Sunday, January 9, 2011

Arizona Tragedy

If you've watched the news, you know about the horrible tragedy in Tucson yesterday. Click here for the latest details.

This was a senseless act of violence committed by a very unstable individual. Until we get more facts about this incident, that's all we really know. Over the last 24 hours, I've heard & seen the press make baseless assumptions. Several media claimed US AZ Rep Giffords was fatally shot within minutes of the incident. They were wrong.

As the day progressed, political blame grew - via Social Media & mainstream media. The political Left blaming the political Right for this tragedy. Most statements from the political Right were somber, grief-stricken and rational. "We have to hold people responsible for the actions they take," stated AZ State Rep Carl Seele. Jumping to judgments & assumptions without facts gets us nowhere fast. It creates more anger, conflict in a country already divided. And it stymies our ability to process what happened.

The families of the victims are suffering devastating loss since yesterday. As a surviving family member of double-homicide (1988), I feel their pain, remember the grief, and recall the lessons. Those lessons took a while to understand. My family's tragedy involved politics (Early Release of Parolees, Criminal's prior minor offenses escalating to Capital Murder), the justice system (Death Penalty leading to execution), emotional, mental & spiritual depths.

Anger is part of the grief process. Whether we're aware of it or not, we're all grieving this horrible tragedy. I know. I've been there. And I've watched others in their individual grief too. We're all different, we all react differently. But we're all united that this AZ tragedy has affected us - no matter what state we live in, what side of the political or metaphysical aisle we hang our hat on.

Six people were tragically killed yesterday, one victim was 9 yrs old. Several people critically injured and fighting for their lives right now, including Giffords. Creating more anger & divisiveness will not help them.

From my personal experience which closely resembles these Tucson families', I ask everyone to please consider the victims, the families and their losses. Respect them. If you feel the need to place judgment, in order to make sense of this senseless tragedy, place judgment on the assailant - the perpetrator - not the system, not politics, not your neighbor, not your country.

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