Monday, August 31, 2015

Live Without Regrets

For the last 20 years, I've channeled Lost Loved Ones for clients. Translated conversations between the Living and Loved Ones in The Spirit Realm. The recurring theme: Regret. Whether it bothers souls now passed (crossed-over), or the loved ones left behind.

Living without regret takes courage. Sometimes an immense amount of courage. Courage to say "I Love You", courage to say "I'm sorry", courage to say "I miss you". Courage to leave a bad relationship. Courage to build a stronger bond with a good relationship. Courage to walk through the Fireswamp of life's challenges or struggles. Courage to leave a bad job. Courage to take a great job you may not feel you deserve. Courage to live. Courage to love. Courage to laugh. Courage to walk away. Courage to step into a new life or new opportunity.

When we don't muscle the courage to do what our soul wants, we cross-over into the Spirit Realm with regret. Regret is the top reason for feeling unsettled or not acclimating well once we cross (die).

Try hard to live without regret. Your soul will thank you. Make a Regrets List. Imagine you've crossed over. What would you regret? Start doing those things now.

As long as you wake up in the morning, breathing, you're given another chance to live life the way your soul intended. No fear. The biggest fear we have as souls: Regret. Not acting, doing based on what our heart or soul wants (intuition).

Our souls have no fear. When we crossover, we see and feel no fear. Regrets are hard to digest. Regret hurts us.

May you find the courage and strength to live fully - without regret.

Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic

Saturday, August 29, 2015

27 Years Ago Today

Kara Denise Kelley-Voss Sept 1987
Mark Brandon Kelley w/his son Bryan - 1987

On August 29, 1988, 27 years ago today, my older brother Mark & younger sister Kara were shot and killed during an armed robbery in Houston TX. They were in their 20's; both married. Mark had two babies who are now grown. His son Bryan was 2 years old, his daughter Elizabeth was 4 weeks old when he was killed.

My sister-in-law distanced herself and my brother's kids from us within 13 months after my brother's death. Tragic grief affects everyone differently. My parents were forced to file for "grandparents' rights" to see Mark's kids during their first 14 years of life. That led to more sorrow and pain when my brother's wife constantly controlled the hearts and minds of my nephew and neice; attempting to separate them from us during those 14 years under Grandparents' Rights. We rarely see Mark's adult children today.

27 years is a long time. That one tragic event changed my life forever, in very sorrowful ways. I became an only child that day. Staying positive through life isn't always easy. I got real good at it (over the years), during more struggles and more tragic losses. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

I post this, even if you know my story, to remind anyone out there: you can survive anything. You really can. You may not "thrive" all the time or be happy all the time, but you can survive. And tomorrow IS another day.

Four Points:

(1) My siblings were UNARMED during the robbery. If my brother, a US Army veteran, was carrying his gun, the outcome would have been MUCH different. Instead of constant sorrow, each member of our family would live happier, more balanced lives today. Sometimes I wish my siblings were around to fight with, hug with, love with, laugh with. We were a very close family; my brother, sister, me and my parents. Until that day 27 years ago.

(2) Yes, they visit me from The Spirit Realm - starting the day of their deaths. They visited me daily for several years after their deaths. My brother stopped visiting me about 8 years ago. My sister still visits me today, occassionally. Back when it happened, talking about spiritual visits was viewed as borderline insane. I'm grateful that isn't the case anymore - 27 years later.

After my brother was shot, his body stayed alive at the hospital, waiting for me to arrive. I was working that day. Didn't get the news until I got home at 6p that night when my mother called me. Robbery happened around 2pm. My brother was shot numerous times in the head and torso. The robbers killed my sister instantly with one shot to the head. They wanted no witnesses to their robbery.

While a friend drove me to the hospital to see Mark that night, I sensed a presence in the back seat. It was my brother. He kept saying "Please hurry. I don't have much time. Need to see you; the rest of the family needs to see you, before I leave. Important. Drive faster! Why didn't you call for a police escort?"

When I arrived at the hospital, everyone in the family was already there: aunts, uncles, cousins, my parents, my grandmother, my sister's husband and two of his friends, my brother's wife and her family. They lined the hallway leading to the entrance of my brother's ICU area. None of them thought to call me earlier that day. I was the last one to know. The last person to show up at the hospital.

I stepped into Mark's room and instantly felt immense heaviness. His head heavily bandaged in white; only part of his face showed. His body covered with white sheets; his white-socked feet exposed. His wife stood crying on his right side. My mother sat on his left side, holding his left hand. I stepped closer to him, saw the machines keeping him alive, his heart still beating. Surreal and strange. I couldn't understand what was happening. He was so athletic and strong. Now he lay lifeless.

Difficult to see him in this condition, I looked up and saw a fuzzy white blob hovering between the ceiling and his bed. It was his spirit floating above his bed. "Took you long enough!" he laughed. Then his voice became somber, "Take care of them. Take care of you. It's not going to be easy. I'll help when I can. I'm here. Not leaving until our job is done. You can do it." I stood there quietly in shock, digesting what was happening. I understood what he meant. Couldn't believe all this was really happening. Ten minutes later, he flatlined and his body stopped breathing. The doctors came in and pronounced his death time.

My sister visited us that night around 9p. Seven hours after her death. She sprinkled her "scent" on our front porch that night. She was an equestrian horse-woman. We raised horses and my sister spent every day at the barn; dropping her barn clothes in the laundry room at the back door after a long day of  riding, working, training horses and cleaning stalls. That's the scent she sprinkled on our porch: hay, leather, horse dander and horse manure.

Kara also loved stray animals. A stray cat arrived at our front door at the same time we smelled her scent. He stayed with us the next 2 months until our initial shock wore off. Then he mysteriously left one day and we never saw him again.

My brother visited me almost every day until about 8 years ago. We were very close before he was killed. My sister still visits me whenever I'm feeling down, need reassurance, or my mom feels frustrated or emotionally unstable. My sister Kara helps me deal with my mother.

(3) You can feel sorrow, remember people you lost and still function. You can turn a negative into a positive. I'm living proof.

(4) I'm very close to God and The Spirit Realm. I was born that way. After the deaths of my brother and sister, my connection with the Spirit Realm grew stronger. My relationship with God grew stronger. I use my strong spiritual connections to help others. After my second near-death experience in 1998, I promised God I'd share His strength to make the world a better place. To help others live their best life and realize their dreams and soul goals.

In 2009, after years of helping others part-time, I opened a full-time psychic practice in Sedona, Arizona. Every workday is a blessing. Every client is a treasure. Every time I perform psychic readings, the Spirit Realm is happy. And I am happy. It's a privilege to be a bridge between the ethereal Spirit Realm (aka The Universe, Great Mystery, God) and every individual who chooses my services. A privilege I honor, respect and cherish every day. The minute I abuse my gifts or take them for granted, I will close my practice. That's the other promise I made. That day hasn't come yet. I thank God and The Spirit Realm for the gifts I share with clients. And the gift of life I'm given every day I wake up. Life isn't always easy. But it can bring you fulfillment, joy and a lot of fun if you let it.

Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic

SuperMoon Today

Supermoon today/tonight at 2:35p Eastern. It's also a Full Moon, in Pisces. Supermoons occur when the moon is closest to Earth, creating illusion of a bigger moon.

Supermoons can happen during a Full Moon or New Moon. Term "SuperMoon" was created by astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979.

I'm not an astrologer. Each participle of information I provide about astrological events is channeled directly from the Spirit Realm. Oftentimes, my psychic-channeled information matches famed Astrologers' information. Today's SuperMoon information is no exception.

Channeled information about today's Moon from Spirit Realm (aka Great Mystery, God, Angels, The Universe):

"Spiritually powerful. You'll see Big Picture more clearly in several areas of your life; especially recent events or experiences that trouble you. You'll feel or sense the answers to those puzzling events. You may also feel whimsical, carefree or sense "magic" around you. This Full Moon is full of water. Sensitives will feel like they're floating or swimming, effortlessly. Your thoughts and soul will race faster than your physical body can follow. Attempt to flow or roll with it. Tomorrow is another day. Feel the waves. Don't pack too much into your day today.

"Today is a good day to write down goals or create a Big Picture strategy for your life. Start big. List Big Picture to-do's. What your soul and heart want. Check your list later this week and fill in the details. This is a great manifesting tool. Another great way to manifest: Think Big Picture, fill in details later. Start your goals from the outcome you want. Then back-track."

Tarot.Com Astrological Information about Today's SuperMoon Full Moon.

Manifesting Advice from The Spirit Realm

If you've always to be a professional musician, actor, writer, reporter, CEO, business owner - or whatever career you desire that has not been achieved yet - write that down. Imagine you're already doing it. Then imagine how you got that job. Work backwards.

Maybe the step before your desired career position was meeting someone who helped move you into it. Write that down. Previous step to that: Getting experience or gaining good reputation for your skill-set and experience. Write that down. Previous step to that: Learning skill-sets needed to achieve experience. Write that down. Previous step to that: taking classes to learn. Write that down. Previous step to that: choosing right school to attend. Write that down. Previous step: Acquiring financial resources to attend school/classes. Write that down. Then brainstorm how you acquire finances to attend those classes/school if you don't have those resources yet.

Start with the Big Picture Goal, work backwards.

Today's SuperMoon

Whatever your soul and heart desires, those items will pop up during this SuperMoon Full Moon today at 2:35p Eastern. Don't get caught up in the exact time. Moon's effects usually begin 2 days prior to astronomiccal, astrological event and last through 2 days after the event. Don't sweat the small stuff.

Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dr James (Red) Duke - How I Met Him.

Trauma Surgeon Dr. Red Duke died yesterday. What a great man. He created LifeLight hospital helicopter service in Houston TX, which spread across the nation. I met him once. Here's the story.

On Aug 29, 1988, my brother was flown to Hermann Hospital via LifeLight. He had several bullets in him, head & torso. Shot by a robber during armed burglary of my family's business.

Dr. Duke designed the Lifeflight service specifically to help people suffering from urgent, traumatic injuries like my brother Mark's. The helicopter arrived at my family's workplace within minutes after it was reported to police. He was still alive, riddled with bullets, when the helicopter medic team flew him to Hermann Hospital. My dad called Lifelight "the big red bird".

The hospital tried to help my brother. His head injuries were same as Rep. Gabby Giffords' after the Tucson shooting. Fortunately for Giffords, by 2010 amazing medical developments were created to assist patients with severe brain injuries; brain trauma caused by gunshots. In 1988, that wasn't the case. My brother Mark didn't survive. Hospital tried but he lacked sufficient brain matter for surgery. He died later that night.

About a month later, I went solo to thank the Lifelight team. They tried. They did their best. Walking to their office, I saw Dr Red Duke. I stopped him in the hallway. Shook his hand, thanked him for creating Life light helicopter system.
He said "I'm so sorry about your brother & sister. Horrible tragedy. Worst thing possible. Words can't express our sorrows. We tried our best." (My sister Kara was pronounced dead at the scene.)

Holding back tears, I said "thank you. You're the best."

He said "I'm only human. Just like you. Take care of your parents. Worst thing a parent can go through." Then his beeper went off and we parted ways.

I stepped into the office for Lifelight, located in the basement of the hospital near the helipad. I thanked every single person in that office; the medics, the pilot and the administrative assistant at the desk. Called in sick to work the rest of the day. Drove to a nearby park, cried, prayed and thanked God for all good people & all good things.

Good people do good things. Great people do great things. God helps them. God helps those who help others and help themselves.

Here are some links about the great Dr. Red Duke. God built a special place for him. He is there now. Those of us, whose lives he touched, are forever grateful and feel especially blessed by his presence in this world.
Dallas Morning News
Houston Chronicle

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic

Monday, August 24, 2015

Can an unconscious person hear your thoughts?

In some cases, yes.

My father has advanced dementia. First diagnosed in 2014. He's been living in a nursing home since April 2015. This August 14, he had an adverse reaction to several drugs that a previous doctor authorized; drugs to help him sleep, function, and reduce his restlessness. His heartbeat became erratic. His blood pressure dipped to dangerous lethal levels. Nursing home immediately called 911 and he was transported to the hospital in an ambulance Friday afternoon, Aug 14.

I stayed with him at the hospital day and night (24/7) from Friday Aug 14 through late Wednesday Aug 19. I slept on a sofa near his bed every night; ate hospital food; talked with nurses and doctors; monitored and noted his progress; asked questions from the medical staff; listened to specialists who examined him; kept my family updated on his progress and doctors' answers by phone every 3 hours.

While sitting near his bedside one night, he was sleeping deeply, not awake, aware nor conscious. Drugs in his system produced deep sleep.

Watching him sleep, I thought about Sedona & envisioned Bell Rock. He mumbled in his sleep "Bell". I was shocked and decided to test his response again. Maybe I was hearing what I wanted to hear?

I thought about all those Red Rock hikes w/Zoe The Black Coyote. He mumbled "trails". I thought about dad's visits to the Grand Canyon 3-7 yrs ago. He mumbled "big hole. can...yon." Then I thought "dad, if you get well, you can go back there." A few hours later, he started waking up. It was morning. He mumbled his first word: "Arizona."

That morning, after uttering "Arizona", he had a very good day. He was awake, alert, ate all his meals, began to speak more clearly. Previous days, he could not speak, did not eat, blurry-eyes out of focus and he couldn't hear what anyone was saying. This morning, he could. He acted normally.

This is not fiction. It's fact. Unfortunately, nobody else except nurses were around to witness it. Don't you hate it when that happens?

Mysterious miracles can happen. While at hospital from Friday Aug 14 until he was released Friday, Aug 21, I visited the hospital chapel at least once/day. I asked God, His Angels and other "invisibles" for their divine help to give my dad peace, rest, comfort and happiness. They answered my prayers often. My father is out of the hospital now, living in a new nursing home where he is receiving excellent care. The new nursing home uses drugs as a last resort. They prefer holistic methods, like my dad does for last 40 years.

My father was the first person to introduce me to energy healing, vitamin supplements, holistic oil remedies for ailments, reflexology, meditation, acupuncture and power of your intuition. He hailed all these healing methods back when no one talked about them: in 1970s. He used these methods from late 1970s through 2012. 

When he stopped taking herbal supplements, vitamins, coconut oil, and drinking Aloe Vera juice, his health declined quickly. We've re-introduced those healthy habits of his over last 45 days. Some days he's awake, alert, talking, walking. Some days he's not. Some days he's on medication. Some days he's not. We're in process of weaning him off all medicatios now. Especially since Friday, Aug 14. Some drugs you cannot immediately stop. So it's a work in progress.

I learned so much from this experience with my father. Will post other facets soon.

May You Walk Your Sacred Path with ease, faith and peace.

Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic