Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti Update

Here are the latest figures of current relief going to Haiti. Sure wish our news networks would mention this. More is being pledged for re-building efforts later not included below. You're right! I've moved away from being politically correct. Acting "safe" is no longer an option in these changing times.

(Sources:;;;; Still tallying efforts across globe. This represents approx 40-50% of current efforts.

China $ 1.9M USD in Emergency aid; $4.41M USD in supplies; $1M USD from Red Cross of China.

US: $100M USD & pledging more through our new donations over next week.

IMF (International Bank): Initially $100M USD. Up to $5B in financial aid/assistance for long-haul.
UN: $10M USD
UK: $10M UKP - approx $16M USD
UK Red Cross & other UK disaster relief donations- $2M UKP; approx $3.3M USD 
Isle of Man - approx $100K USD ($61 UKP)
Scotland - at least $250,000 USD forecasted, actual $$ TBD
Other European countries: estimated $20M USD combined

Russia: $$$ TBD - has sent teams of aids workers, supplies & eq't. No set $$ pledge yet.
Brazil - $10M USD
Venezuala - $1M at least; 50 doctors; firefighting crews & emergency responders.
Guatemala - supplies/services (undetermined amount yet)
Mexico - 45,000 tons of supplies/services
Colombia - disaster relief supplies
Peru - 54 tons of assistance/supplies
Cuba - created 2 makeshift hospitals, sent 400 aid workers (344 doctors included) w/in first 48 hours. More arriving every day
Bolivia - aids workers & supplies - $$ figure TBD
Israel - supplies, doctors, medivac units only. No $$ pledged.
Greece - $$ TBA
Turkey -  $$ TBA
Other Middle Eastern Countries - $$ TBA

Please consider this before donating more cash that you may need later this year. Please consider donating your time to prayer or sending healing energy to Haiti instead. Sending your energy helps Haitians right now more than $$. Your energy can help save someone's life. What do you have to lose?

Other factors to consider:
(1) The same folks who are urging us to continue sending funds for Haiti efforts are same that steered us into financial crisis. Do they have the American interest at heart? Or are they playing by the same old rules of ego? E.g. They want America to lead world in donated efforts vs. helping within our own borders. Can we trust them with their guidance & requests?

(2) Peer pressure is a powerful persuasive tool that creates a kingdom of followers. Like your mother once asked you, "If everyone else jumped off the Empire State Building, does that mean you should too?"
(3) Credit card companies are bumping up your minimum payments 30-50% and decreasing credit limits by the same. What's your money really worth now? Do you really have spare change to give? Or will your donation cut you short if you experience an emergency?
(4) What if an emergency event occurs within our US borders or in our backyard this year? Will you have emergency funds then?

Ancient philosophers & spiritual leaders have long suggested to us "Question everything." Why not use their suggestions now?

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