Saturday, December 4, 2010

Talents & Power to Change

We each hold powers within us to change our circumstances, the external & internal. As unique as our thumb-print, are our individual talents & gifts that we brought to this world we're living in now. 

Had a discussion last night with some very aware folks. We talked about the geo-political climates & humanity at large living in this time. We discussed human history, differing cultures. Their viewpoints provided great clarity through the chaos. The reason for talking politics lately is simple: to create awareness of actions now that will affect us later. 

Over the course of the last 100+ years, politics (law & policy creation) brings up negative feelings of victimized power & control. Its pure definition "wise in promoting policy", has gotten mixed up & messed up by those in political power. To many, politics = control & power. It's not. It's about setting policy that affects a group. Politicians simply created that cloud of victimization by their actions & our inactions. We can return to its origins - "wise in promoting a policy". We can change course - improving our lives & others.

Remember this saying? "They're going to do what they're going to do. We have no control over it. Why bother. Why vote. Why care." That's been the sentiment surrounding politics, no matter what country you live in. By that very phrase & theory, we've given them the power. We can take it back.

Being aware of the world around us & its energy coursing through us, we can improve, enhance it.  Knowing what surrounds us, then taking action in whatever way our talents move us. We can turn any negative into a powerful positive. Law of physics. Using your unique abilities to do so, you can transform, elevate, empower any level or facet of the human experience.

Your talents may lie in the arts, sciences, technology, social networking, ethereal energy work, physical healing arena, psychic arenas, political strategies, relationship building, physical activity, etc. Whatever interests you or you're good at - those are your talents. We all have them - as individual & complex as your fingerprint. Use your highest talents & you'll transform your world. 

Some folks are "doers" who revel in completing physical tasks. Those folks contact legislators, form like-minded groups, watch-dog groups, protest. That's their contribution. Some folks are philosophers who educate themselves & others via conversation, debate, strategies. They inform & transform by their ideas. Some folks are natural born leaders practicing "higher good" principles that transform. They lead others. Some folks prefer to use Universal energies (inner meditation, energy work) to transform their world. They may not be visible but they're contributing to global balance just the same. Which category are you? 

Whatever way you want to use your energies, talents - do it. You'll transform your life & the world. In whatever arena you choose. You can turn a negative into a positive. You'll help yourself & others evolve, moving through the darkness into the light. 

Being aware is the first step, like the first step in any 12-step program. Stay conscious of the world you're living in. Determine if positive changes are necessary. If so, use your talents to further balance the world.

Godspeed & Blessings to you as you transform & elevate our world! I'm thankful for each one of you & your individual talents.

Namaste -

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