Wednesday, August 4, 2010

People, Politics & Spiritual Awakening - Part 2 of 3

Carl Calleman, expert researcher of the Mayan Calendar & Eastern Vedic wisdom, believes humanity's Age of Transformation as described on the Mayan Calendar & in Eastern philosophy, is happening now. 

The Mayan transformation speaks to humanity's awakening period on our planet. Awakening from a deep sleep where the forces of the Universe become more apparent - where humanity learns more about how the Heavens & the Underworlds shape our human consciousness. That's the awakening period, the Transformation period. A period when we learn more, evolve more, learn to accept more, move toward Higher Enlightenment, enabling us to put together the pieces of the great mystery "Why do we exist? Why are we here?" 

Based on the Calendar, we're in that cycle now through the physical end date of the Mayan Calendar. 

We're re-awakening to truths. Truths about our human existence - who's pulling the strings, who's pulled our strings, do we have to continue accepting it, how can we improve our lives, improve lives of others, what common traits do we share, etc. 

Technology plays a big role in our awakening -- allowing us to learn more - across countries, borders, cultures. It's no accident. The Calendar states an acceleration of human & artificial technology during this Age. Time is moving faster, our lives move faster. It's written on the Calendar. The Calendar prophecies have been proven true time & time again.Maybe it's time we put those prophecies into practice now.

What's the ultimate theory behind the Calendar prophecy at this time? Change.  As we learn more, our awareness increases, we evolve faster (spiritually), we raise our vibration. Law of Physics & Quantum physics - the old patterns, old parties, old methods will no longer work. Whether we're speaking about individuals, cities, states, countries, science, religion, socioeconomic status, etc. Doesn't matter. It's change across the spectrum.

So how does this relate to politics? 

Simply put, it means huge shifts in politics across the globe -  big, unexpected shake-ups.  It means people are waking up to find an environment or government they don't want, laws or regulations they don't want. Being ruled by leaders they don't want. Being ruled, maneuvered by forces that at one time seemed beyond their control - that they're no longer willing to accept. It means no more heads in the sand. And it means...we're right on schedule. 

Dissension in the ranks, rancorous outbursts, changes in political culture, climates - it's all part of the bigger spiritual plan. Out with the old, in with the new. The real new - not an old way dressed up as the new way.

For the US, The Tea Party is no accident. It's necessary. These folks stand ready for real change. The old party line isn't working for them. They've awakened to find their country in a chaotic mess of nonsense rules, ruled by parties or individuals who say one thing & do something else. Ruled by folks who care about themselves more than their constituents. The Tea Party espouses a code of rules & ethics that worked at one time - the US Constitution. A code our politicians have denied or avoided since at least the late 1930's. It's undetermined if applying the Constitution during this awakening period will be helpful. But like all hypothesis & scientific experiments, it's important to allow these forces to play out in whatever shape or form. It's important to our human existence, our learning process.

Our US awakening period also means more political parties may form, more dissension, more revolution talk, more political chaos. As chaos or dissension increases, those in control will become more fierce. Like an Ayn Rand novel, the "powers" will own the press, forcing the people to believe fiction vs. fact. They will propagandize or neutralize positions against them. The "powers" powers dwindle when people awaken to the truths. It will be mayhem, but it is all temporary. Like renting from a bad landlord, once the lease is up, you can move to a better living space. In this case, more Enlightenment, more knowledge. It's all part of the process.

Based on the Calendar, events surrounding the globe at this time, lead humanity toward more questioning, more opportunities for individuals to discern fact from fiction. More opportunities for growth & learning, and finding soul families.

The more we learn, the more we question. Questioning is good. That's the Awakening Period. The more we question, the faster we'll find the true answers. When we don't question, or don't have the right question, we don't receive true answers. When we question, question everything, we open ourselves up to finding the ultimate answers - for ourselves, for our environment, for our national & global good, which leads to Higher Enlightenment.

This Awakening or Transformation period is about finding truths. Based on the Calendar, we've been given this wonderful window of time to find them - through either Oct, 2011 or Dec 2012, depending upon who you speak with. 

No matter what your interests are - spiritual, emotional, physical, mental balance - simply ask questions of the status quo and you'll find answers that will lead you upward to your Spiritual Enlightenment. Do things differently. Embrace differences & change. That's the phase of humanity we're living in today. Finding truths, finding integrity, lead to finding beauty, and ultimately finding love & balance.

Enjoy this wonderful journey of awakening.  You're right on schedule!

Namaste -

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