Friday, January 29, 2010

Full Moon in Leo

Time to PLAY, be COURAGEOUS, feel LOVED and enjoy the world you live in. Take care of you & those you love in a fun, playful way. It's also the time for "heroes" and passion.

Have a special project you'd love to get off the ground? This is the time to muster the courage & take those steps.

Feeling depressed, sad or blue lately? This is a wonderful time to go outside (or stay inside) and play! Kick off your shoes, don those dancing shoes, or do something fun you haven't experienced in a long while. This is a great time to celebrate your life.

Be affectionate with those you love. The Lioness energy purrs & soothes others. The male Lion protects his clan. Feel loved, protected and nurturing during this time. 
Watch your ego (growl) while you allow your passions to flow.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Road to Wisdom

Everyone & everything has a backstory. Jumping to conclusions based on a 5-second glimpse, encounter or sound-byte is easy. Digging deeper brings us closer to wisdom and truth.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Positive Moves

Mercury is Direct again through April 18th. Goes back to slow retrograde on April 19th. What does this mean to you?

This is a perfect time to set new goals and take steps toward them - your desires or dreams. Initiate new energy into your life. Pursue a new hobby, career, friendships, patterns. This is the time! Joining with Capricorn, you're given the gift of clarity and workmanship. Work hard (or small if you choose) and the rewards are limitless. Move in the direction of what you want in your life.

Your thoughts move your life. Think happy, positive, creative thoughts. Create a movie in your head of what you want your life to look like. Play that movie once/day. This is the time for that! Then watch your enhanced life unfold.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Guided Meditation Class to Assist Haiti

Please join Free Guided Meditation Class via Teleconference Sunday, January 17th at 6pm MST to assist Haiti.
It is a wonderful opportunity to practice sending your positive, healing energy to transform your world.

Dial-In (Changed) to (213) 289-0500
Access Code: 399-0613

Will host another meditation teleclass soon. Please check website for more details.
Robin Amanda

Haiti Update

Here are the latest figures of current relief going to Haiti. Sure wish our news networks would mention this. More is being pledged for re-building efforts later not included below. You're right! I've moved away from being politically correct. Acting "safe" is no longer an option in these changing times.

(Sources:;;;; Still tallying efforts across globe. This represents approx 40-50% of current efforts.

China $ 1.9M USD in Emergency aid; $4.41M USD in supplies; $1M USD from Red Cross of China.

US: $100M USD & pledging more through our new donations over next week.

IMF (International Bank): Initially $100M USD. Up to $5B in financial aid/assistance for long-haul.
UN: $10M USD
UK: $10M UKP - approx $16M USD
UK Red Cross & other UK disaster relief donations- $2M UKP; approx $3.3M USD 
Isle of Man - approx $100K USD ($61 UKP)
Scotland - at least $250,000 USD forecasted, actual $$ TBD
Other European countries: estimated $20M USD combined

Russia: $$$ TBD - has sent teams of aids workers, supplies & eq't. No set $$ pledge yet.
Brazil - $10M USD
Venezuala - $1M at least; 50 doctors; firefighting crews & emergency responders.
Guatemala - supplies/services (undetermined amount yet)
Mexico - 45,000 tons of supplies/services
Colombia - disaster relief supplies
Peru - 54 tons of assistance/supplies
Cuba - created 2 makeshift hospitals, sent 400 aid workers (344 doctors included) w/in first 48 hours. More arriving every day
Bolivia - aids workers & supplies - $$ figure TBD
Israel - supplies, doctors, medivac units only. No $$ pledged.
Greece - $$ TBA
Turkey -  $$ TBA
Other Middle Eastern Countries - $$ TBA

Please consider this before donating more cash that you may need later this year. Please consider donating your time to prayer or sending healing energy to Haiti instead. Sending your energy helps Haitians right now more than $$. Your energy can help save someone's life. What do you have to lose?

Other factors to consider:
(1) The same folks who are urging us to continue sending funds for Haiti efforts are same that steered us into financial crisis. Do they have the American interest at heart? Or are they playing by the same old rules of ego? E.g. They want America to lead world in donated efforts vs. helping within our own borders. Can we trust them with their guidance & requests?

(2) Peer pressure is a powerful persuasive tool that creates a kingdom of followers. Like your mother once asked you, "If everyone else jumped off the Empire State Building, does that mean you should too?"
(3) Credit card companies are bumping up your minimum payments 30-50% and decreasing credit limits by the same. What's your money really worth now? Do you really have spare change to give? Or will your donation cut you short if you experience an emergency?
(4) What if an emergency event occurs within our US borders or in our backyard this year? Will you have emergency funds then?

Ancient philosophers & spiritual leaders have long suggested to us "Question everything." Why not use their suggestions now?

Heal Your World

You may be asking yourself why I'm so passionate about suggesting to stop donating $$ to Haiti relief. Simply put, it's guidance from The Angels. Not just guidance sent today, yesterday, or last week, but guidance & information sent to me decades ago back in the 1960s, '70s & '80s. Some things are true whether we choose to believe them or not. Back then, I chose not to believe. But those same visions & pieces of channeled information are now being shown on TV, since the late '90s.

By switching focus from sending money to sending your spirit energy, you can help heal and improve our planet - including your own household. Bringing you clarity and assisting you through the many transitions of our earthen lives is part of my life's purpose. Again - whether you choose to believe or not.

Many more earth and financial changes are scheduled to occur this year & next that may affect you. This may be a perfect time to create a monetary or spiritual "relief fund" for yourself and your household. The cycle can be changed by changing the type of energy you send out. Haiti is one of many opportunites to do so.

Haiti & Your Heart

We've all heard & seen stories about the heart-breaking situation in Haiti. During times of crises, we're called within our souls & by others to reach out and help. When we feel powerless to help, we feel aimless and depressed. Yes, it is time to reach out and help the Haitians - using your natural born tools & gifts, not your checkbook. Thus far, $7.5 Billion across the globe is being sent to assist in relief efforts, financially or through goods & services. Save your $40 donation and use your strongest resources to aid in the relief effort - your heart & soul.

You were born with the right tools & resources to aid in any catastrophe. When we're born or when we die, those same resources are present in us when other facets of our earthen lives are missing. Our soul possessions, the qualities within us that matter most.

All religions, dogmas & philosophies speak of the internal resources that we all innately possess: love, faith, determination, compassion, and other "good medicine". Need proof of your invisible resource quality? Gaze into the eyes of a baby or hold a child - feel the positive, nurturing energy that surrounds you. You were once that child or baby - born to transform & send healing energy to others. As we blossom into adulthood, we oftentimes neglect those key qualities, consciously or unconsciously, while learning to use other parts of our earthen selves like intellect, physical essence, and reasoning. These are all wonderful resources that our soul requires too! As long as they're tempered with the knowledge that our earthen souls are "in school." Sometimes it's easy to forget that fact & return to our natural state where an abundance of natural resources exist.

We're in the Age of Transformation. It's time for our souls to remember the abundant, positive natural resources we all possess. And start using them! Prayers, love energy, compassion, imagination - all invisible, innate energies we were born with. That is what will transform our world.

For the past 30 years, I've studied the Mayan Calendar, Egyptian folklore, translated Nostradamus quatrains, and immersed myself in other dogmas, predictions and themes related to 2012.

Dec. 21, 2012 is a deadline, not a timeline to procrastinate or worry about. The Age of Transformation attached to 2012 theories is NOW. Mother Earth is simply showing us avenues to return to our natural essence. Haiti's earthquake and our need to help is an opportunity for soul growth. Change your pattern, thoughts, and the way you send out energy and you change your world. It's no accident that money is becoming a limited resource. It is not our ultimate resource. History dictates the change in life energy (i.e. money) over the course of ages on this planet.

Want to help Haiti? Set aside prayer time or healing energy time every day. Ask God, The Universe or your Guardian Angels (or all of them!) to assist in your efforts. Visualize your positive, healing energy being sent to a person who is still surviving under the rubble and devastation - and many are! Visualize your peaceful energy being sent to mother, children and fathers who are grieving their lost loved ones while waiting for food & water. Visualize your peace energy & compassion being sent to the looters or bribing officials.

Use your natural resources, transform yourself and watch the world transform.

Please check back later for more updates on how the Haiti disaster and other scenarios are related to our multi-dimensional soul progression.

May your "force" be with you! Peace, blessings & love -
Namaste -
Robin Amanda

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Loving Cures

In our fast-paced and high tech world, is it too much to ask to include "Loving Yourself" on your daily schedule? Doesn't take much effort to reap boundless rewards.

One person can change the world. It's a proven fact. That person could be you! Change your thoughts and you change your world. Creating more love for yourself enables you to give more to others. Circulating your love energy consciously can bring great changes to others and our planet.

See tips on including "Loving Yourself" in your daily life at

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dogs are Spirits in Human Form

Pets are gifts from God. They love us unconditionally. They gladly accept our lifestyles, our mood swings, our neglect and whatever we choose to give them. They are happy to see us when we come home. They live for treats & affection. And when we're feeling down or exhausted, they make us laugh, bring us a sock or toy, or jump in our lap.

The Views!

I see this view at least once a week. It's heaven.

Why Sedona? Why now?

For those curious folks who may be wondering why I left my complete, grounded life in Houston for a cliff-hanging, "edge of your seat", spiritual based life in Sedona, here you go! It seems a natural human trait to discover people's motives. I'm known to be uber-curious as well. The investigative reporter in me I guess.

Basically, it was time for me to play & enjoy this wondrous, beautiful world we live in. For the past twenty-five years, my life has been 95% work and 5% play. That can wear on anyone. Through the '80s, I worked my way through college, concentrating on grades & making ends meet instead of playing and having fun with new friends & experiences. I did have some fun then! But it was always cut short. "George Bailey" syndrome from "It's a Wonderful Life." Plus I was never a partyer, so didn't get invited out much. During that time, the "oil bust" hit in Houston, so I came home to work full-time to make $$ for 6 months & return to finish school. My parents didn't lose as much as others did, but we lost stuff just the same - the big house, rental properties, 1/2 my dad's income, etc.

One year later, I finally graduated from Texas A&M & took two jobs (full-time & part-time) while searching for a "real job". For two weeks after graduation, life was complete. I was working & earning money, visiting with my folks, my brother & his family, my sister & her hubby, friends, etc. Even bought my first new car! My sister Kara was with me that day. Still remember that & have photos of it. Five days later, Kara was gone.

Two weeks after graduation, my brother & sister were killed in a robbery of one of my dad's businesses in Houston. I came home from an extra-long Galleria-area commute to find the house phone incessantly ringing while I tried to break in & answer it. No cell phones back then. Mom forgot to hide the key that day. That's when I got the news. It was long after 6p and it happened at 2:15p that day. The rest of that day is history, but not a blur as most would assume. I remember everything about that day vividly even now - 21+ yrs later. From the morning when I woke up, until 2a that night when we (parents & I) finally towered over on the sofas from emotional, spiritual, and mental exhaustion. Thank God we had hundreds of people at the house that night. That's EXACTLY what we needed.

For the next 5 months, disheartened, disillusioned & in a deep heavy fog, I came home to grieving parents who'd turned into walking zombies - understandably. My dad was a zombie for the next 15 years. Mom was in tears in the kitchen most of the time. I had no motive to play, no motive to do anything but take one step at a time, breathe & work. While other friends were enjoying their 20's, I was working to live. And working to keep my parents alive when all they wanted was to drink the Guyana koolaid and end their pain. I wanted to drink it too. Being in such emotional pain that your body gives out, wanting answers why 1/2 your family was taken so suddenly, asking God and the Universe what you did to deserve it - while watching others around you feeling same type of pain is not an easy road to travel. Staying in this world when you don't want to & convincing others to stay here too when they don't want to - it was rough. Suicide watch alert lasted about 10 years. During the 5 months after the murders, there was little energy to have friendships back then, only enough energy to keep breathing & walking. Went through 3 therapists during that time & still didn't feel "right."

After 5 months of pergatory, moved to NYC where I worked for a Wall Street securities firm & finally got to play! It was wonderful! Visited New England, had boyfriends! Went out every weekend, watched Broadway shows, rubbed shoulders with the Wall Street crowd, played at the beach in Long Island. Marvelous time! Didn't have much money, but had a blast! Played in the snow Thanksgiving night, walked through Central Park. Incredible! After over a year there, my devout Catholic grandmother called full of guilt-ridden words & asked I come home to take care of the family. It was time to stop "playing around & be responsible" she said.

A month after returning home to Houston, I began working full-time as a crime victim counselor assisting survivors of homicide & domestic violence. That experience could fill an entire book. It was very rewarding while also extremely draining. Still no time to play. Was on call almost 24/7. Learned about people who'd been so abused as children & adults that they developed Multiple Personality Disorders (MPDs), now known by some other name. Some rape victims had that. That led to learning about cult abuse that kept me up at night - conspiracy theories running through my head. Thank Heavens for my boyfriend Regan at that time. He made me feel safe when a strange, bizarre world was surrounding me. A world that didn't belong to me, but I had to recognize & acknowledge to help those victims. A dark world I hope no one I know ever has to see. I wish I'd never seen.

For years since, I've worked. Worked at keeping my parents happy, alive, balanced & sane. Worked at balancing myself after 1/2 our family was gone. Worked at compensating for my parents' 2 lost kids. Worked at grief therapy & happiness therapy. Worked at keeping the peace in my life & family's. Worked at staying sane and self-sufficient. Worked at keeping it together while my dad's businesses fell to the ground and they lost it all again. Worked in numerous, miserable full-time jobs just to pay the bills and survive. Worked, worked, worked. During all these years, I also chose to work at relationships that were doomed from the start. Constantly seeking that elusive love factor. Constantly coming up short. For the last 10 years, I also worked at having a child as a "single mom". All that work and NOTHING was WORKING!

Almost one year ago today, while working at a wonderful job that required 60 or 70-hr work weeks, & planting azaleas & ginger plants in my yard, I woke from the "work" dream and decided to give myself the most wondrous gift of all time - time off. Time off from expectations - my expectations of myself & those around me. Time off from workaholic syndrome. Time off from societal expectations. Time off from worries. Time off from responsibilities that I'd gathered along the way. One more year of work & I'd end up at Texas' Rusk Psychiatric unit wearing a straight jacket!

So now I live to make me & others happy and balanced. I hike among the truth, integrity & wisdom that exist among Sedona's Red Rock Wilderness where Native Indian spirits still guard & protect this area. My psychic & healing abilities have air now to breathe - they're finetuned like the piano I sold in Houston. They are my greatest skills & they empower me every day. Empowering & moving me to help others.

The only true worries I allow in my current life are the havelina & mountain lions attacking Zoe, my border collie - the Wilderness Red Rock climbing girl. She scares off the coyotes! And she can't outrun a rabbit anymore. But she tries. AND...I get to see my parents happy most days now. Especially when I make the 30-minute drive to their house for dinner, a holiday or to watch a good football game. They're awake, alive & happy. And so am I. If it only lasts another 6 months, it's still a blessing & gift I'm thankful for everyday. Took 25 long, arduous years to get here.