Monday, December 13, 2010

Many Wonders of Northern Arizona

Northern Arizona holds great mysteries, intense beauty and a strong sense of community. If you're seeking variety in Mother Nature's gifts, you'll find it here. Blessed with good weather, don't forget to stop in Sedona, AZ.

Catch the Grand Canyon at Sunset or Sunrise. Feel the intense powers of Mother Earth inspire and educate with her magic. All elements (earth, wind, fire, water) touch this grand masterpiece. About 4 hours' drive north of Phoenix.

Walk along the South Rim's Canyon Trail. Sit and sense almost 12,000 years of human history unfold around you. Retrace the footprints of the seven main AZ tribes: Navajo, Zuni, Hopi, Havasupai, Hualapa, Yavapai, Southern Paiute. 

Observe Mother Earth's message of vast possibilities, renewed & recycled resources as your gaze spans the many dimensions of the Canyon, revealing different climates, flora & fauna at each level.

Feel Earth's resiliency, agelessness & cycles of life while viewing the different layers, rock formations - from top to bottom, side to side. The oldest rock, Elves Chasm, is over 1.8 billion years old. The youngest, Kaibab Limestone, 270 million years old. 

Our lifespans are just a mere blip on the vast radar screen of Earth & Human History. Sign up for one or several Ranger Programs to learn more about the wisdom of the Canyon.

Visiting the Grand Canyon, learning about its history & significance, will make a "Global Warming" or "Climate Change" disbeliever out of you. Mother Earth simply cycles & recycles. Human interference is no match for her force, longevity & enlightened wisdom.
Cathedral Rock Vortex, Sedona AZ Dec 2010

Schnebly Hill Trail - Sedona AZ

Munds Wagon Trail, Sedona 
Drive 2-1/2 hours' South of the Grand Canyon & visit Sedona, AZ. Home of the Red Rock Vortexes & more human history dating back at least 6,000 years.

Take a guided tour where you'll learn about Sedona's fascinating human history, geology, scientific tie-ins, spiritual elements & current modern-day uses by the International Community.

Reconnect with Your Beautiful Spirit. Relax, refresh & unwind with a Sedona spa treatment. Or rent a mountain bike or ATV to experience Sedona's many natural wonders. 

Hiking on Top of the World. Just don't forget your Red Rock pass when parking at trails.

Enjoy a leisurely stroll through Sedona's most beautiful marketplace, enjoying a meal at Oak Creek Brewery, Secret Garden or dinner at Rene's.  

Sedona closes up pretty early at night (8p-9p). Looking for action after hours? Try Old Sedona Bar & Grille or Ken's Creekside for nightly entertainment. Or place your bets at Cliff's Castle Casino just 20 minutes away by car.  

Finish off your visit to Northern Arizona with Sky Medicine - visit the Meteor Crater just a few miles North of Flagstaff on I-40 (near Winslow) Exit 233. Approximately 50,000 yrs ago, a tiny fragment of meteorite (size of pen top) fell from the sky at about 26,000 mph, forming this huge 1-mile-wide hole. Handicap-accessible walkway takes you a few feet above the actual site, with binoculars available. The onsite Museum highlights Earth's experiences with meteors & other objects falling from the sky. 

Explore Northern Arizona. You'll be glad you did.

For more travel tips, email me or visit my website or Sedona Chamber site. 


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  2. Thanks Billy. Value your comment. Pictures always better than words.

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