Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Manifest - Create & Build on a Solid Foundation

Manifesting changes in & around your life is a natural human ability. Great manifesting power belongs to you through the night of Dec. 20th, when the Lunar Eclipse empowers Winter Solstice (Dec 21).  Now is a wonderful time to build on your dreams - no matter how improbable or impossible they seem. Caveat - be careful what you wish for.  

Before cementing your desire(s), sit in the silence of your Being. Block out any distractions. Listen to the rhythm of your heart beat. Lower the volume. Dig deep within your soul & heart. Pull out the golden morsels that resonate with your Higher Self - those ideas or events that ignite your heart's passion, your soul's purpose, and flood you with inner peace & fulfillment. Those morsels belong to you. They've always been yours for the asking.

Take those golden morsels, put them on a plate. Ask the Universe (God) to assist in attracting them into your reality. It will take care of the details. 

Promise yourself that you'll remain open to receive them - no matter how impossible or improbable they may appear. Detach from the wanting of them (outcome). Attach faith. Miracles will happen. 

May your life be filled with wondrous blessings -
Robin - Sedona Spirit
(928) 451-5107

Monday, December 13, 2010

Many Wonders of Northern Arizona

Northern Arizona holds great mysteries, intense beauty and a strong sense of community. If you're seeking variety in Mother Nature's gifts, you'll find it here. Blessed with good weather, don't forget to stop in Sedona, AZ.

Catch the Grand Canyon at Sunset or Sunrise. Feel the intense powers of Mother Earth inspire and educate with her magic. All elements (earth, wind, fire, water) touch this grand masterpiece. About 4 hours' drive north of Phoenix.

Walk along the South Rim's Canyon Trail. Sit and sense almost 12,000 years of human history unfold around you. Retrace the footprints of the seven main AZ tribes: Navajo, Zuni, Hopi, Havasupai, Hualapa, Yavapai, Southern Paiute. 

Observe Mother Earth's message of vast possibilities, renewed & recycled resources as your gaze spans the many dimensions of the Canyon, revealing different climates, flora & fauna at each level.

Feel Earth's resiliency, agelessness & cycles of life while viewing the different layers, rock formations - from top to bottom, side to side. The oldest rock, Elves Chasm, is over 1.8 billion years old. The youngest, Kaibab Limestone, 270 million years old. 

Our lifespans are just a mere blip on the vast radar screen of Earth & Human History. Sign up for one or several Ranger Programs to learn more about the wisdom of the Canyon.

Visiting the Grand Canyon, learning about its history & significance, will make a "Global Warming" or "Climate Change" disbeliever out of you. Mother Earth simply cycles & recycles. Human interference is no match for her force, longevity & enlightened wisdom.
Cathedral Rock Vortex, Sedona AZ Dec 2010

Schnebly Hill Trail - Sedona AZ

Munds Wagon Trail, Sedona 
Drive 2-1/2 hours' South of the Grand Canyon & visit Sedona, AZ. Home of the Red Rock Vortexes & more human history dating back at least 6,000 years.

Take a guided tour where you'll learn about Sedona's fascinating human history, geology, scientific tie-ins, spiritual elements & current modern-day uses by the International Community.

Reconnect with Your Beautiful Spirit. Relax, refresh & unwind with a Sedona spa treatment. Or rent a mountain bike or ATV to experience Sedona's many natural wonders. 

Hiking on Top of the World. Just don't forget your Red Rock pass when parking at trails.

Enjoy a leisurely stroll through Sedona's most beautiful marketplace, enjoying a meal at Oak Creek Brewery, Secret Garden or dinner at Rene's.  

Sedona closes up pretty early at night (8p-9p). Looking for action after hours? Try Old Sedona Bar & Grille or Ken's Creekside for nightly entertainment. Or place your bets at Cliff's Castle Casino just 20 minutes away by car.  

Finish off your visit to Northern Arizona with Sky Medicine - visit the Meteor Crater just a few miles North of Flagstaff on I-40 (near Winslow) Exit 233. Approximately 50,000 yrs ago, a tiny fragment of meteorite (size of pen top) fell from the sky at about 26,000 mph, forming this huge 1-mile-wide hole. Handicap-accessible walkway takes you a few feet above the actual site, with binoculars available. The onsite Museum highlights Earth's experiences with meteors & other objects falling from the sky. 

Explore Northern Arizona. You'll be glad you did.

For more travel tips, email me or visit my website or Sedona Chamber site. 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Puzzle Piece - Patterns

I see patterns in everything. Don't know why - just do and always have. Over the last few days, I've heard this pattern of thought, mode of living, from various people with differing backgrounds, talents, views:  "I tune out information that doesn't apply to me directly." After slightly cringing at their statement, I thought - "Boy, sure wish I could! How simple life would be."

For whatever reason, I simply wasn't built that way. Were you? I pay attention to anything & everything, seeking knowledge, understanding in almost every area of human life. Sticking my head in the sand is seldom an option. But maybe I'm not playing life correctly. Maybe puzzles & patterns fascinate me too much.

If you only pay attention to that which directly affects you, your mind probably isn't cluttered with "why"s like mine is. Your focus concentrates on a few key areas - like an expert or specialist. Webster's Dictionary defines "expert" as "showing special skill or knowledge; a specialist." Specializing is "to concentrate one's efforts in a special activity or field; or to change in an adapted manner." (Webster's).

Holy smokes - if you're specializing in a certain area, how does adapting to change relate? Oops - showing my "why" side again. English language sometimes befuddles me. Maybe by focusing on a certain area, you can see the need for change quicker? And adapt easier? That makes sense. What do you think?

With intended, precise focus solely on your life & its immediate demands, perhaps it's easier to "live in the moment." Which is seen by many as an admirable trait. Releasing any fears of "what's next?" At the same time, if we only focus on what's important to us, isn't that defined as "putting the blinders on?", or self-indulgent, self-centered behavior?  Does it limit the scope of our lives? Failing to see or recognize the vast richness of the world we live in, experiences of others past & present who could further enlighten & educate us?

Puzzles fascinate me. Still working on this one. If you'd like to lend a hand, post a comment. Thank you.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Talents & Power to Change

We each hold powers within us to change our circumstances, the external & internal. As unique as our thumb-print, are our individual talents & gifts that we brought to this world we're living in now. 

Had a discussion last night with some very aware folks. We talked about the geo-political climates & humanity at large living in this time. We discussed human history, differing cultures. Their viewpoints provided great clarity through the chaos. The reason for talking politics lately is simple: to create awareness of actions now that will affect us later. 

Over the course of the last 100+ years, politics (law & policy creation) brings up negative feelings of victimized power & control. Its pure definition "wise in promoting policy", has gotten mixed up & messed up by those in political power. To many, politics = control & power. It's not. It's about setting policy that affects a group. Politicians simply created that cloud of victimization by their actions & our inactions. We can return to its origins - "wise in promoting a policy". We can change course - improving our lives & others.

Remember this saying? "They're going to do what they're going to do. We have no control over it. Why bother. Why vote. Why care." That's been the sentiment surrounding politics, no matter what country you live in. By that very phrase & theory, we've given them the power. We can take it back.

Being aware of the world around us & its energy coursing through us, we can improve, enhance it.  Knowing what surrounds us, then taking action in whatever way our talents move us. We can turn any negative into a powerful positive. Law of physics. Using your unique abilities to do so, you can transform, elevate, empower any level or facet of the human experience.

Your talents may lie in the arts, sciences, technology, social networking, ethereal energy work, physical healing arena, psychic arenas, political strategies, relationship building, physical activity, etc. Whatever interests you or you're good at - those are your talents. We all have them - as individual & complex as your fingerprint. Use your highest talents & you'll transform your world. 

Some folks are "doers" who revel in completing physical tasks. Those folks contact legislators, form like-minded groups, watch-dog groups, protest. That's their contribution. Some folks are philosophers who educate themselves & others via conversation, debate, strategies. They inform & transform by their ideas. Some folks are natural born leaders practicing "higher good" principles that transform. They lead others. Some folks prefer to use Universal energies (inner meditation, energy work) to transform their world. They may not be visible but they're contributing to global balance just the same. Which category are you? 

Whatever way you want to use your energies, talents - do it. You'll transform your life & the world. In whatever arena you choose. You can turn a negative into a positive. You'll help yourself & others evolve, moving through the darkness into the light. 

Being aware is the first step, like the first step in any 12-step program. Stay conscious of the world you're living in. Determine if positive changes are necessary. If so, use your talents to further balance the world.

Godspeed & Blessings to you as you transform & elevate our world! I'm thankful for each one of you & your individual talents.

Namaste -

Friday, December 3, 2010


"Eighty (80%) percent of success is showing up," Woody Allen.

We indeed live in interesting times. Humanity is shifting. We're evolving. I see it everywhere in every facet of our local & global environments. I see it with individuals too. Ain't the Age of Transformation grand!

In the US political & spiritual arenas, we're seeing two major shifts unfold - apathy and awareness. Moving from complacency to action. Where once we could float on a false sense of security & comfort, we're now being challenged to stand up, take action, be responsible for our lives. Increasing our awareness, practicing discipline, patience, compassion. Not sitting on the bleachers, but participating in the game! We know that's a key to success. "80% of success is showing up." We face challenges & controversies - yet our spirit continues to blossom.

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy," Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Cancer patients now see that doctors & the medical field don't know everything about how to cure cancer. We're learning every day that Chemo & Radiation aren't the only solutions. We're also learning that our physical bodies simply reflect our emotional & spiritual state. (Article & Info) Emotionally, we're evolving, wanting more joy, happiness - from our relationships, our work, play, etc. Spiritually, we see there's more than one way to connect with God, our Higher Selves, our Soul (Article & Website). Where we once belonged to one church, practiced only that force-fed dogma, we've shifted to include other beliefs as well. We're shifting! We no longer see just one side of anything. Lucky us! (Arizona Republic, Jan 2009)

As we continue molding & re-shaping our beliefs based on the beat of our drum and no one else's, we take more responsibility for our own lives.  We not only participate, but we shine, succeed & create more balance, abundance, joy in our lives. 

We're given countless opportunities to act on our beliefs - putting our money where our mouth is. In our personal relationships, financial houses, health, spirit, work and with governmental bodies (politics). The Age of Transformation beams a solid light on all areas of our earthen life. Are we following through? Are we paying attention? It just takes baby steps. 

So if we're shifting in all areas of our lives, why not apply that to external forces as well? Government, political forces. Why wait for our natural internal shifts to slowly affect the laws that govern us? Apathy & awareness. If you were born in the United States, or are a naturalized US citizen, you are indeed blessed with opportunities to evolve, positively change your life & others'. 

I remember talking with friends from different European countries back in the '80s & '90s. One thread running throughout their opinions of Americans was this. "Americans are spoiled. Not because you're cry-babies, but because you've been given keys to individual freedom and you don't use them. Your Republic offers ways for you to chart your own course, buck the status quo, let liberty shine. And you don't. You sit on your hands. You allow leaders you don't really know -or thoroughly investigate - to rule your lives. You're no different than us." They were right. We're seeing the results of apathy now. But we can change that.  

Participate. As US citizens, we hold the keys to our personal freedoms, to chart our own course, to change things, creating more autonomy and less governmental control. We haven't practiced or participated in the process for decades. But we can change that. Baby steps. As a US citizen, if you can find 5 extra hours/month, you can affect positive political or governmental changes. That's one hour a week, basically. Through the internet, you're given another key to freedom. Check out what's happening in the US Senate, US House, contact your Senators or Reps - takes a total of 15 minutes. Even better, bird-dog your local government, your local School District. Find out what they're doing & if you don't accept, approve what they're doing, email them. Takes about 20 minutes. If that's too much, join a Social Media page that bird-dogs legislation - federal, state or local. Keep up with it. You can't count on the press to educate you. Use what you have - internet access.

We vote. But let's be honest. We don't always know who or what we're voting for. We can change that. We vote people into office, but we don't check on them after they're there. Evolve, transform that old pattern. Five hours a month. Participate. You'll feel empowered.

Shifting & Evolving is happening in every area of our lives, whether we're aware of it or not. Increase your awareness - participate! You'll Reconnect with Your Beautiful Spirit, feel empowered (vs victimized), and you'll make a difference. I'm living proof. 

Sedona Spirit
(928) 451-5107

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Psychic-Clairvoyant cares about Politics? Why?

To that I ask "Why Not?" 

Last night I attended two Christmas parties. Two completely different audiences. At each party, someone reminded me how odd that a Psychic-Clairvoyant kept up with politics & the ever-changing dynamic US & geo-political global landscape. I find it odd that those in my industry DON'T! If we're good at what we do, we've already seen. Wouldn't that mean we could affect positive change? All talents carry some level of responsibility. No matter what that talent or gift is.

Someone smart once said - "Those who forget history are destined to repeat it." I don't want us to repeat bad mistakes. 

I've been Psychic & Clairvoyant my entire life. That's a long time - over 40 years. Way before it was cool. When you do something that long, you learn when & how to shut it off & turn it on. You learn how to journey, straddle realities, keeping yourself in balance. When your talents aren't the "status quo" and you fear persecution, you also learn early to keep your mouth shut. Patiently biding your time until the landscape changes, allowing you to reveal your true colors. I'd say the landscape has changed, wouldn't you?

When I was younger (elementary, junior high, high school), I received countless messages, images from the Other Side. From very wise leaders & philosophers everyone would recognize. Most of those messages revealed what we're going through now - in the US & abroad. Yes - 30 years ago or more. Those teachers from the Other Side coached & guided me to pay attention, learn all I can about societies (new & old), question everything & keep my awareness open. I listened. I've followed US politics since the late 1970s & global politics since the '80s.  To learn, bide my time, and test their prophecies & timelines.

When I channel, providing psychic information to clients, I straddle all realities - my client's, his/her angels & guides, their lost loved ones & other layers of the Universal physical & ethereal - past, present, future. When you're connected to Universal energies, you can straddle all sides of life. Exposing yourself to all realities.  All realities is an inclusive term & theory, not exclusive. Politics, finance, math, sciences, history - every part of the Universe & our reality.

Shaman spanning centuries & cultures have journeyed through different realities in their earthen lives, returning in tact to their physical bodies, as if they never left. When you know how and have tools to re-align & re-balance, you can do it.  Living in a physical body does not limit your capacity, unless you allow it to.

What I've seen or been shown over the last 30+ years would scare most people. The images haven't changed much. The timelines & possibilities, probabilities have. What I've been told by these teachers, as recent as this morning, is - We Can Still Change the outcome, the future, the images. Nothing is set in stone. If it was, what we're seeing today would have happened in the late '90s. It didn't. We transformed, shifted & moved it. We still can. 

Stay informed, realize you have a voice, use it. When you get angry, get busy - act. Contact your congressmen, send out emails to friends, Facebook information you receive. Fear & anger can be great motivators. Use it. You can affect positive changes in your world & the world around you. You can. Just do it. It's no accident that we live in the Internet Age. Use it - create the change you want. Shift the paradigms. Re-awaken.

Last night's parties brought up an interesting point. Why must a New-Ager living in this physical, earthen world be cornered into a category which dictates only living in the ethereal world - simply preaching peace, love, forgiveness? Seems one-dimensional to me. If that were the case, I wouldn't have chosen to live in a physical body this lifetime. And I definitely chose this body, mind, heart & soul for this Age we're living in now. Wouldn't have it any other way. Interestingly, those judgments primarily come from either people in my industry or those focused on "peace, love, compassion", not the political-savvy, reawakening public. Things that make you go "hmmm".

Change your world. Create a better life for yourself & others. Don't be afraid to pay attention, inform & act. The time is now. 

--Blessings to you.
Namaste -
(928) 451-5107

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Your Angels Are Listening


Over the last few days, I've noticed a trend. Those folks who set their intentions & believe they'll happen are seeing amazing results. In their business, personal lives, health, etc. 

As we continue surfing the current waves of reality & desire (thin veil between Heaven & Earth until Dec 21), my Sedona Spirit Guides want to share this with you all. 


We each have Spirit Guides tasked with helping us on all levels of life. They like to work. They want to work. They want to help you. They're simply waiting for your requests. 

All you have to do is ask from your heart, then believe - staying open & patient to receive.

"Ask us for anything you want. No request is too big or impossible. We work for you. Let us help! We're being under-utilized lately. Consider us your Magical Genies. We can help move mountains, bring forth miracles. Why aren't people using us more?" 

"The powerful manifesting current of Sedona (Palatki) courses through the Red Rocks at this time. Share it. Each person has the power to change the world in a positive direction. By changing your attitude, your environment, &/or your belief. Believe in your Angels. We do exist."

Want World Peace?  Start by asking for daily inner peace. Want a healthier, leaner body? Envision it, ask for it, believe it will happen & listen to your body's new reactions/needs. Want a healthier relationship?  Envision it, feel it, ask for it. Want more money? See it, touch it, feel abundant, ask for it - then believe & practice patience, openness. 

We indeed live in interesting times. This is a wonderful time to use your imagination & ask your Angels for help. They are listening to you. They can help. What are you waiting for? 

Blessings, Peace & Hugs to you -  

Namaste -

Sedona Spirit (928-451-5107)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thin Veil between Heaven & Earth

Your thoughts transform & guide your life path. That Universal truth has never been more timely. Ancient wisdoms proclaim this time, through the Winter Solstice on December 21st, as a period when the veil between Heaven & Earth is thinnest. 

It's a time to retreat, redesign your life, remember your dreams, desires - sending those thoughts, images to the Universe. The heavens of the Universe will hear you & respond in kind. The Universe of all possibilities, outcomes awaits your requests.

So what's the most effective way to use this time?

Imagine, visualize & believe. Start with what your heart desires most.

If you can imagine it, you can be it. If you imagine it, it means your soul speaks to you, reminding you that you're worthy to receive it. If you can imagine it - clearly in vivid, striking detail - what you're imagining is part of your soul blueprint, part of the reality you wanted to create this lifetime. Stretch your imagination. Its elastic won't break. Allow yourself to touch the Moon, stars, the Sun. This is your time.

Creative visualization enhances the effect. Create a movie in your head. Take all you love about your current life, add more spice, enhance. Then sprinkle your positive emotions around the scenes & images you create. Feelings of happiness bordering on ecstatic while you watch your "movie" will reach the Universe faster, stronger - at warp speed like a lightning bolt.

Believe. Use the thin veil that exists right now. The Universe, Heaven, God, your Higher Power, stands ready to take your "unseen" desires & mold them into your "seen" reality. Remember when you still believed in Santa Claus? Go with that concept. You are worthy to receive what's on your list. Believe.

Thin veil between the "seen" and "unseen" creates all types of miracles. All religions, sciences, dogmas, mythologies proclaim it. From the Virgin Mary, Moses & his staff, Mohammed's travels, Greek/Roman tales of Perseus & Odysseus, Merlin, to Quantum & elemental physics findings, Einstein and even Santa Claus. And that's a short list.  

Imagine, visualize, believe. The Universe will take care of the details. Allow your imagination to expand. Allow the Universe to create the "seen" from your "unseen." It's had more practical experience than us.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit
(928) 451-5107

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vote Today! Politics & The Psychic Clairvoyant

Doesn't appear these two qualities mix well, does it? An interesting cake mix, like Coca-Cola or Hot Water cake. But they do - political & psychic abilities.

We are living in the Age of Transformation (Mayan Calendar, Nostradamus, Bible, Ancient philosophies). Whether we realize it or not. It's a time of clarity - when all things around us become more & more clear. It's a time of transforming our world, inside & outside. All of us living on this planet are aware of it, whether we're consciously aware or not.

Over the last 30 years, I've received several messages regarding this very time we live in NOW. In past 6-8 months, I've researched & investigated to see how these messages compare with our current reality. I've researched each party, the candidates, the platforms, the "rap sheets".

Following message paid for & approved by - Plato, Aristotle, Copernicus, Stalin, Emerson, Thoreau, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, King Edward II, E'Tocqueville & Ayn Rand.

Research & images reveal this: We must take back our country. Today's the day. To vote against the current political culture is the best way to walk your Sacred Path - moving closer to owning your Life again, Liberty & the pursuit of Happiness. This is based on extensive research & my clairvoyant skills. Voting for any Democrat or status-quo will further constrict us.

Needs of a few DO NOT outweigh the needs of the many.

The Declaration of Independence & US Constitution read like the Ten Commandments. Few rules, more independent free will, allowing each of us to live the life we want. The United States started out as an experiment "how to blend earthen life with soul's needs." Let's not lose that.

The United States was created on the premise of a Republic - where everyone, no matter color or creed, has a right to improve his/her life with little government interference. This means small taxes, small government, bigger opportunity for all.  Big government = big taxes, big salaries for people who have minimal work ethic & hidden agendas. As most of us struggle with paying our mortgages, buying food for the table, finding real work, making a living. It was the Democratic administration that created the housing crisis - originating in the late '90s. The new healthcare bill will decrease benefits to all - including Senior citizens on Medicare. It will cost each of us 3x more for health insurance while receiving 500% less care. No spin. These are truths.

Let's all fight for our right to a better life. Vote out the Democrats & their stringent policies that restrict our freedoms, desire & environment for a better life, our pocketbooks, our right to live own our lives.

Once today's over, election results in & we've changed this country's direction - Change We Can All Believe In - we can force newly elected politicians to act on the will of the people. Forcing their feet to the fire.  The internet provides an easy tool to monitor politicians' actions & our right to communicate our will to them.

Needs of a few DO NOT outweigh the needs of the many. We've awakened. US Citizenry has awakened. Let's follow through.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Criminal Justice?

Reading an article from the Arizona Republic today about a man set to be executed tomorrow. Executions hit home for me. I saw the execution of my siblings' murderer February 9, 1996 in Texas. During that time, as happens when anyone faces the death chamber, arguments, opinions & articles surface. This one was no different.

What was different was the ultimate clarity of where the system truly fails - juvenile detention centers, rehab centers, adoption services, foster family homes. These organizations, systems & structures may be the true root of criminal activity leading to long-term incarceration, habitual criminal acts, acting out, and ultimately death sentences & execution. Not the systems themselves, the people involved - the "helpers".

Whether you're for or against the death penalty, you probably recognize the trauma associated with murder & other criminal acts- for all sides - victims & perpetrators. That's our common ground - seeing justice or injustice played out in individuals' lives - victims, survivors or perpetrators, criminals.

This particular man, Landrigan, had an extensive rap sheet long before his 2nd act of murder which landed him on death row. The article is explicit about that. It also revealed he endured several hardships - abandoned by both mother, father before he turned 1 years old, drug & alcohol abuse by both parents & himself, etc.

Anti-death penalty advocates usually tout a death row inmate's background, family history when arguing their case. They feel a person's background is more important than the crimes committed & judgment given by 12 peers for that crime. That's usually the argument. Some anti-execution & pro-rehabilitation folks judge the criminal justice system:  feeling its outdated, antiquated, too harsh, etc. These folks appear to be concerned for the individual criminal. But not so fast! Appearances can be deceiving. Where were these folks when he really needed them? When we all needed them - before Landrigan got out of control & killed a 2nd time?

While reading about Landrigan's past, one thing struck me. The "Oliver Twist" theme surrounding his past history assumes his family past created his crimes. What if that isn't true? What if it was all the "helpers" - detention centers, churches, counselors, drug & alcohol rehab centers? What if they are truly to blame here? What if these organizations hanging a shingle "we help" are really hurting & completely unqualified to rehabilitate an individual with abandonment, drug & alcohol problems?

I know someone who was abandoned as a child. This person's parents were drug & alcohol users. But this person did NOT participate in the "systems" described here. This person owns a business, has a family, is caring & never got into deep trouble with the law. To our media, he may seem the exception. But what if he isn't? What if people like him simply choose NOT to dwell on their past obstacles, find their own way despite the "helpers", forging ahead & instead of back.

When working with domestic violence survivors, rape victims years ago, it amazed me how inept some therapists were at helping that person move on. Drudging up past pains to heal them is a great idea. But what if that practitioner only knows how to drudge & doesn't know how to heal what surfaces? Then you've got chaos on your hands. People walking around with open wounds without psychological, spiritual Neosporin.

This article might have intended for us to look at this man's past & feel sorrow & act to oppose his execution tomorrow. For me, it revealed a dark under-belly of our society few notice. What may be touted as "help" may ultimately harm & hurt - not just one person, but us all.

Our current Age of Transformation speaks about revealing truths, shining a bright light on the way humanity has lived in this world, on this planet - our beliefs, structures, societies, sciences, philosophies, etc. Based on ancient prophecies across continents, cultures - it's a time to "question everything" & redefine how we move, act, and perceive reality. What are you seeing differently? What clarity have you witnessed?

Wishing you blessings & light as you travel your Sacred Path -
Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit
(928) 451-5107

Friday, September 24, 2010

Giving Thanks for Your Blessings

Quite unusual today, we're given a triple message (signal) to give thanks for what we've harvested (manifested) in our lives. Expressing gratitude to God, the Universe, yourself, your supportive circle - catapults our desire for more abundance, joy - opening up our ability to receive even more blessings!

What are the 3 signs or messages?

Two days ago, the spectacular Harvest Full Moon shined upon the Fall Equinox on the same day - first day of Fall (Wed Sept 22).  First time in 20 years of this event. Next time for this combo is in 2029. And it was one spectacular, technicolor Moon if you had the chance to see it. Historically, the Harvest Moon lights up the night skies so farmers can harvest their abundant crops past the twilight hour. It doesn't always happen that way. That's one sign. 

Fall Equinox speaks of celebrating our accomplishments, harvests, events, experiences, interdependent & fulfilling relationships, obstacles overcome. It also symbolizes the abundance, prosperity Mother Earth provides us each & every day. Druid, Celtic, Mayan, Native American Indian, Egyptian and other ancient Eastern cultures honor this time with great respect and frivolity. Best celebrated by counting our blessings - even the smallest ones - then praising, appreciating, giving thanks to the vast Universe, Mother Earth, Grandfather Sky for their blessings to us. The last step to honor Fall Equinox is dancing! The dancing tradition crosses all cultures who celebrate Fall Equinox - approx 80% tribes, people around the globe. Including people here in the US.

Jewish Holiday of Sukkot - this is the 3rd signal reminding us to count our blessings & give thanks. This holiday (also known as "The Time of Our Joy") honors the 40-yr Jewish Pilgrimage through Holy Land (Sinai Peninsula) where the tribe was graciously protected from harm, starvation, etc. by clouds of miracles from God during those 40 years. Sukkot began Sept 22  & ends Oct 1. Sukkot asks those of Jewish faith to remember the miracles and give thanks.

What are you thankful for? What blessings do you have in your life? Even the most minute, small blessing counts. Write them down, list them out. Thank God, the Universe or your Higher Power for them. Be grateful. And don't forget to dance!

May the Blessings you feel be multiplied by 3 during this time.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
(928) 451-5107 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Full Moon in Aries

Aries is known as the Pioneer of the Zodiac. The primary medicine it provides to you during this time is innovation, optimism, gusto and an adventurous spirit.  The clear vision of the Red Hawk also flies your way during this period, as per Native Indian Earth Astrology wisdom. 

You may feel as if you're flying with renewed wings. Clearly allowing you to see your life & the world around you vividly, directly, succinctly - without clouds obstructing your view.

The other medicine of Aries or Red Hawk is leadership & problem solving. Have a unique idea, goal or plan? This is the time to take steps toward it. Take a new step. Re-evaluate your options. Pursue those that fulfill & inspire your Spirit the most.

Tools to practice under the Aries Moon are patience and stability. As you blaze brightly with determination, careful not to burn out. Temper that energy with self-patience. Stubbornness or arrogance may appear. Swat it with compassion, tenderness & patience.

When combined with Sun in Libra, your personal & business relationships move front & center. Use the Libra's medicine of harmony & fairness to balance any interpersonal struggles - creating a bridge between opposing forces.

The other force present now in our skies is the Jupiter/Uranus combo. It signals a period of human liberation - where fresh discoveries catapult us into a brand new future.

Hang onto your hat! You're in for the ride of your life! Enjoy!

Blessings to you ---
Robin Amanda Kelley

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Full Moon in Pisces & Sun in Virgo

Enhanced creativity, imagination, emotional sensitivity & releasing of old patterns surround this Full Moon in Positive Pisces. You may feel there's nothing you can't do! And it's true! Flow with its aquatic force as you ride its waves.

Pisces moves us on spiritual & emotional levels. As you share your views, feelings, soul inclinations with the world or just one person, your emotional sensitivity may be heightened. Might want to keep a box of kleenex handy. Tears may flow as you react to certain stimuli. Have no fear, it's all part of your natural release process - compounded with the effects of our current Transformation period.

With Sun in Virgo, Pisces' tendencies get a good dose of earthy pragmatism. Your heart & soul - desires of the imagination, fantasies, escapism connected to your soul essence - may appear more driven, more grounded & deliberate. Take Pisces' inspirational energy, move forward with an idea and turn it into your new reality.

Native Earth Wisdom speaks of this time as a great balance between Cougar & Brown Bear. While the cougar's mysterious, passionate nature reflects enhanced psychic, emotional & mystical magic - the Brown Bear's wisdom, practicality and confidence provides a balanced base on which to leap.

It's a great blessing for us to receive the Universe' energy in such a balanced way. Time to dream, imagine, create, cry, release, then act.

Namaste - 
Robin Amanda

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

People, Politics & Spiritual Awakening - Part 2 of 3

Carl Calleman, expert researcher of the Mayan Calendar & Eastern Vedic wisdom, believes humanity's Age of Transformation as described on the Mayan Calendar & in Eastern philosophy, is happening now. 

The Mayan transformation speaks to humanity's awakening period on our planet. Awakening from a deep sleep where the forces of the Universe become more apparent - where humanity learns more about how the Heavens & the Underworlds shape our human consciousness. That's the awakening period, the Transformation period. A period when we learn more, evolve more, learn to accept more, move toward Higher Enlightenment, enabling us to put together the pieces of the great mystery "Why do we exist? Why are we here?" 

Based on the Calendar, we're in that cycle now through the physical end date of the Mayan Calendar. 

We're re-awakening to truths. Truths about our human existence - who's pulling the strings, who's pulled our strings, do we have to continue accepting it, how can we improve our lives, improve lives of others, what common traits do we share, etc. 

Technology plays a big role in our awakening -- allowing us to learn more - across countries, borders, cultures. It's no accident. The Calendar states an acceleration of human & artificial technology during this Age. Time is moving faster, our lives move faster. It's written on the Calendar. The Calendar prophecies have been proven true time & time again.Maybe it's time we put those prophecies into practice now.

What's the ultimate theory behind the Calendar prophecy at this time? Change.  As we learn more, our awareness increases, we evolve faster (spiritually), we raise our vibration. Law of Physics & Quantum physics - the old patterns, old parties, old methods will no longer work. Whether we're speaking about individuals, cities, states, countries, science, religion, socioeconomic status, etc. Doesn't matter. It's change across the spectrum.

So how does this relate to politics? 

Simply put, it means huge shifts in politics across the globe -  big, unexpected shake-ups.  It means people are waking up to find an environment or government they don't want, laws or regulations they don't want. Being ruled by leaders they don't want. Being ruled, maneuvered by forces that at one time seemed beyond their control - that they're no longer willing to accept. It means no more heads in the sand. And it means...we're right on schedule. 

Dissension in the ranks, rancorous outbursts, changes in political culture, climates - it's all part of the bigger spiritual plan. Out with the old, in with the new. The real new - not an old way dressed up as the new way.

For the US, The Tea Party is no accident. It's necessary. These folks stand ready for real change. The old party line isn't working for them. They've awakened to find their country in a chaotic mess of nonsense rules, ruled by parties or individuals who say one thing & do something else. Ruled by folks who care about themselves more than their constituents. The Tea Party espouses a code of rules & ethics that worked at one time - the US Constitution. A code our politicians have denied or avoided since at least the late 1930's. It's undetermined if applying the Constitution during this awakening period will be helpful. But like all hypothesis & scientific experiments, it's important to allow these forces to play out in whatever shape or form. It's important to our human existence, our learning process.

Our US awakening period also means more political parties may form, more dissension, more revolution talk, more political chaos. As chaos or dissension increases, those in control will become more fierce. Like an Ayn Rand novel, the "powers" will own the press, forcing the people to believe fiction vs. fact. They will propagandize or neutralize positions against them. The "powers" powers dwindle when people awaken to the truths. It will be mayhem, but it is all temporary. Like renting from a bad landlord, once the lease is up, you can move to a better living space. In this case, more Enlightenment, more knowledge. It's all part of the process.

Based on the Calendar, events surrounding the globe at this time, lead humanity toward more questioning, more opportunities for individuals to discern fact from fiction. More opportunities for growth & learning, and finding soul families.

The more we learn, the more we question. Questioning is good. That's the Awakening Period. The more we question, the faster we'll find the true answers. When we don't question, or don't have the right question, we don't receive true answers. When we question, question everything, we open ourselves up to finding the ultimate answers - for ourselves, for our environment, for our national & global good, which leads to Higher Enlightenment.

This Awakening or Transformation period is about finding truths. Based on the Calendar, we've been given this wonderful window of time to find them - through either Oct, 2011 or Dec 2012, depending upon who you speak with. 

No matter what your interests are - spiritual, emotional, physical, mental balance - simply ask questions of the status quo and you'll find answers that will lead you upward to your Spiritual Enlightenment. Do things differently. Embrace differences & change. That's the phase of humanity we're living in today. Finding truths, finding integrity, lead to finding beauty, and ultimately finding love & balance.

Enjoy this wonderful journey of awakening.  You're right on schedule!

Namaste -

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

People, Politics & Spiritual Reawakening

You may be asking yourself - "Why in the heck is a Psychic Channel concerned with politics?" 

That's a great question. Short answer is: "Because politics involves people, their daily lives and livelihoods -  now & in the future." Also, most of my spirit guides were past political, philosophical and religious leaders - popular & unpopular during their lifetimes. 

We live in very interesting times now - in our country and on the planet. It's all part of the Age of Transformation, where we're shedding old ideologies for new ones that better suit our spiritual evolution & enlightenment. Every facet of our human existence affects our spiritual enlightenment. That's why we're here! At least, that's my belief.

The United States & other countries across the globe are facing radical changes on several fronts at this time - social, economic, political, environmental. These changes affect us all. My intention is to provide perspectives that move us away from fear and into encouragement, empowerment - however that manifests -  reminding each one of us of our skills, truths, strengths.

Greek Philosopher Heraclitus (Pre-Socrates) once said, "Nothing is permanent but change." It's simply a matter of how we handle change. Some people welcome it, others fear it.

In the US, we're experiencing change on multiple fronts. For the first time in over 100 years, a third political party is building momentum & strength. Our financial markets appear unbalanced. Unemployment & entrepreneurship are both on the rise. Strange weather patterns occur more frequently, including possibly the world's largest piece of hail found in South Dakota. And our energy policy & usage is being revisited after almost 40 years. In short, our US ideologies are shifting.

In the wake of this shift, I've discovered something extraordinary. Something I've longed to see for the last 20 years - a reawakening in the hearts & minds of fellow Americans. For decades, we were a country of citizens who voted then moved on with our daily lives, forgetting what we voted for, relying & trusting on our leaders to carry out our wishes. Now we're taking more active roles & remembering our positions, asking leaders to hold true to them. 

I see this across party lines - with liberals, conservatives, moderates, libertarians, etc. It's so refreshing. Yes, it may feel unsettling & create a bit of chaos, short-term irritability. Like when someone wakes us from a nice, sweet dream reminding us we're 10 minutes late. It's temporary.

Case in point - I attended a local Tea Party Kick-Off meeting this past weekend. Curious about their stance, their attitudes. So much controversy surrounding their party, I had to see for myself. Here's what I saw:

About 75 people between the ages of 50-80 yrs old attended. The main party chairs told me the crowd was only 1/3 its normal size. 

Three capable, intelligent speakers cited world history, US history, philosophies & patterns. Two speakers were former Aerospace & Electrical Engineers from major Fortune 500 companies - smart guys. They both mentioned Quantum Physics in their dialogues. Very different from our media's portrayal of this party. 

These folks were mild-mannered, respectful, intelligent, hard-working individuals who are just fed-up. On each person's face, I saw decades of hard work, diligence, perseverance, survival & ultimate intent to do the right thing - in any endeavor. They raised families, good kids, paid the piper, obeyed the rules while keeping their sense of humor. Either through layoffs, retirement or selling their businesses - they now have the free time to devote to their country. And that's what they're doing. They are walking their talk.

After attending the heated, disrespectful, loud, pushing & shoving spectacle of the Harris County Democratic Convention in 2008 (previous to Obama's election win) as an alternative Delegate, gotta say -  these Tea Party members seemed almost angelic. No one spoke or preached hate, they spoke about commonalities, the common good, with a good sized dose of individuality. 

At the August 2008 Democratic convention, I heard lots of hate speech - from the main speakers to local delegations. They were fighting against, not for - against certain people, ideologies, policies. Judgments & resentments flooded the air no matter where you sat. Bully pulpits were the Daily Special.

At the recent Tea Party meeting, the rhetoric sang of mutual respect for everyone's opinions, graceful agreements to disagree, information gathering, a sense of community, common goals, common desires with spiritual & energetic overtures & spices of individuality. A call to forward action, not backward rhetoric.  A call to what Native Cultures hail as "walking your talk."

Just wanted to set the record straight. These Tea Party folks aren't scary. They even welcomed other non-believers at the beginning & middle of the meeting. Honoring & respecting others' opinions, appreciating open-minded individuals who think for themselves - whatever their beliefs are.  That was the main theme throughout each person's dialogue/speech.

I am so grateful to see these folks re-awakening their patriotic spirit, doing something about their beliefs, and walking their talk. We can all learn a lesson from their convictions. Even if we don't enjoin their views. It also points to another phrase - "better late than never." Predominantly the baby-boomer group, they're not allowing age to discourage them. They've already shifted that ideology & paradigm. Wow! Reminds me of a quote from Gone With The Wind when Big Sam saved Scarlett in shanty-town - "Horse make tracks!"

Hope this provided a new perspective for you as you walk your Sacred Path. It did me. 

Namaste to you---
Robin Amanda Kelley