Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 9: Eclectic Sedona RFD

Sedona's local residents vary in background, business, interests and perceptions, much like the diverse variations of our unique Red Rock Formations.

Spending one day "in town", you may meet a wealthy business person, a former Corporate leader, an actor, a hippie with long hair or dreadlocks, a new age spiritualist, a spiritual seeker, a cowboy, a horseman or woman, a school teacher, an artist, a musician, a healer and your everyday Joe or Joanie. Yes, all in one day. Sometimes within just 3 hours. 

There are only about 12,000 "locals" and some only live here part-time. During our slow season, we call it "traffic" when more than 5 cars line up at a stop-light.

During any time of year, Sedona is one of the friendliest towns you'll ever visit. Shop owners, restauranteurs, wait staff, even staff at gas stations are friendly, helpful and courteous sharing a warm smile or "hello".

Sedona and its residents remind me of Mayberry RFD from the Andy Griffith Show. During off-season, locals use the sidewalks more than roadways. During any season, you'll find local residents warmly embracing each other at the local coffee shops, gas stations, Staples or Safeway. Most of the time, it's a chance meeting that sprawls into a 20-minute conversation outside or inside a store.

Sedona Synchronicity: When us locals venture out, we'll usually bump into a friend who shares an important message we were meant to hear. Since time stands still in Sedona, our chance meetings often languish into long conversations, like Mayberry RFD's barber shop talk. A long-standing local Sedona joke: When seeing a friend in public, instead of asking "How are you?" the question is: "You're doing great. How am I?"

That's the eclectic magic of Sedona RFD.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda
The Sedona Spirit Psychic
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 8: Sedona Spirituality

According to the latest study of global spirituality, over 85% of us seek spiritual expansion &/or connection to a Higher Being or our spirit selves. No matter what way you seek it, you'll find it in Sedona.

Some of us feel more spiritually connected when we commune with nature. Sedona's surrounded by God's natural beauty.

Some of us feel more connected when we attend church. Sedona's got that too. Whether you're Baptist, Lutheran, Catholic, Episcopalian, Methodist, Jewish, Mormon or non-denominational - Sedona has a church for you. Almost every year, seems a new non-denomination, independent Spiritual church sprouts up.

Some of us seek out new spiritual modalities to expand our knowledge. You'll find that here too. Sacred geometry, Aura readers, Aura photography, psychic mediums, tarot readers, different types of astrologists and Energy healers, soul portrait artists, Native Indian spiritual practices and ceremonies, Transformational healers of various disciplines, spiritual retreats. We even have a Metaphysical-Spiritual University where you can attain a doctorate in Spiritual Studies.

Some folks reconnect with their spirit through yoga, spa treatments, massage, and other physical exercises. You'll find an abundance of those services in Sedona. A few I recommend are: Sedona's New Day spa, massage by Nina, L'Auberge Resort, Enchantment Resort, Sedona Rouge, yoga at Studio Joya, Orchards Inn and Los Abrigados.

We have over 200 spiritual practitioners in town, excluding churches. Some authentic, some not. In my humble opinion, there are very few authentic practitioners. I only recommend those I've used and/or found authentic. Most do not have a storefront, some do.

Since individual spiritual paths are as unique as our thumbprint, I always suggest that you follow your intuition when choosing a Sedona spiritual practitioner. If you'd like specific recommendations, simply email me and I'll send to you.

May your Spiritual Path lead you to renewed wisdom and happiness.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda - Sedona Spirit
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 7: When Visiting Sedona

Visiting Sedona? Here are my favorite picks.
Devil's Bridge

(1) During the Fall and Spring, West Fork trail offers nature's beauty at its best. The drive to West Fork on 89A into Oak Creek Canyon is spectacular, noted in several Travel Magazines as most scenic highway. Set aside about 3 hours.

(2) Vultee Arch Trail off Dry Creek Road takes you to a phenomenal natural bridge "Devil's Bridge" made of Red Rock. Breath-taking Red Rock views meet you at the end of Devil's Bridge trail. It's an easy hike, takes about 2 hours total. Pack a snack and water, take a break at end of the trail and listen to the silence.

(3) Boynton Canyon Trail - also off Dry Creek Road. If you don't have the 3-4 hours for the entire hike, simply take the turn-out to Boynton Vista, hike up about 10-15 minutes and sit at the base of Kachina Woman.

Favorite Restaurant:
Formation at Devil's Bridge trail
(1) Elote Cafe - the best Southwest Mexican food you'll ever eat. Best menu choices are Carne Asada & Smoked Enchiladas. They serve up a good Prickly Pear margarita. If the weather's warm, sit out on the patio & enjoy the Red Rock Views. They don't open until 4p.

(2) Looking for a lunch spot? Oak Creek Brewery or Secret Garden in Tlaquepaque. Oak Creek Brewery is our local microbrewery and serves salads, hamburgers and fantastic French Onion soup. Secret Garden also in Tlaquepaque open for breakfast & lunch - great salads & organic food.

(3) Hiro's Sushi at Pinon Shops. Good, fresh food all day long.

(4) Cowboy Club or Silver Saddle - Uptown Sedona. Experience the best of the Wild West: Fried Cactus, great beef, buffalo, full bar, and long wine list. Both restaurants owned by same group. Silver Saddle is the high-end spot.

(5) Cucina Rustica or Dahl & diLuca - West Sedona and Village of Oak Creek. Fantastic authentic Italian. You won't be disappointed.

Favorite Things to Do:
Patio de Fuente in Tlaquepaque
(1) Tlaquepaque - you can't visit Sedona without visiting this quaint Mission-Style shopping galleria. It is the heart & soul of Sedona. Offers Art Galleries, restaurants, shops and live entertainment from our talented musicians (during good weather).

(2) Red Rock Bi-plane: Best way to see Sedona from the Air. I've done the hot-air balloon and helicopter. This was my favorite. Biplane website:

View from Airport Mesa
(3) Visit Airport Mesa mound at sunrise or sunset. Easy access to 360-degree Red Rock Views.

(4) If you're visiting more than 4 days, go see the Grand Canyon! About 2 hours from Sedona to the South Rim. Well worth it. The only questionable months for the drive North to South Rim are January & February when snows or icy weather close roads to and from Flagstaff, AZ.
South Rim - Grand Canyon

(5) Want a Jeep Tour? Best tour guide in town is Larry Sprague with Earth Wisdom Tours. He's the walking Sedona Encyclopedia providing all type of facts about Sedona and will take you to sacred areas. Book your tour with him, you won't be disappointed.

Places to Stay - spectacular views, good rooms.
(1) Inn of Sedona - West Sedona ($$)
(2) Sedona Rouge - West Sedona ($$)
Inn of Sedona
(3) Orchards Inn (Amara)- Uptown Sedona ($$)
(4) L'Auberge - Uptown Sedona ($$$$)
(4) Enchantment - in Boynton Canyon ($$$$)
(5) Canyon Villas B&B in Village of Oak Creek
(6) Kokopelli Suites - West Sedona ($$$)

If you're visiting Sedona for 30 days or longer, contact the good folks at Sedona Elite Properties to stay in a comfortable, well-appointed home.

Enjoy your Sedona stay!
Namaste -
Robin Amanda - Sedona Spirit Psychic
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P.O. Box 20797, Sedona AZ 86341

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 6: Sedona Synchronicity

End of Brim's Mesa Trail
People often say "You are what you believe." In Sedona, you can take it one step further: "You get what you think." That's Sedona Synchronicity.

What's it mean? Wake up in Sedona with an idea without mentally shutting it down. Within 24 hours, you'll either meet someone aligned with that idea, hear it mentioned directly or magically stumble upon it or someone who can further the idea for you.

view from Chicken Point
This happens to me a lot in Sedona, and to my clients too. For example, I'll wake up one morning, wanting new clients. By day's end, I'll receive at least two new client referrals or new appointments.

Most of my clients visiting Sedona also experience this "Synchronicity". Latest example happened just a week ago.

A tour client, who had never traveled to Sedona before, woke with a vision of a large tree along a creek with red rocks and a wandering coyote. During my years of guiding clients through Sedona's Red Rocks, coyotes never appeared.

Cathedral Rock
Before she told me her vision, I chose a sacred energy place for their tour; her and her husband. As we walked along a red dirt pathway, I was describing the area's ancient history. The dirt path curled around the creek and a large, old Sycamore tree. At that moment, she cried out, "Oh my gosh! This is exactly what I saw this morning before I woke up!" Then she told me her vision, only it had a coyote in it. I told her I'd seen other animals during tours, but never a coyote, however maybe "Sedona Synchronicity" would bring one to her.

Bell Rock & Courthouse Butte
Sure enough, as we drove back to their hotel, a coyote hobbled along the roadway within a half-mile of the Vortex area we visited. It was mid-day. Very unusual behavior for coyote. Sedona Synchronicity. If you think it, you could meet "it."

Do you have a Sedona Synchronicity story? Please share here.

Thank you.

Robin Amanda
The Sedona Spirit Psychic
Reiki Master-Healer & Former Vortex Guide
Twitter: @sedonarobin
P.O. Box 20797, Sedona AZ, 86341

Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 5: Broken Arrow: Where Native Legend, Hollywood & American History Meet

Sitting near Broken Arrow - NW view of Sedona

Sedona's Broken Arrow area got its name from the Native, Early-American & Hollywood legend of how the Apache and American white people broke the cycle of violence with each other, "breaking the arrow".

Though the peace initiated by Cochise and American Tom Jeffords happened in Arizona, it's unclear if it actually occurred at this site.

This is the site where Jimmy Stewart's 1950 movie "Broken Arrow" was filmed, describing the truce. Nomadic Apache tribes often traveled to the Sedona area, where they found safe haven to relax, recharge between attacks with the Mexicans and the Americans. This site is one of many in Sedona where Apache walked.

For over 200 years, Indians, cowboys and outlaws used the Sedona area as a great hiding spot, even during the 1700s when the first Anglo settlers starting farming here. One Sedona spot, "Robber's Roost" is a true outlaw hideout used during the Wild West days.

Sitting atop Broken Arrow - CastleRock in distance
You can't talk about the Apache-American truce without mentioning Geronimo. He fought as a fierce warrior with Cochise' Chiricahua-Apache tribe from 1851 until the Arizona truce in 1872 - mainly fighting against the Mexicans. One man, one life, many legends & stories.

The Mexican-Apache battles began long before Geronimo's birth in New Mexico Territory (Gila-Mimbres Rivers) in 1823. Some say he was born in 1829, even that is mysterious.

From a young age until 1886 or 1887, he continuously fought the Mexicans defending Apache territory which also helped the expanding Territories of the United States.

1851 was a horrible year for Geronimo. While he traded goods in a nearby village, Mexicans slaughtered all but nine members of his Bedonkohe-Chiricahua tribe in New Mexico. Killing his mother, wife, three children and fellow warriors and friends. With few tribe members remaining, and overcome with grief, he joined with Cochise and another Apache tribe to fight the Mexicans and avenge his loved ones' deaths.

Originally named "Goyahkla" meaning "He that Yawns", he took the name "Geronimo" in 1851 while grieving his loss. Over the last 20 years, he'd often heard the Mexicans cry out "Cuidado! Geronimo!" when they faced him in battle. It meant "Be Careful. Pray to St. Jerome!" The Mexicans take original credit for creating Geronimo's legend. For decades, he was often hurt or wounded, but never fell to the enemy during battle. They believed he held spiritual shaman powers that protected him from harm, gave him "clairvoyant" sight and enabled him to "shapeshift" to defeat them. Those are myths. He simply knew how to successfully out-fox, outsmart and outfight the Mexicans.

Joining with Cochise in 1851, they continued fighting the Mexicans, winning most battles. They even fought on behalf of the US Territories. The Americans and Geronimo's Apache lived peacefully until 1863. That year, thirty American miners massacred Geronimo's new family in Pinos Altos, NM. From 1863 until surrendering in 1886, Geronimo avenged his family's deaths by torturing and killing "the White Man" Americans. He surrendered in Skeleton Canyon, Arizona to a man he admired, US Lt. Gatewood, who escorted him to Oklahoma.

In 1872, Geronimo split from Cochise when Cochise "broke the Arrow" with American Tom Jeffords, ending Cochise's war with the White Man. Geronimo went on to battle both Americans and Mexicans until 1886. Geronimo constantly protested the "reservation" idea. He didn't believe Chiracahuans nor any Indian Tribe needed US calvary protection. He also didn't like the compromises necessary to live on lands prescribed by US Calvary. He always felt, until the day he died, that his tribes would physically, morally & spiritually die under hands of American white man.

Geronimo believed in America's capitalist ideals. While on reservation from 1887 to the day he died, he sold photos & autographs of himself from 50 cents to a dollar. He also sold buttons from his outfits for 25 cents. And he wrote an autobiography in 1906.

The first Apache "reservation", before the actual 1872 truce, was stationed in Camp Verde, about 25 miles south of Sedona. Cochise and his tribe grew fabulous crops there, living up to the area's name "Verde Valley" to this day.

In 1909, Geronimo died of pneumonia near Lawton, OK.  After drinking too much, he fell off his horse during a rain storm, on his way back to reservation. Some believe he was over 100 years old at the time.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda - Sedona Spirit Psychic
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 4: Hollywood's Sedona

Next February marks the 18th Anniversary of the Sedona International Film Festival. But Sedona's most fascinating movie history occurred decades before.

Zane Grey's 1922 Silent film "The Call of the Canyon" originally put Sedona on the Hollywood map. John Ford's 1938 hit "Stagecoach", Joan Crawford's only Western movie "Johnny Guitar", Jimmy Stewart's "Broken Arrow", the dark drama "Leave Her to Heaven" and other films starred Sedona's Majestic Red Rocks.

Local legend tells the story of how John Ford found Sedona. His wife was traveling back to California when she got lost, finding herself in Sedona. The towering Red Rocks felt more appealing than Ford's Monument Valley backdrops.  She stopped at a rancher's house, called her film-maker husband and asked him to come get her. "You must see this!" The rest is history. Ford filmed many westerns here.

Stagecoach scene filmed at Red Rock Crossing
When he brought John Wayne to Red Rock Country for filming, Wayne took one look at Red Rock Crossing and pledged to include its scenery in every film he made. Legend continues that he did include Red Rock Crossing in every movie contract except his last film, "The Shootist."

Most recent films starring Sedona include "3:10 to Yuma" and "Sedona: the Movie" which may hit theaters end of 2012 or 2013.

Red Rock Crossing today
A little known Sedona film fact: German western "Der Kaiser von Kalifornien" filmed in Sedona during Hitler's reign to validate his actions toward global expansion & territorial occupations.

Movie stars lived and/or owned homes in Sedona. Madonna, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Lucille Ball, Walt Disney to name a few. Several entertainers, writers, philosophers visit Red Rock Country for inspiration or solitude. Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural finesse also dots the neighborhood landscape across Sedona.
View - end of Broken Arrow Trail
Where they filmed Jimmy Stewart Classic "Broken Arrow"

Namaste -
Robin Amanda - Sedona Spirit Psychic
Psychic-Medium (since 2009)
Reiki Master-Healer III
Former Sedona Vortex Guide
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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 3: Hopi Legend of Kachina Woman

Over the last several years while living or visiting Sedona, I asked numerous people from different backgrounds about legends or myths surrounding Sedona.

This story seemed to be the same, no matter who I asked: natives, anglos, long-time jeep guides, etc.

Kachina woman towers above Boynton Canyon, Land of the Seven Main Canyons. She is a vortex, but also a beacon for humankind.

Several thousand years ago, all 2-leggeds lived on the surface of Earth, like we do today. We lived in unity, peace and understanding for several thousand years. Walking every pathway of Mother Earth. Great Mystery (aka God) created us in his image and also gave us free will, egos and a growing, expanding, questioning mind. Over time, as our minds expanded with knowledge, our egos and desire to control expanded as well. We began controlling and manipulating other 2-leggeds. We created big wars to prove our superiority over other tribes. Eventually, we killed each other, except for a handful of 2-leggeds who sought shelter during those times.

Great Mystery was severely disappointed. He moved us from the surface of Earth & its rich abundance, down to Middle Earth (like the hobbits!). And he gave us a Guardian - Kachina Woman. In Hopi legend, Kachina was like the Virgin Mary, Hera from Greek Mythology, and Lakshmi from Eastern Indian folklore. Kachina was our divine protector, moderator and overseer. She ruled over us in Middle Earth with a kind, gentle hand, but also reported back to Great Mystery often, as he re-built the Earth we almost destroyed.

Several hundred years went by. We behaved ourselves. Kachina went to Great Mystery, told him how well we got along and asked if we could return to the new abundance of Earth's surface he created. He agreed. Under two conditions: (1) That Kachina Woman continue looking after us, looking over us. (2) And should we start destroying each other again, Kachina Woman would crumble or fall - as a signal to all 2-leggeds that Great Mystery was unhappy again and we'd be forced to straighten up without the guidance or help of Kachina - or else he'd move us all to some undisclosed, dark world, never to return to Earth's beautiful, abundant surface ever ever again.

So, if ever Kachina crumbles or falls, Hopis believe humanity is lost and will soon move to a dark, unknown place worse than Middle Earth.

Last January or February, Sedona experienced a light earthquake. Some of us flew over to Kachina Woman to see if she'd been affected. Parts of her base crumbled down near Boynton Canyon Trail, but she's still relatively in tact.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda - Sedona Spirit Psychic
Sedona Psychic-Medium (since 2009)
Reiki Master-Healer III
Former Sedona Vortex Guide (2009-2016)
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Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 2: Sedona Vortex Energy Revealed

Boynton Canyon (Balance-Electromagnetic)
There are as many explanations for the Sedona vortex energies as the different cultures who lived or worked here.

Having a background in geology, physics, engineering and spiritual energy work, I know everything is energy. When a change in energy occurs or the barometric pressure rises or drops wherever I am on Earth, I feel it. Either blessed or cursed, I've lived with this internal energy gauge over 30 years now. Using my internal gauge, I do sense certain energies at certain spots in Sedona. Sometimes I get headaches, which I don't normally have. Sometimes certain spots calm and soothe me. Some spots in Sedona energize me to act.

Mother Earth's constant energy forces manifest in many physically active ways: volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, dust storms, weather patterns. When an imbalance or energy surge occurs, we usually see or feel it. Sedona's "vortex" energies are felt, not seen.

Earth works a lot like our human bodies. Her involuntary systems of underground plates, sedimentary layers, rivers, mountains work on auto-pilot much like our heartbeat, lung function, blood flow or digestion.

Bell Rock (left) & Courthouse Butte (right) - (Electric)
When we drink sodas, the extra fizz (excess carbonated energy) causes a digestive imbalance and makes us burp. Earth burps excess energy too. Sometimes manifested in storms, volcanoes, earthquakes; sometimes in invisible energy rising from its core to the surface. This is what I call "vortex" energy: Mother Earth burping energy to the surface in a non-violent, invisible way. Earth's ley lines resemble human veins. Some folks believe Sedona's energies result from several key ley lines crisscrossing each other under Sedona's surface: like an Earth "cramp".

Natives believe Sedona is one of the Seven energy centers of the World, like our Seven Wonders of the World: Machu Picchu, Egypt's Giza, site of Eiffel Tower, India's Taj Majal and others. At one time, Sedona had seven distinct energy vortex areas. Also, seven main Native tribes used Sedona for communion among each other (e.g. G-7 Summit) and ceremony. The Boynton Canyon area is known by Natives as "Land of Seven Canyons" for the 7 main tribes who traveled here to learn from each other.

Cathedral Rock-Red Rock Crossing (Magnetic)
Scientists define Sedona's energy as swirling, non-violent cone-shaped (tornado-shaped) energy rising up from the earth's core to the surface. Seismologists tested Sedona's vortex energies and received different readings at each "vortex" area, substantiating scientists' claims.

The term "Sedona Vortex" was originally penned by psychic Page Bryant in the mid-1980s. While living on the East Coast, her spirit guides nudged her to visit Sedona for its spiritual and physical healing properties. When she visited this land, she felt electric and magnetic forces in certain places. Electric is manifesting, masculine energy that exudes out from the rocks. Magnetic is nurturing, soothing, feminine energy that brings us inward, or allows us to connect with the Earth.

Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte, Airport Mesa and Schnebly Hill feel "electric" and masculine. Airport Mesa is the strongest, largest, most stable energy area in Sedona. It's a great place to manifest, connect with your Spirit or bring ideas. Cathedral Rock, Red Rock Crossing and Chapel Rock feel "magnetic", feminine and nurturing. Wonderful places to unwind your worries and stresses. Boynton Canyon vortex is electromagnetic, providing balance of our male & female sides.

Since I believe everything is energy, I feel we leave pieces of our energy wherever we go, especially the Native American Indians who traveled here more often than we have. Their direct connection to the land and its powers to feed and shelter them created reverence, mutual respect. Bell Rock, Courthouse and Airport were predominantly walked by men. Cathedral Rock and Red Rock Crossing were used mostly by women. Courthouse Butte is also where the early Anglo settlers held justice and hangings - very masculine & active indeed!

View from Airport Mesa (Electric)
Over 4 million skeptics and believers visit Sedona from across the globe per year to discover if its magical energies can help them. Whenever I've guided visitors across Vortex areas, the skeptics become the strongest believers.

Chapel Rock (Magnetic)
You get what you intend (give) in Sedona. That's what I've found from living here and taking clients out on the land. Every one of my tour clients has experienced something they feel but can't explain or quantify. If you want to connect with your spirit and your "guides", you will. If you come for physical healing, you'll get it. If you come to release old patterns, physical and mental stress or excess emotional baggage, you'll leave feeling lighter. Whatever you need or want, there's a rock-vortex for that. That's the magic of Sedona.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda - Sedona Spirit Psychic
Sedona Psychic-Medium (since 2009)
Reiki Master-Healer III
Former Sedona Vortex Guide (2009-2016)
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 1: Who found Sedona? What's a Vortex?

Mogollon Rim behind Schnebly Hill
The first nomadic tribes found Sedona about 12,000 years ago while in search of a better climate and improved food sources like elk, deer, mammoth, bison. They traveled down from the Grand Canyon. No mysticism played a part in these original inhabitants finding Sedona. They had excellent "trackers". Some believe they were part of the Clovis tribe, the original North Americans who traveled across the Bering Strait to North America, seeking new land to live during extreme earth changes. (Source: US Forest Service & US Dept of Interior)

The Mogollon Rim surrounds Sedona, protecting it from extreme heat, cold and adverse weather conditions. The Rim is the southernmost section of the Colorado Plateau, once part of the Grand Canyon. It provides a perfect, protected place to live whether you're human, plant or animal, even in 10,000 BC.
Petroglyph from V-Bar-V Ranch

Artifacts trace human existence in the Sedona area up to 8,000 BC, then nothing for almost 7,000 years. Mysteriously, not a trace of human activity in the Sedona area from 8,000 BC to 200 BC.  Much like the Hopi legend of the first true Sedona settlers, the Sinagua Indians: they vanished.

Archaeological data suggests the Sinagua, Hopi and Anasazi tribes are related. They share similar spiritual, agricultural and physical traits. It's unclear which tribe came first. The Hopi believe the Sinagua were first, other tribes believe the Anasazi were. Disagreements exist everywhere in society no matter what century, but when it comes to legends, most members of various tribes do agree with this one.

Boynton Canyon
Sinagua villages &
spiritual"sacred space"
Native legend says the Sinagua tribe ("without water") was drawn to Sedona by its natural, magnetic energy force, what we call Vortex Energy, around 1000-1100 AD. The Sinagua felt the gravitational and spiritual pull to Sedona before they'd ever seen it. Archaeologists claim the Sinagua lived here over 300 years (1100 - 1425 AD). Then suddenly, without a trace, they vanished into thin air.

Legend says they learned to use the energies in these Red Rocks and transformed out of their bodies. They still live here; we simply can't see them anymore. They're vibrating at a higher rate.

Another part of the legend believes several Sinagua Shaman hover and protect parts of Sedona, seen as ravens floating across the sky or skimming the edges of vortex sites, using Sedona's energies to help fulfill "anglos" wish-lists - wish lists of those who travel here for spiritual awakening, emotional release, physical healing or just to relax.

The Sinagua were the only tribe to successfully live in Sedona, where other tribes failed. Interestingly, you will not find many natives living in Sedona today. They live around the area, but not in it. Some say the energies are too intense and Anglos are crazy for living here - it will melt our brains! Maybe they're right?

Sedona Schnebly -
1st Schoolteacher
The Sinagua named this land "Palatki", meaning Red House. The name "Sedona" came from the Anglo settlers around 1900, named after "Palatki's" first schoolteacher, Sedona Schnebly, wife of the first postmaster.

Because Sedona's main water source, Oak Creek, was much higher and wider when the Sinagua lived here, they had plenty of water for crops, livestock and themselves. They created genius irrigation and pulley systems found at Palatki Ruins, Tuzigoot and Montezuma Castle.

The Sinagua tribe spread across the entire Verde Valley area: Sedona, Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Tuzigoot, Camp Verde, Beaver Creek, Montezuma Castle & near Montezuma Well. Spanning almost 180 square miles, larger than the current Yavapai-Apache Nation reservation in Verde Valley now.

For almost 400 years, they thrived - building sturdy cliff dwellings, farming the land, making pottery, trading with other tribes, carving & painting on rocks. They even survived several violent volcanic eruptions from Sunset Crater (near Flagstaff). Then suddenly around 1425 AD, they vanished. No trace, no footprints, no tracks leading out of town. Other tribes tried to "track" them - they came up dry. (Source: US National Parks System ( - Montezuma Castle)

Tuzigoot National Monument
Sinagua's Largest Community
If you visit Tuzigoot National Monument, you'll hear more about the mystery surrounding the Sinagua. Some scientists claim the Sinagua were massacred by other tribes, but no residue from an attack exists. Some feel the tribe suffered from an epidemic and perished, though no remains substantiate that claim either. Others feel the thousands of tribal members fell under drought and famine and remaining members were assumed into other tribes (e.g. Hopi & Anasazi).

If you ever visit Sedona, take a trip to the area's Cliff Dwellings, petroglyphs and pictographs. Maybe the spirits of the Sinagua Shaman will speak to you, revealing the truth behind their mystery. Best sites are Tuzigoot, Montezuma Castle and Palatki Ruins.

You'll find many conflicting stories and legends in Sedona. Wherever diverse cultures converge and merge (Native Indian, Scientists, Hollywood, NASA, New Agers, Ranchers, white collar & blue collar), conflicting views will exist. That's also part of Sedona's magic.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda - Sedona Spirit Psychic
Sedona Psychic-Medium (since 2009)
Reiki Master-Healer III
Former Sedona Vortex Guide (2009-2016)
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sedona Magic

Sedona, Arizona holds spectacular beauty, ancient wisdom and mysterious magic within its natural boundaries.

Over the next 10-15 days, I will blog-share specific Sedona experiences and knowledge with you that I received as a local Sedonan for almost three years. It is my way of bringing Sedona to you and giving thanks to this wondrous land - before leaving Sedona next month.

You'll see breathtaking photos and learn about Sedona's mysteries, folklore and myths. You'll learn about past & current Sedona society, Native American legends & influences, history about the area, geographic, geological, soci-economic tidbits and the best places to go if you travel here.

Consider it your special Sedona Tour, similar to my Vortex Tours, without the cost of a ticket and rental car.

Tomorrow's First installment: Who originally found the Sedona area? What in the heck is a Vortex?

Hope you'll find it enjoyable! Until tomorrow....

Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit - Robin Amanda...Psychic, Clairvoyant, Vortex Tour Guide, Reiki Master-Teacher
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Part 2: Occupy Your Life - Free Will

Last month, I blogged about the Occupy Movement & Free Will. This is an addendum to that. People ask me why I'm against the Occupy movement. Colleagues in spiritual communities have blasted me for my anti-Occupy stance, calling me all kinds of names, judging me, saying I don't walk my talk, lack integrity or I'm creating more division. Paragraphs below should set the record straight.

After months of OWS research and listening to all sides, it seems very simple. While the Occupy Movement may work in countries where citizens do not have a voice or choice - dictatorships, communist, fascist or socialist countries like Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Greece or Canada (country of origin for founders of Occupy Wall Street - - it does not work in the US because every legal US citizen has a voice, choice and action steps if they use it, provided by our US Constitution. It's called contacting your Congressman, getting involved in the system that's run on auto-pilot for decades, educating yourself about the process, current & pending laws & bills, and letting your voice by heard.

The US Constitution highlights individual Free Will, Personal Responsibility and a call to Action like no other government document in history. It is what separates the US from the rest of the world. Its edicts and philosophy is what draws many across the globe to live here. Why not use it?

When John F. Kennedy stated "Political action is the highest responsibility of a citizen," he meant taking action, not occupying. Why Occupy when you can rid our country of corruption by using the system & contacting your Congressmen? That's where it all starts. That's where Bills start. Bills supported by US citizens become law - that's true change in our current system. The US Constitution gives all of us a voice. If we use it. Protesting highlights a problem and is a necessary part of the process. Developing & bringing solutions is the next step. Communicating those solutions to those we elect, holding their feet to the fire and reminding them they work for us are the remaining steps. And we're able to do those things very cheaply.

Occupying US streets & cities is costing taxpayers millions of dollars in clean-up and/or "allowances" to Occupiers, like port-a-potties, extra police over-time costs, controlling criminal behavior, protecting innocent bystanders. Real change and ridding our society of corruption is free - emailing our congressmen and policy-makers, holding them accountable, or occupying the hallways of Capitol Hill. So far, Occupy across the country has cost taxpayers millions of dollars. What if those millions were spent on our National Debt? Or our budget deficits?

Critics of OWS & the Occupy movement's peaceful demonstrations have one main premise: Occupying is unnecessary in the United States because our Democratic Republic, as outlined in the US Constitution, allows each person to act on his/her beliefs to affect change in our existing system - through our votes and communicating with our local US congressmen & policy-makers. The US Constitution since 1787, gives us the power to directly communicate our grievances and make stealthy changes, ridding our country of any type of corruption by our active participation in the system. Prohibition happened that way. The 18th Amendment passed in 1919 by citizen action across the country long before internet, instant email or even telephones in every household.

If Occupy Movement truly wanted to rid our country of corruption, why not use the system combined with internet tools to make that happen? US citizens made real change back in 1919. Their action was later repealed, however, citizens used the Constitutional system and it worked! Now we have more powerful tools to make change happen faster, easier, cheaper.  The use of the internet allows us to email policy-makers with a click of a button - in just a few minutes! We all see Occupiers with computers, webcams, etc. What if they put that technology to good use? Instead of YouTubing their fights with the law to get attention, what if they used their energies and education to develop real solutions to end corruption?  Then contact Congress or governments that hold the power to make those real changes? Using their "en masse" approach for real change?

As swarms of individuals Occupy cities with no real agenda except ideas, critics wonder why these folks aren't using their voice, sense of "community", education, computers, internet to learn what really caused the economic mess, how Congress and Special Interest groups (e.g. lobbyists) helped create it.  Many Occupiers feel more regulations on businesses will remedy corruption and put people back to work. That theory's proven false for decades. Corruption will always exist, with or without regulations. Malpractice suits, Medicaid & Medicare fraud, corporations skirting around tax laws, congressmen getting kickbacks from Special Interest groups, the recent "green" energy debacle (e.g. Solyndra), over $5,000 in farm subsidies given to non-farmers - all prove that corruption happens in all areas of society with or without regulations. More regulations will not stop corruption. If someone wants to beat the system, they will find a way.

Regulating businesses restricts their ability to hire or grow, which restricts our economy. We learned that from the Reagan administration during the '80s. Employment rose, commodities and gas prices decreased when industries were deregulated. So those Occupy groups who desire more regulation have not done their homework. And they have the tools to find these facts & trends: computers, internet, etc. Why aren't they educating themselves? Regulation isn't the key to ridding our society of corruption and fraudulent practices that have stalled our economy and job-creation.

I've asked some Occupiers "have you contacted your congressman to voice your concerns or provide solutions?" 4 out of 5 have said "They won't listen." Notice how they didn't answer the question. My theory: if every Occupier sent emails to their local, state & US policy-makers on a daily basis, our congressmen WOULD LISTEN! If Occupiers did this from their homes versus dirtying our streets, providing congressmen ideas on bills and ways to rid our society of corruption, corporate and government (where the real corruption exists), corruption would END or at least reduce.

I believe in what most Occupy groups allege: Reducing corruption and fraud is a good thing. Reducing fraud in government entitlement programs would help pay down our US budget deficit by cutting out government waste (e.g. US Agriculture farm subsidies given to non-farmers as seen on John Stossel's TV program). Reducing corruption in government and corporations by catching tax evasion would help pay down our US debt. The real question remains: How to do it? Are the Occupy protesters developing solutions?

Many Occupy protesters are upset about losing their homes or being laid off. With no jobs on the horizon, they are running out of their 90-plus-week unemployment checks. According to the New York Post last week, over 100,000 job openings existed New York City. According to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data, approximately 52% of American companies have open job positions.

I support Free Will and everyone's right and responsibility to fulfill their soul destiny with the least resistance. I support any movement that wishes to rid our society of corruption. If Occupy truly wants to get rid of corruption, why align with the following organizations? Many proven to be corrupt. (source: Communist Party of China, US-based Anarchist groups, American Socialist Party, KKK, SEIU (same union responsible for death-threats and violence during Wisconsin Protests), ACORN (the same organization who supported housing corruption that led, in part, to our real estate tragedy),, Nazi Party, AFL-CIO (which crippled US job creation with their outlandish salary & pension demands on businesses), National Education Association (Special Interest group which promotes bad teachers and poor education without grading performance).

Citizens of the United States already have the ability to affect change. We simply forgot, chose not to pay attention, or use our Rights. With rights come responsibility. We chose to let our government run on auto-pilot. We've all woken up now. It's time to use the system, not abuse it. Hold people & politicians accountable for abuses. With internet resources and quick speeds, it takes little time to find out what got us in the mess (Congress), where corruption really exists, and taking steps to clean it up as cheaply as possible.
The United States of America was built on Free Will, Personal Responsibility and Citizen Action. Let's get this party started without creating more of a mess, costing us all. One for all, all for one.

--Robin Amanda Kelley