Friday, February 19, 2010

Pisces Sun & Aquarius Moon

Do you feel your spiritual connection or intuition is on overdrive? It's no accident! Pisces brings you closer to the spiritual realm, opening doors to spiritual possibilities that you may have long wondered about, or wanted to walk through. This is a good time to do it! Just remember to keep your feet on the ground while you do. Staying connected to earth will ease the process of swimming under the currents of every day life. Pisces also gifts us with great opportunities for karmic release & emotional depth. New moon aspects in Aquarius, the dreamer and intuitive, doubles the spiritual dose of your daily life - offering you more intuition, spiritual wisdom through February 26th.

You may desire more down-time to reflect upon the multitude of information you've been receiving emotionally & spiritually over the last month. It's also a time when some Sun Signs crave deeper emotional or spiritual connections with others. Part of the Karmic pattern given with Aquarius & Pisces combination.

According to the Mayan calendar, this month is presented as an initiation into our great awakening period when we touch upon the connection in all things and how we each play a part in the cosmic universe.

The Native American Medicine Wheel views this time as piercing through realms that are usually closed. Staying physically and emotionally balanced is suggested. There is a tendency to overindulge with mood-enhancers during this time. Carrying a turquoise or amethyst stone can be beneficial.

Enhanced feelings of insecurity, vulnerability, moodiness and oversensitivity can be balanced with good eating, exercising and self-contemplation. Be gentle with yourself and others at this time.

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