Sunday, July 25, 2010

Social Media & Spiritual Awareness

Over the last 3 years, my Spirit Guides show me past visions they sent me decades ago, along with new ones. Their intent is two-fold: confirming their decades-old messages of truth (trust); and reminding me to apply and share with others (fulfilling part of my destiny) . I'm so fortunate to receive their guidance & wisdom about  how everything fits in the world we live now. 
Some of these visions are 30-40 years old! They didn't make sense then, but everything becomes clearer now with each passing day.

What does this have to do with Social Media? This morning, my Spirit Guides/Invisible Helpers sent another reminder of past visions. It was 1970. I was 6 years old, sitting in my pink & yellow room, talking with my "invisible friends", scribbling on a writing pad. Hadn't learned to write legibly then, so they were scribbles.

Here's what they showed & said. None of it made sense then. But, boy howdy! It does now!

"Around the year 1999, information will spread across continents, across boundaries, across phone lines & belief systems. It will begin moving in a very invisible way. The information will not come from current news sources, groups, organizations. It will come from individuals. Lots of individuals. News sources will lose their credibility. Most information will be authentic, but you will have to use your intuition, your inner guidance system, to filter truth from fiction.

"Information from each person on this planet will be shared freely. Everyone will have a story to tell. Everyone will want to be heard. Every other person will want to hear them. Every story, every individual, every topic, opinion will add new dimension, new understandings to benefit all humanity. 

"Through this new method, everyone will have the chance to find their soul families, their voice, to remind each that they make a difference, they have something contribute to others, they belong here, they are spiritual beings. Everyone will contribute their philosophies, opinions, diversity for the benefit of all humanity & Mother Earth. That is the true diversity. The pathway toward human unity consciousness, thereby propelling their spiritual evolution faster, quicker, deeper, stronger. 

"Only by declaring, revealing each person's differences, will understandings, acceptance, occur. Then the real unity of humanity will begin.

"The closer you reach 2012, the faster this information will flow. It will flow invisibly. To an outsider, it will feel alien, otherworldly. It's all about energy - energy is invisible. Simultaneously, humanity will experience stress, loss of sleep, troubled sleep patterns, anger, anxiety - just complete jitters. It's all part of the plan. (Back then, I didn't even know what "stress" meant!) 

"Energy & vibrations will be heightened as information is shared, new awareness created. That will create stress, anxiety for those wishing to hold onto their past, to the rigidity of societal norms, religious practices, belief systems, created over 3,000 yrs ago. The pattern will begin in the 1980's, moving quicker in 2000 then at lightning speed through 2014." A-ho! It is now so! Unbelievable. 

They mentioned during this time, it would be best if I lived upclose & personal to nature, to ground & balance my own energies as these "invisible" energies increased.  

Their ultimate message: "As technology & science move faster, so will humanity's spiritual evolution. It's about increasing, expanding awareness. Science, technology will blend with spirituality, philosophy. Thoughts will manifest quicker. Earth will change/move on its axis faster, creating imbalance with weather patterns, land shifts, etc. Be careful of the 'fire'. Human emotion such as anger will reflect as earthen planetary changes. However, Mother Earth will also change on its own as it does every 100-500 years. The Earth will not blow up. There's no such thing as 'Armageddon', unless humanity creates or fears it."

With that shared, here is another vision, prediction received about 5 years ago. It has not yet manifested in our world.
When you're driving your car on the road, you'll be able to contact another drive via cell phone (or something like it - Onstar??) by typing in their License plate number. 

Wow! Wouldn't that be cool!

Namaste - Robin Amanda Kelley

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