Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Occupy Your Life - Free Will

Most of us are witnessing the recent Occupy Movement through the press or first-hand. While its main message "We've awakened. We want our power back. We want to end corruption & others' power over us" is a worthy cause, it overlooks one key element: Individual Free Will. Protesting exercises a tiny component of Free Will. It is not the whole enchilada. Practicing Free Will also means taking action to improve our individual lives. Taking Personal Responsibility, not allowing others to manipulate or dissuade us from enlightenment and success while living on this Earthly Plane. Practicing Free Will makes us feel victorious, not victimized.

As souls, we're given Free Will. The Freedom to choose what and who we want in our lives and how to get it. The Freedom to choose what and who we don't want, and how to avoid or wrestle free of them. Karma, Fate, Destiny are forces designed to move us closer to what we do want. Like wind shifts as we direct the boat of our individual lives.

It's up to us how we move and adapt to that wind, how to direct the sails of our boat, knowing where we want to go - as individuals. We must know where we want to go - emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically. That is the first step in manifesting the life we want. That is the first step before adjusting our sails. It's an individual choice, Free Will in practice. Free Will is not contingent upon others' perceptions or judgments. Free Will is not a mass movement. It's ours alone, as individual as our thumbprint. No one else owns it or can destroy it, unless we allow them to. Free Will and Personal Responsibility are one in the same spiritually. You cannot have one without the other.

As enlightened souls in human bodies, feeling victimized is the antithesis of Free Will. Your individual soul, your "inner power", only knows growth and victory, not defeat, living in the past, or loss. When we make mistakes, we grow from them - moving toward success, with more knowledge. When we experience the loss of a loved one, we learn that love has no bounds, we still think of them with love in our heart. Love does not die - it remains victorious, though we may grieve that loss. Our soul only knows growth and victory.

If you want something from the very bottom of your heart, that means your soul desires it as well. If you think it, you can become it. Our imagination is our soul's desire manifested in mental energy. Our only limitation is ourselves, doubting our own inner power. Or allowing others to control or destroy it. Free Will is an individual choice. Not a mass movement.

I admire the Occupy Movement for its passion and message. However, passion, ideals, ideas only go so far. Your emotional energy must match up with action steps to create a better life for yourself, in whatever way you choose. Our physical bodies yearn for action, not just words or ideas. We were born in physical bodies to experience how it helps us create the life we want - to take action.  If ideas or passion were the only necessary elements to live how we want, get what we want, we wouldn't need these bodies. We'd transform out of them, like the legend of the Sinaguan Indians of Sedona. That's not the reality we're given at the moment. Match your emotional desire, your imagination with action. Practice your individual Free Will.

Occupy Your Individual Life. Practice your Free Will. Know what direction you want to go, which way to direct your sails, what you want in your life. Then move your sails. Want your "inner power" back? It never left you. You simply have to access it, use it. Don't like corruption? Move away from it. Want a better political system? Vote. Want to live off the land? Take action steps to create that life for yourself. Want to be free of the corporate world? Start your own business on the side, practice disciplined action steps and it's yours. We live in a world full of opportunity.  If you know what you want and have the courage and determination to act on it, pursue it, you can get it. Free Will is an individual choice, as unique as your thumbprint.

The activating, pioneering energy of today's Red Hawk Full Moon (Aries Moon) provides you Great Medicine to practice your Free Will, Reconnecting You With Your Beautiful Spirit.

Namaste -
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