Friday, January 20, 2017

Fear & The New President

"What we fear, we create." This philosophy applies 95% of the time in our lives. What we think about, when attached to an emotion, comes about.

According to Webster's Dictionary: "Fear is a painful emotion or passion excited by the expectation of evil, or the apprehension of impending danger, apprehension, anxiety, alarm or dread."

For the first time of my life on this planet, half the population of America is afraid of the new President of The United States. There is no rational nor factual basis for their fear. Yet, they are afraid.

Protesters gather for Million Women March on DC tomorrow, the day after the event. Their premise is "we're afraid Trump will marginalize women and minorities. We want our voices heard." There's no historic data for their premise. The incoming President has promoted women and minorities equally in his organizations over the last 30 years. No facts support their fear. Yet people are afraid.

Today's Inauguration is flanked with the highest security protection of any previous Presidential Inauguration in the 240-year history of The United States of America. People's fears could lead to violence. Many subversive groups promote violence by their members today. Congressional Intelligence Committees have prepared for today since the new President was elected.

I've never seen anything like it. The volume of hatred, fear, anger among US electorate, celebrities and government officials against the new President is frightening and over-exaggerated without factual cause.

If you want to live in fear, there are plenty of things in life to fear. When you're afraid, you are not rational: you live in fight or flight mode. Fear is a limiting emotion. "Fight fear with facts" is my motto. Fear restricts your life force energy. Fear limits your happiness factor. Fear restricts your soul growth and Soul Enlightenment. Why choose to be afraid? Being afraid is a choice: a Free Will choice. It is not a soul element. Your soul is never afraid. Fear is a 2-dimensional emotion. We live in a 5-dimensional world now. Fear should be beneath us. Trust, faith, compassion and the willingness to allow individuals a chance: those are elements of the 5th dimension we live in. Not fear.

While I'm not a fan of the new President Trump, I am an American. He won the election by winning over 80% US counties. I am an American. That means I must respect the will of the voters and the electoral process put forth by the US Constitution and Founders of US - which existed when Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, John F Kennedy, FDR, Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter were elected. Our electoral process has not changed because it works. It allows every person in every county to have a voice in our national elections. Whomever was elected through our voting process deserves my respect, patience, benefit of doubt and openness.

As an American, I must give the new President a chance to prove himself. That is what being an American means. It means respecting everyone's vote in the 2016 election. To feel any other way is hypocritical to my beliefs about our Soul Evolution on this planet. To fear this new President, protest him or fight against him, before he's proven what he will do, is contrary to my belief in compassion, faith, trust, individual self-empowerment, and my soul essence. Fear and Spiritual Enlightenment are opposing forces. Anyone afraid of this new President is not practicing Enlightenment. Protesting based on fear is not a spiritual action. Fear separates you from your soul, The Universe, God and Angelic realms. Your soul, The Universe-God and Angelic realms know no fear. Spiritually enlightened individuals do not live in fear. I do not live in fear.

As you walk your Sacred Path, living life on this planet, you choose how to react to circumstances. You cannot always change what happens to you, but you can change how you react to it. The measure of a man/woman is how he/she deals with adversity and uncertainty.

During times of trouble, emotional, spiritual, mental conflict and pain - use your Soul Energy to uplift you. Do not live in fear. Remember who you are. Remember your soul does not live in fear. Remember fear restricts you. Courage uplifts you. Remember that compassion & respect cut both ways; 2-way streets. If you consider yourself compassionate, be compassionate without prejudice. If you live a life based on faith, use your faith without prejudice. Remember: What you fear, you create.

These are the building blocks of Soul Enlightenment. They are also the principles that created the United States of America. The new President deserves my respect, patience, compassion and trust. Not because of who he is or his position. Because of who I am: a highly evolved soul living every day with a high vibration, connected to spiritual energies. Walking my Talk, practicing what I preach, is more important than what others do or say. No fear. Only love, faith, trust and inner strength - soul strength.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic

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  1. I am really unable to understand if there was that much resistance by the public for their chosen President then how could he win this election! I am totally clueless if people are that much scared of him then who are those who voted him actually?