Friday, December 2, 2016

Finishing a Number 9 Year

In Numerology, the Number 9 reflects completion and transformation. 2016 = 2+1+6 = 9.

More about Number 9This year, the energy and elements surrounding Number 9 are more significant than times past. Every year since 2011, energies are amplified and more potent. Potent energy maximizes your potential. You decide whether to use it or lose it. You decide whether to move the energy in a positive or negative direction.

At the end of every year, potent energy exists to help you close or finish "old business", karma, relationship conflicts or projects. This year's Number 9 amplifies that.

If you want to "clear the decks" of your life, this is a great time to do that! Finish a project, stop a negative pattern, clear your emotional or spiritual "decks". Energies from a Number 9 year help you accomplish it. It's December 2 - you still have 29-30 days to go!

The only requirements for success in any endeavor:
(1) Believe in Yourself
(2) Prioritize
(3) Manage Your Time
(4) Do It! Taking one step at a time. One small step per day.

Finishing projects, Karmic patterns (new or old) and releasing restrictions on your life (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical) will make you feel lighter and more empowered. It clears the decks for your new voyage in 2017: A Number One Year full of surprises, new beginnings, fresh perspectives and new leadership.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic

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  1. Thank you for such a motivational article. This is very true that the key to success is to be positive about everything. Hope my 2017 will be much better than 2016 :)