Sunday, April 17, 2011

Springtime in Sedona

Springtime colors Sedona with white & purple desert flowers, the red wings of cardinals, bright flight of blue jays, and the hum of brilliant green hummingbirds dancing mid-air around blossoming trees. Oak Creek rolls gently past Cathedral Rock and Red Rock Crossing.

If you're looking for Mother Nature's beauty, you'll find it among the Red Rocks of Sedona now. We had snow just 10 days ago. After melting within 24 hours, Mother Earth immediately came alive in her wondrous splendor.

Just this morning, hiking the base of Castle Rock, I heard the songs of 5 bird species (cardinals, jays, quail, doves, warblers). Reminded me of the Sound of Music tune. Wondered if this was what Oscar Hammerstein II meant. The Red Rock hills were alive with the sound of nature's music.

Life can be complicated. Mother Earth can be complicated and cruel. But she is also very forgiving, nurturing and beautiful. Visit Sedona this Spring. Discover the simplicity of living in the moment. Recharge your batteries. Refresh your soul. Reconnect with her magic.

Spring blooms should last until mid-May this year - so there's plenty of time to hike along red dirt paths lined with spring flower & cactus blossoms of white, yellow, purple and pink.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
(928) 451-5107

Friday, April 8, 2011


Integrity defined by Webster's: adherence to a code of values.

Some folks don't adhere to their spoken values.

We can change that. If not directly, then indirectly by practicing integrity in our daily lives. Aligning our actions with what we value, adhering to our internal code of values.

Since like attracts like, when we act on our values, we attract & manifest more of what we value.  Ultimately our personal integrity actions reach the external world around us.

What do you value? Are you aligning your actions with what you value?

Small, solid baby steps will take you there.

- Namaste-
(928) 451-5107