Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 7: When Visiting Sedona

Visiting Sedona? Here are my favorite picks.
Devil's Bridge

(1) During the Fall and Spring, West Fork trail offers nature's beauty at its best. The drive to West Fork on 89A into Oak Creek Canyon is spectacular, noted in several Travel Magazines as most scenic highway. Set aside about 3 hours.

(2) Vultee Arch Trail off Dry Creek Road takes you to a phenomenal natural bridge "Devil's Bridge" made of Red Rock. Breath-taking Red Rock views meet you at the end of Devil's Bridge trail. It's an easy hike, takes about 2 hours total. Pack a snack and water, take a break at end of the trail and listen to the silence.

(3) Boynton Canyon Trail - also off Dry Creek Road. If you don't have the 3-4 hours for the entire hike, simply take the turn-out to Boynton Vista, hike up about 10-15 minutes and sit at the base of Kachina Woman.

Favorite Restaurant:
Formation at Devil's Bridge trail
(1) Elote Cafe - the best Southwest Mexican food you'll ever eat. Best menu choices are Carne Asada & Smoked Enchiladas. They serve up a good Prickly Pear margarita. If the weather's warm, sit out on the patio & enjoy the Red Rock Views. They don't open until 4p.

(2) Looking for a lunch spot? Oak Creek Brewery or Secret Garden in Tlaquepaque. Oak Creek Brewery is our local microbrewery and serves salads, hamburgers and fantastic French Onion soup. Secret Garden also in Tlaquepaque open for breakfast & lunch - great salads & organic food.

(3) Hiro's Sushi at Pinon Shops. Good, fresh food all day long.

(4) Cowboy Club or Silver Saddle - Uptown Sedona. Experience the best of the Wild West: Fried Cactus, great beef, buffalo, full bar, and long wine list. Both restaurants owned by same group. Silver Saddle is the high-end spot.

(5) Cucina Rustica or Dahl & diLuca - West Sedona and Village of Oak Creek. Fantastic authentic Italian. You won't be disappointed.

Favorite Things to Do:
Patio de Fuente in Tlaquepaque
(1) Tlaquepaque - you can't visit Sedona without visiting this quaint Mission-Style shopping galleria. It is the heart & soul of Sedona. Offers Art Galleries, restaurants, shops and live entertainment from our talented musicians (during good weather).

(2) Red Rock Bi-plane: Best way to see Sedona from the Air. I've done the hot-air balloon and helicopter. This was my favorite. Biplane website:

View from Airport Mesa
(3) Visit Airport Mesa mound at sunrise or sunset. Easy access to 360-degree Red Rock Views.

(4) If you're visiting more than 4 days, go see the Grand Canyon! About 2 hours from Sedona to the South Rim. Well worth it. The only questionable months for the drive North to South Rim are January & February when snows or icy weather close roads to and from Flagstaff, AZ.
South Rim - Grand Canyon

(5) Want a Jeep Tour? Best tour guide in town is Larry Sprague with Earth Wisdom Tours. He's the walking Sedona Encyclopedia providing all type of facts about Sedona and will take you to sacred areas. Book your tour with him, you won't be disappointed.

Places to Stay - spectacular views, good rooms.
(1) Inn of Sedona - West Sedona ($$)
(2) Sedona Rouge - West Sedona ($$)
Inn of Sedona
(3) Orchards Inn (Amara)- Uptown Sedona ($$)
(4) L'Auberge - Uptown Sedona ($$$$)
(4) Enchantment - in Boynton Canyon ($$$$)
(5) Canyon Villas B&B in Village of Oak Creek
(6) Kokopelli Suites - West Sedona ($$$)

If you're visiting Sedona for 30 days or longer, contact the good folks at Sedona Elite Properties to stay in a comfortable, well-appointed home.

Enjoy your Sedona stay!
Namaste -
Robin Amanda - Sedona Spirit Psychic
Twiter: @sedonarobin
P.O. Box 20797, Sedona AZ 86341


  1. Pretty cool Robin --with the hat.Nice videos.

  2. If you have been to Sedona or even live there now, this book will only deepen the love you hold for the wonders of the land. Here you will find profound insights about making a true connection with your heart and nature, as well as much practical guidance for experiencing the spirit of Sedona.

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  3. This blog created to provide information, not a launch pad for others to advertise. I do not support or approve anything from Ilchi Lee or Mago group. They're reputation is not good. (Robin)

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  5. In one of the few readings I got from you last year, you mentioned that my spirits say that the company I work for is very good for me, and that they really admire the work that I do. The company I work for was created by Ilchi Lee. I am part of the "Mago group." I believe he is a lot bigger in spirit than many are aware of, and works tirelessly to help awaken people's consciousness on this planet.

    1. Hi Mina -I'm glad you enjoy where you work. My psychic readings for clients provide info directly from their unique Spirit Guides & Loved Ones. I do not interfere, not does my personal bias interfere, with clients' information during sessions. What that means is your Spirit Guides feel you are in a good place as a soul by working with this group. It is good for your soul. Any info that I personally know does not interfere with your soul evolution. If your Spirit Guides did not want you to be part of this group, you wouldn't be part of them.

      As a side note, Mago's Ilchi Lee group has used my blog & work as a launch pad for promoting him. That's overstepping a professional boundary. I do not agree with those tactics.