Wednesday, July 28, 2010

People, Politics & Spiritual Reawakening

You may be asking yourself - "Why in the heck is a Psychic Channel concerned with politics?" 

That's a great question. Short answer is: "Because politics involves people, their daily lives and livelihoods -  now & in the future." Also, most of my spirit guides were past political, philosophical and religious leaders - popular & unpopular during their lifetimes. 

We live in very interesting times now - in our country and on the planet. It's all part of the Age of Transformation, where we're shedding old ideologies for new ones that better suit our spiritual evolution & enlightenment. Every facet of our human existence affects our spiritual enlightenment. That's why we're here! At least, that's my belief.

The United States & other countries across the globe are facing radical changes on several fronts at this time - social, economic, political, environmental. These changes affect us all. My intention is to provide perspectives that move us away from fear and into encouragement, empowerment - however that manifests -  reminding each one of us of our skills, truths, strengths.

Greek Philosopher Heraclitus (Pre-Socrates) once said, "Nothing is permanent but change." It's simply a matter of how we handle change. Some people welcome it, others fear it.

In the US, we're experiencing change on multiple fronts. For the first time in over 100 years, a third political party is building momentum & strength. Our financial markets appear unbalanced. Unemployment & entrepreneurship are both on the rise. Strange weather patterns occur more frequently, including possibly the world's largest piece of hail found in South Dakota. And our energy policy & usage is being revisited after almost 40 years. In short, our US ideologies are shifting.

In the wake of this shift, I've discovered something extraordinary. Something I've longed to see for the last 20 years - a reawakening in the hearts & minds of fellow Americans. For decades, we were a country of citizens who voted then moved on with our daily lives, forgetting what we voted for, relying & trusting on our leaders to carry out our wishes. Now we're taking more active roles & remembering our positions, asking leaders to hold true to them. 

I see this across party lines - with liberals, conservatives, moderates, libertarians, etc. It's so refreshing. Yes, it may feel unsettling & create a bit of chaos, short-term irritability. Like when someone wakes us from a nice, sweet dream reminding us we're 10 minutes late. It's temporary.

Case in point - I attended a local Tea Party Kick-Off meeting this past weekend. Curious about their stance, their attitudes. So much controversy surrounding their party, I had to see for myself. Here's what I saw:

About 75 people between the ages of 50-80 yrs old attended. The main party chairs told me the crowd was only 1/3 its normal size. 

Three capable, intelligent speakers cited world history, US history, philosophies & patterns. Two speakers were former Aerospace & Electrical Engineers from major Fortune 500 companies - smart guys. They both mentioned Quantum Physics in their dialogues. Very different from our media's portrayal of this party. 

These folks were mild-mannered, respectful, intelligent, hard-working individuals who are just fed-up. On each person's face, I saw decades of hard work, diligence, perseverance, survival & ultimate intent to do the right thing - in any endeavor. They raised families, good kids, paid the piper, obeyed the rules while keeping their sense of humor. Either through layoffs, retirement or selling their businesses - they now have the free time to devote to their country. And that's what they're doing. They are walking their talk.

After attending the heated, disrespectful, loud, pushing & shoving spectacle of the Harris County Democratic Convention in 2008 (previous to Obama's election win) as an alternative Delegate, gotta say -  these Tea Party members seemed almost angelic. No one spoke or preached hate, they spoke about commonalities, the common good, with a good sized dose of individuality. 

At the August 2008 Democratic convention, I heard lots of hate speech - from the main speakers to local delegations. They were fighting against, not for - against certain people, ideologies, policies. Judgments & resentments flooded the air no matter where you sat. Bully pulpits were the Daily Special.

At the recent Tea Party meeting, the rhetoric sang of mutual respect for everyone's opinions, graceful agreements to disagree, information gathering, a sense of community, common goals, common desires with spiritual & energetic overtures & spices of individuality. A call to forward action, not backward rhetoric.  A call to what Native Cultures hail as "walking your talk."

Just wanted to set the record straight. These Tea Party folks aren't scary. They even welcomed other non-believers at the beginning & middle of the meeting. Honoring & respecting others' opinions, appreciating open-minded individuals who think for themselves - whatever their beliefs are.  That was the main theme throughout each person's dialogue/speech.

I am so grateful to see these folks re-awakening their patriotic spirit, doing something about their beliefs, and walking their talk. We can all learn a lesson from their convictions. Even if we don't enjoin their views. It also points to another phrase - "better late than never." Predominantly the baby-boomer group, they're not allowing age to discourage them. They've already shifted that ideology & paradigm. Wow! Reminds me of a quote from Gone With The Wind when Big Sam saved Scarlett in shanty-town - "Horse make tracks!"

Hope this provided a new perspective for you as you walk your Sacred Path. It did me. 

Namaste to you---
Robin Amanda Kelley

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