Thursday, January 5, 2017


Webster's Dictionary defines authenticity (authentic) as "genuine, trustworthy, being actually and exactly what is claimed." It's a term used in psychology, sociology and the spiritual industry.

Being your Authentic Self means speaking your truth, walking your talk, respecting your boundaries and the boundaries of others.

Your Authentic Self is a product of your Soul Essence and your Life Experiences. Your Authentic Self remembers everything. It does not lie nor whitewash your Inner Truth. Your Authentic Self constantly speaks the truth to you and others; it is your inner voice (intuition).

Your Intuition, Soul and Authentic Self are the same energies. They feel the same; move with same energetic frequency.

When you are Your Authentic Self, you trust yourself. You interact with others from a position of truth, honesty and empowerment. You see differences in others and it is exciting, not threatening. You love diversity - whether it's diverse viewpoints, political attitudes, genders, races, cultures.

Being your Authentic Self means never playing defense. You roll and adapt to whatever experiences happen. You know who you are and you respect who you are. Self-respect automatically gives you a healthy vantage point to appreciate others' differences and the dichotomy of life.

When you walk through life as Your Authentic Self, you easily learn what works in your life and what doesn't. You easily navigate through challenges and conflicts. You are always you; using your gifts, talents and abilities to your advantage.

When you are connected to Your Authentic Self, you see reality clearly. Reality becomes more vibrant and exciting, even if it appears dull or ugly on its surface. You see reality and your position in the world clearly. You're able to see others more clearly - whether they are like you or different from you.

Being your Authentic Self releases excess baggage you might carry around. When you are authentically you, being exactly and actually what you claim to be, you do not carry the woes or issues of other people. Your boundaries are well-defined. Life becomes effortless. You're not covering up mistakes. You're not living in the past. You're living in the "now", respecting who you are and respecting others' traits and boundaries too.

In relationships, as your Authentic Self, you clearly see the boundaries between you and others. Just like water is water, trees are trees and rocks are rocks. You know your place and who you are. When conflicts arise, you easily see where you contributed and the other person contributed. You will see how to make amends and if making amends is necessary. Being your Authentic Self helps you manage the ups and downs of relationships; without carrying others' dramas, dharmas and Karma.

Being your Authentic Self means being who YOU are; not who others want you to be. It means being interdependent, not codependent. It means you have a healthy boundary or border around you - choosing people to be in your Inner Circle. Choosing how to interact with others. Choosing how to make amends or when NOT to make amends.

When you focus on being your Authentic Self, past pains naturally release. Current issues and experiences are easier to manage and navigate through. You feel happier, lighter. You see life through your eyes, no one else's. It frees you to experience life as your soul intended: fully and joyfully. You're not living for someone else. You're not living someone else's life. You're living life by your terms, choosing your experiences and challenges.

When you are your Authentic Self and lose someone you love, you feel the pain. You move through grief easier. Grief is never easy. Being your Authentic Self moves you through grief quicker because you don't feel guilty about how you feel. You don't interfere with others' grief process. You respect  your internal compass, Intuition, emotions - without judging yourself. No matter if you're traveling through grief process or other human challenges.

Being Your Authentic Self helps you identify others who are not genuine nor trustworthy. Living in the energy of Your Authentic Self every minute of the day helps you feel what "authentic" energy feels like. When you meet someone who is not their Authentic Self, you instantly sense it. You will know how to deal with that person. Being authentic means being trustworthy, genuine and exactly what and who you claim to be. So when you meet someone disingenuous and untrustworthy, you will know to avoid them. When you avoid untrustworthy people, you save yourself from unnecessary drama and emotional strain.

Knowing who to trust and who not to trust: that is a key to happiness, empowerment and spiritual fulfillment. Avoiding those you do not trust moves you quicker toward happiness, empowerment and  spiritual enlightenment.

Spiritual Enlightenment can only be attained when you live life as Your Authentic Self. Speaking your truth. Walking your talk. Expressing who you are, what you want, and what you're made of - helps you, your soul and others around you.

You are a beautiful soul living on a diverse planet. Being authentic allows you to see the abundant, vibrant life you have - moving you closer to your soul energy while walking this Earth. Even if your life doesn't appear abundant, when you live as Your Authentic Self, you see your life beautiful, abundant and exciting. You know you always have the power to change your circumstance, experience and the people around you. You know your Inner Power and commitment to yourself is strong and you can adapt and overcome to anything life gives out.

Being your Authentic Self connects you closer to your soul, the Spirit Realm, your Lost Loved Ones and the people you love on this planet. You are empowered to live life as you desire (within legal limits of course). You're empowered to have the life you want. And you have the dedication, drive, motivation and inspiration to make anything happen.

Self-Empowerment. Spiritual Connection. Soul Enlightenment. Happiness. When you are Your Authentic Self, those are the gifts you receive.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
The Sedona Spirit Psychic
Email: robin at sedonaspirit dot us

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  1. That's really very important in life to be authentic.Fake person and fake personality can not achieve big in life,that my personal experience.