Sunday, November 9, 2014

Any Given Sunday

Sundays are known as "Day of Rest" throughout the centuries. Some people claim it started with The Bible - "on the 7th day, God rested". But it began long before that.

Every one needs at least one day a week to relax, be still, feel human and connect to God. Sundays are the perfect time for that. Be you without distractions or demands. Remember who you are. Remember you're connected to God. He's connected to you. Take the Bible's "on the 7th day, God rested" to heart. Rest your mind, feel free, feel good.

Feeling discouraged or disillusioned is a natural part of human existence. Resting your mind helps you balance the negative with the positive. Refreshes your energies, strengthens your defenses, encourages you. Why? When your mind rests, your heart and soul come through. You feel connected to a power larger than yourself - God. Sundays are perfect days for that.

People often ask me "how do I connect with my Spirit Guides?" "How can I communicate with my Lost Loved Ones?" The first step is realizing those Spirits have an automatic connection with God. If you pray, believe in God, or trust in a Higher Power - you're halfway there. It takes faith and belief in something greater than yourself.

When we attend church, seek a psychic, practice meditation, pray or read books about the Spirit Realm: what we really seek & want most is to feel connected to a power higher than us. To feel loved, nurtured, embraced by a powerful force that can help us wash away our worries, clear a path for us, empower us, entrust us to be the best we can and help us along the way. We want to live in a world where we're rescued from our fears. As souls in the Spirit Realm, we have no fear. We want to feel no fear while on Earth. The catch: Conquering fears is part of every soul's journey on Earth. Believing in God or a Higher Power helps us conquer those fears. Believing that type of force exists, one that can make miracles out of darkness, helps us regain faith in ourselves. When we have faith in ourselves, we accomplish more, live more fully, have more fun, feel less fear.

The desire to feel part of something bigger is a natural human tendency. All of us are built that way. Why? Because your soul is part of something bigger. Your soul is connected to God and all that "is". Your soul is a social being so social interaction and team-building is important.

Sometimes when you feel discouraged it's your soul saying "Hey, I can do this! Why isn't it happening sooner? Why don't they understand me? Why are these obstacles standing in my way? How can I make my mark in the world?" This isn't ego. It's your soul voice. Your soul has no concept of time, so impatience happens. You, as a soul, entered the Earth plane to make a difference. It's part of your goal. And you want to accomplish it. "Why don't they understand me?": The people around you know you as a soul - you know each other on a soul level. When the trappings of human life create a divide or misunderstanding between you and another, it creates frustration: "this person knows me, why doesn't he/she understand me right now?"

Your soul wants to succeed, reach higher, perform great deeds. Faith in God or a Higher Power helps us unleash our potential - helping us "make things happen", fulfilling our destiny, removing our fears.

Connecting with people is the same as connecting with God. Communing with Nature is the same as connecting with God. Being still, meditation, is the same as connecting with God. Praying is also connecting with God. Attending church, hosting a family dinner, or meeting with friends or family you enjoy being with - excellent ways to connect with God.

When you connect with God, you're also connecting with your soul, tapping into your intuition, opening the door to your Lost Loved Ones, freeing your mind, balancing the negative with positives and enjoying your life. Strengthening your spirituality happens on any given Sunday.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda - Sedona Spirit Psychic
Sedona Psychic-Medium (since 2009)
Reiki Master-Healer III
Former Sedona Vortex Guide (2009-2016)
Twitter: @sedonarobin
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