Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Manifest - Create & Build on a Solid Foundation

Manifesting changes in & around your life is a natural human ability. Great manifesting power belongs to you through the night of Dec. 20th, when the Lunar Eclipse empowers Winter Solstice (Dec 21).  Now is a wonderful time to build on your dreams - no matter how improbable or impossible they seem. Caveat - be careful what you wish for.  

Before cementing your desire(s), sit in the silence of your Being. Block out any distractions. Listen to the rhythm of your heart beat. Lower the volume. Dig deep within your soul & heart. Pull out the golden morsels that resonate with your Higher Self - those ideas or events that ignite your heart's passion, your soul's purpose, and flood you with inner peace & fulfillment. Those morsels belong to you. They've always been yours for the asking.

Take those golden morsels, put them on a plate. Ask the Universe (God) to assist in attracting them into your reality. It will take care of the details. 

Promise yourself that you'll remain open to receive them - no matter how impossible or improbable they may appear. Detach from the wanting of them (outcome). Attach faith. Miracles will happen. 

May your life be filled with wondrous blessings -
Robin - Sedona Spirit
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  2. When you know the parts and method of executing the manifestation procedures at that point.Manifesting using your subconscious mind