Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Karma & Past Lives

Karma and Past Lives are a popular topic from clients this year. 2016 is a Number 9 Year in Numerology (completion) so it makes sense that many people are curious about their Karmic issues, Karmic ties, Karmic relationships and Past Lives more than years past.

On a soul level, we want to complete certain Karmic patterns every year between October 1 and December 31. Especially negative patterns that restrict our soul evolution and limit our happiness in this life.

During a Number 9 year, the desire to complete Karmic cycles is more pronounced and potent. Number 9 years bring "completion" energy; making it easier to release negative patterns or experiences.

Number 9 years also remind us of beautiful, peaceful, fulfilling parts of our life history; helping us piece together Karmic threads in this lifetime &/or other lifetimes - creating a multifaceted, multi-colored tapestry. That tapestry symbolizes our unique, brilliant soul blueprint.

Karmic theory reminds us "what goes around comes around." When we do good, we receive good. The Bible also speaks of Karma: "Do to others as you would have them do to you." (Luke 6:31).

Whatever Karma you created in previous lives (good or bad) can hit you in this lifetime. But you have the perfect tools to override any bad (or good) Karma from your previous lives. First, use your Free Will to choose which Karma you want to override or overcome. Then use "live in the moment" energy to override it. Stay in the moment. Adapt accordingly.

When bad things happen in our life, we often ask "what did I do to deserve this? Either in this life or a previous life?" The basic truth is: Life is filled with good and bad experiences. You cannot change that. You can change the way you view, assess, and adapt to adverse life experiences. Live in the Moment. It's the best way to adapt, overcome and outgrow any current restrictions, limitations. 

Living in the present allows your soul and heart energies to perform at their optimum levels. Feel the feelings. Stay out of your head. Live in today's moment. Wondering or thinking about the past will not change your present or future. Using your heart and soul will.

While your Soul can access your history of several lifetimes in a millisecond; your heart, body and mind are most effective when you focus on today, right now, this life. It's not important to dig deep into your soul history when overcoming obstacles, challenges or life experiences. Digging into the past causes undue stress, strain and sometimes confusion. Focus on your current circumstance. Conquer your current life struggle. When you do that, you'll automatically release any past life Karma connected to your current challenge.

Karma also surfaces when certain people enter your life. When you meet someone for the first time and feel an instant connection, that's a Karmic connection-experience (soulmate connection). 90% of the time, you knew him/her in a previous life. He/she entered your current life for a reason (soul contract). Either to teach, show or remind you who you are. Helping you see your strengths, weaknesses or a different life path that brings you more happiness.

Sometimes these Karmic connected individuals (soulmates) are meant to be in your life for a very brief time. No matter how strong your spiritual connection. Once they fulfill their contract with you, they will leave. They are a soulmate, but a temporary one.

Misconceptions can happen with these temporary soulmates. Your soul connection feels very strong and powerful. Past life memories flood your senses. You feel he/she will be in your life forever. Then one day they are gone or they stop responding to you. Here's why. You were living in the past and not paying attention to the present.

Even if you had a 70-year relationship with a soulmate who re-enters your life now, there is no guarantee you will have the same relationship with him/her in this current life. Focus on the present. Not the past. Be you. Live in this moment.

If you live in the past or live by the standards you both had in a previous life, you will miss the reason they are in your life now. You will miss their message. You will miss the cues they give you this time. You will miss seeing parts of you they agreed to show you. You will miss a step toward your soul growth. You will miss a piece of your soul tapestry. And you will feel empty. By living in the past versus living in the present, you short-circuited your growth process.

Live in this life. Live in "the now". No matter how strong your past life or current life connection is to someone.

Sometimes Karmic-connected people (soulmates) stay in your life longer or throughout your entire current lifetime. The length of time someone stays in your life depends on what your "spiritual contract" says. Another reason to "live in the moment": we don't always know how long someone will be in our life. Appreciate them based on who they are now. Appreciate them based on who you are now.

Living in the moment is the most powerful energy you have. You can use it to overcome any challenge. Digging up the past can often muddy the waters of your life; creating unnecessary complexities and drama that prevent your growth. Keep it simple. Live the life you chose right now. Accept and appreciate what you have now. Whatever past Karma or Past Life connections, issues or patterns you brought into this life, you will complete them by living the life you have now. The more you focus on "now", the easier your life becomes.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
The Sedona Spirit Psychic
robin at sedonaspirit dot us


  1. This is interesting: On my Facebook memory for the day is this:
    "Leading Lagging" 27 Dec 2010. You have always arrived to the place your leading foot touches and your are always departing from the place that your lagging foot pushes away from. C.J.MacKechnie
    Which means you are not your leading foot or lagging foot. You are in between them both. This is where you are in the moment. Just a way kewl thingy of co winky dink