Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Feeling Wobbly Lately?

Are you questioning your foundation lately? e.g. Faith, politics, government, belief system, lifestyle, soul destiny, talents/gifts, why you're here, mysteries of our world, mysteries of the universe, etc.

It's all part of Mayan Calendar's Phase 1, which returned to "center" over 2 years ago. It means we're returning to "center": questioning everything, sifting through what works and what doesn't, what is real and imaginary, what our individual priorities are, what to throw away and what to keep.

Can this Phase cause individual stress? Yes on any level - emotional, physical, spiritual, mental. Can it cause stress on civilizations as a whole? Absolutely yes. Questioning any element of our life causes our internal compass to wobble a bit. Whenever our compass (individual or society) is off-plumb, stress surfaces. Revolutions, chaos, fighting, lack of morality: all symptoms of returning to "center" and forecasted in Mayan Calendar.

View of Sedona's Broken Arrow, Chapel Rock & Gibraltar
Many people believe this current Phase is a direct result of planetary shifts - shifts in galaxy, solar system, new planets' gravitational pulls, old planets' movements, Earth's movements like polar shifts or weather changes. They are also correct. These elements integrated by Mayans in their calendar.

In fact, the Mayans, along with Egyptians and other ancient civilizations, used planetary changes (star movements) to interpret and forecast human behavior. The Mayans used their 4-5 dimensional calendar to forecast optimum times to plant, harvest, have children, engage in battle, expand their empire or rest and focus their energies on strengthening their personal culture. Their calendar forecasted the Phase we're living in now.

I studied the Mayan, Aztecan, Incan civilizations and their calendars back in the 1970s-1990s. Also studied and interpreted the Dogma Tribe, Egyptian civilization and contributions, Nostradamus prophecies, Torah, The Bible and Qu'ran - through 1999. What we're seeing today is best described by the Mayan Calendar.

What is the best way to stay balanced during this "wobbly" time? Ground yourself everyday. Some grounding ideas:

  • Pay attention to your physical needs. Take care of your body and health - diet, exercise, supplements. Take walks through nature. Ground your body to the Earth.
  • Meditate or quiet your mind 15-30 minutes per day. If you normally meditate 30 minutes to an hour, practice meditation 3-4 times per week only. Prolonged meditation periods (over 45 minutes) can cause more stress during this "wobbly" time. The purpose of meditation is quieting your mind, taking a mental break, creating a calm state of mind that relaxes every cell in your body - resulting in good mental, emotional, spiritual, physical health. 15-30 minutes is usually enough time to reap those benefits. 
  • Laugh. It's easy to fall into "serious" mode right now. Balance with laughter at least once/day. 
  • Pray or communicate with your Higher Power, Higher Self, God, or The Universe - once/day. To the Spirit Realm, all of those entities are the same - providing you the same effect as "prayer".
  • Do something you enjoy at least once a week. Life can be difficult. Don't forget to play!
  • Meet new people, join a club or take up a new hobby. Expand your view of the world, your talents/abilities, your social circle, or satisfy your curiosity. 
  • What's the best exercise right now? Any type that keeps your feet or body planted to the floor. Floor exercises, kick-boxing, core training, yoga, walking, hiking, aerobics, stretching. Cycling and jogging are not recommended if you feel "wobbly". You may lose your balance. Swimming is good if preceded or followed by an exercise that grounds your feet and/or body.
These are just "grounding" ideas. You might use different grounding tricks that work for you. Feel free to share yours.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic

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