ones. These souls are often "incubated" while they transition, surrounded by love & nurturing of highly enlightened Angel Beings. Lost Loved Ones hear everything we say to them - no matter if they've fully transitioned or not.

3.  Soul Mates - these are Beings we know from this lifetime or a past lifetime. We journeyed through a lifetime with them. We know them, though we may not know their name. They are part of our soul family. They, like other Spirit Guides, want what's best for us. They could have been a brother, sister, mother, father, wife, husband, cousin, or best friend. Like all the Spirit Guides, they know everything about us - what gifts we have to share with the world, our weaknesses, our strengths. Their soul intertwines with ours. These Spirit Guides are usually very funny, reminding us to lighten up - life is to be enjoyed.

4.  Issue-Related Guides - these Beings are experts in certain emotional, physical, mental or spiritual disciplines. If you wrestle with co-dependence, expert Guides in co-dependence and interdependence surround you. If you wrestle with lack of abundance, expert Guides with the Midas Touch surround you. If you wrestle with lack of confidence, expert confident Guides surround you. Majority of these Beings have lived through your pain and overcame it, at least 80% of them. The other 20% (roughly) are high level Angels with Wings who "supervise" these Issue guides. Issue guides do not stay long. They help you walk through the issue you're working on until it's completed. Then they leave. They work with your other Spirit Guides.

5.  Environment Guides - Wherever you travel, you will cross paths with these Spirit Guides. They aren't designated as your Unique Set of Spirit Guides, but they can help you. Most of the time, we don't pay attention to them. I live in Sedona, AZ - known for its highly charged Vortex energy, Energy Portals into other dimensions, Ancient Native wisdom & Spirits from Native Indian cultures spanning over 7000 years. Like the Native Indian-American cultures, I take clients on the land for physical, emotional or spiritual healing. Oftentimes, clients sense other entities or energies moving around or through them when I'm performing Energy work on the Red Rocks. It is the Native American Spirits or other Spiritual Beings hovering around to assist them. Shaman Spirits or Women Spirits - depending which area we're located at the time.

6.  Animal Totem Spirit Guides - Some people relate better to animals than people. Some people, based on past lifetimes, want their Animal Totems with them at all times. Since current society  frowns upon a leashed tiger walking through the grocery store alongside its owner, Animal Spirit Guides are the next-best thing. Many people have Animal Totems. Normally these animals are part of your Core Group.

7. Core Guides - Saving the best for last. We are each born with a Unique Set of Core Guides. They stay with us from the moment we're born until the moment we cross over  (transition) to the Spirit Realm. Their job is to help us accomplish everything on our "wish list" or "soul blueprint". They'll call in reinforcements when we need them, without our knowledge. Reinforcements like Winged Angels, Lost Loved Ones or Issue Guides. Our Core group monitors our progress, keeps us safe from harm, moves us to the Right when we mistakenly turn Left. They put up obstacles when we're moving in a direction not aligned with who we are or what our soul wants. They smooth the road that is best for us. They work for us. They love to work for us. It's their job and they take it very seriously. They normally stay with us 24/7, except when we need utmost privacy and respect. They put good ideas in our head. They encourage us, love us unconditionally and never leave, unless we ask them to. Unsung heroes I call them. They can be historic figures, movie stars, famous people, family members we never met this lifetime, family members from previous lifetimes, soul mates from previous lives, etc. They are our Ultimate Support System. If we're lying in a hospital bed, thirsty but unable to speak, we can ask them to bring in a nurse and the nurse will appear. That's their job. They work with us and our environment.

8.  Apprentice Guides - these Beings are learning from you or your Spirit Guides. They're either learning how to be a Spirit Guide, learning what to put on their Soul Blueprint for their next incarnation - by watching you, or learning how to communicate better with our Realm.

The number of your Spirit Guides means nothing. It doesn't mean you're less enlightened or more enlightened, less smart or more smart. It just is. Sometimes new Spirit Guides appear for a brief time - to help with an issue (Issue Guides) or learn from you. During those times, you'll have more. If you feel your set of Spirit Guides aren't helping you, you can fire them. Communicating & listening to them is a lot like training our pets. The training is for us, not them. Our Spirit guides hear, feel & know us perfectly. We just have to learn how to listen & communicate more effectively.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Connection LLC- Psychic, Certified Reiki Energy Healer, Sedona Vortex Guide
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Balancing Spirituality with Humanity

Sometimes it's hard to tolerate or accept what we hear in the news, isn't it? We're all spiritual beings in human bodies. Equipped with a soul, mind, body and heart to help us effectively move through this physical experience we call "Life on Earth". With all the negative news lately, how do we stay balanced yet informed? What does the Spirit Realm think-feel about what's happening on Earth?

Over the next few months, you'll find more current events topics and "nuts & bolts" practices on this blog. To inform, not create fear or division. Hopefully this post will explain why.

Every morning, I awaken with visions or messages from the Spirit Realm. Over the last 16 months, the messages surround present day news - compared to years past when the messages involved future events, inspirations, changes in the Spirit Realm or personal messages for me or my loved ones. The playing field, the game and its players are changing.

This year, the Spirit Realm is closer to us than ever before. They see what's happening. They surround us daily, providing supportive energy as we move through the currents of constant change on our planet. They want us informed, not frozen by fear. They've given us tools to help us along - the technology age: internet, social media, alternative media, expert researchers' websites, social and personal networking groups. They want us to learn and know. They realize some information may take time for us to understand. They know I'm one of those people: slow to understand or accept.

Most mornings, I wake up with spirit-guided information and scour the internet looking for related newsworthy topics. I'm adapting, ever slowly. I'd prefer staying focused on only the spiritual elements of human existence. Blending spiritual with current events consumes more energy, requiring more practice to stay balanced and "clear." After 16 months, I'm still acclimating, occasionally losing balance. However, the balancing act gets easier each week the more we practice it.

Let's talk about a current event.

The Trayvon case. The message here is stay focused on the truth and the process, removing barriers or distractions to justice. Distractions include the media, protest groups, hearsay, unsubstantiated facts, gambling bets, etc. People who yell the loudest may not speak the truth. Those who stay silent may know the truth. As a survivor of double-homicide, I remember instructions from the police and District Attorney's office: "stay quiet as we investigate. It's the only way to gather critical evidence to build the case. Stay quiet in the courtroom during the case. It's the best way to allow the jury to convict the perpetrators." They were right. Being silent was very hard to do, but it helped justice stay blind, effective and expedient in our case. Justice was served. So - with Trayvon Martin case: Put aside emotion and allow the process to reveal the truth: investigation, due process and other common laws protecting citizens' rights. Emotions should not rule justice. Justice is blind & color-blind.

Balance: Whenever you hear negative news, allow your emotions to express whatever you're feeling - as soon as possible. Don't hold back. If other people are around & you're afraid how others will view you, walk to a private area & express alone. After your heart has expressed, take a breath. Then pray, asking God, the Spirit Realm, Great Mystery to help heal the situation. Ask for courage, guidance or whatever you emotionally need. The Spirit Realm is listening to you. And they're reacting faster, manifesting our desires, quicker than I've ever seen this lifetime. Keep the faith. You've got a lot of help around you. Some are Angelic-Spiritual heavy hitters - hitting home runs (miracles) instantly - the moment we ask for help. It's been almost 20 years since I've seen so many strong Angels of White Light surrounding this planet, hovering so close. We're very lucky.

--Robin Amanda
Sedona Spirit
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